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We here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair offers one of the most comprehensive garage door repairs in Las Vegas. With our 24-hours emergency garage door repair service, you can rest assured. We would reach out to you within 2 hours of getting in touch with you. So, whether you want the best deals for your garage door or reliability, we have got you covered.

  • Motor Tune & Inspection
  • Lubricant chains and springs
  • Adjusting Garage Door
  • Track Adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a garage door be repaired?

The primary thing to keep in mind about proper functioning of the garage door is proper maintenance. If you keep a close look at the working of the garage door, you can easily understand when the door needs to be repaired. Generally, any fault in the functioning of the automatic opening system, disturbance in operation of the door springs, or major damage to the garage door panels will require immediate repairing of the garage door.

How much does it cost to fix a garage door spring?

Fixing a garage door spring can be costly. Actually, it depends on the magnitude of damage caused to the springs. When there is minor damage, then the cost will be low. If the damage is serious, and you need to replace the springs, then it will cost you more. Average repairing cost for garage door springs can be around $250.

What happens when garage door cable breaks?

Garage door cables are responsible for the primary operation of the garage door. The opening and closing of the garage door depends on the proper functioning of the door. Your garage door will stop opening and closing if the cables are broken. If you find that the cables of your garage door are broken, you must call for professional garage door repairing services to get them repaired.

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