Why should you go for custom steel garage doors?

Custom Steel Garage Doors

If your garage door is old, worn, rusty or scratched, it’s time to replace your garage door. Replacing a garage door is one of the prime home improvement investments you can make. To maximize return on investment, you need to choose the proper type of garage door.

The custom steel garage doors enhance the security of your home, increases energy efficiency, add style and elevate aesthetics of your home. Understanding the benefits associated with different types of garage doors can help you decide which type is best for you and your home. Here are some advantages that exhibit why you must go with steel garage doors:


A steel door is simpler to install than a wooden one because of light weight. Hence, it is easy to lift when installing.

You also have the option of manual or automatic doors. With a wooden door, automatic door openers are must, as you could be injured if the opposite balances are not synchronized. The cable and motor for automatic doors must be properly installed. Although we recommend a professional installer because it ensures that the work is done accurately and on time. Also, if you install the door on your own, it will void the warranty.

2. Customizable and Modish

Steel doors design comes under three style categories: contemporary, traditional, and carriage house. From each group you can choose the windows (short or long, up or down, decorative grills, specialty glass), panel designs (short or long raised panels, flush or grooved surface textures), color options (factory finish colors or tones), wood.

3. Environmental Concerns

If you want to install a steel garage door, without any worries you can execute it, as they are made with eco-friendly composite steel.

4. Hardy and Long-lasting

Today steel garage doors are well built and durable, providing protection from dents, warping and cracking. You may hear the word ‘gauge’ referring to steel doors. The lesser the gauge number decreases, the thicker and stronger steel. However, the construction method of ‘sandwich construction’ combines multiple layers of high gauge (lightweight) steel to increase the depth and length of the garage door. It can be a little complicated, but the steel garage doors are hardy and well made.

5. Energy Efficient

Beyond increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills, insulated steel garage doors decrease the noise and protect the objects in your garage from overheating. When shopping for an insulated door, keep in mind two things: ‘polyurethane’ and ‘R-value’. R-value is used to measure the amount of insulation. Next, the polyurethane – injected foam insulation – overlaps the polystyrene sheet insulation. Anyways, just have any insulation.

5. Affordability

Although steel garage doors are on trend and fashionable, they are budget friendly compared to other material costs. Certain factors such as model, size, installation, garage door stripping repair, construction, and add-ons affect door prices. However, as a rule, a steel door is cheaper than fiberglass, glass or wood.

So proceed and showcase your personal style with design options, improve your home security, save money on utility bills with minimal maintenance. Moreover a low cost steel garage door will last for years.

6. Safe and Secure

The safety and security of the garage door is utmost important as a public entry point. Therefore, when it comes to your garage door, adopt new products and technologies to increase security.

Final Words

Modern designs for steel doors complete most home construction and meet the house owner’s needs.

Today, custom steel garage door becomes a basic home need with garage door parts Las Vegas and tons of options.

The choice of garage door material should be based on budget, aesthetics, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, requirements, or a combination of factors. Think about it, later you will be cheerful with your choice.

If you want the best services for any type of garage door in Las Vegas, Silver Fox can be your best choice.

How Garage Door Spring Replacement Can You Save Money?

Garage Door Spring Repair

There are so many things that can go erroneous with a garage door and most of them are easy to fix. But problems with the garage door tension springs are even more perilous. Garage door tension springs give lifting power to a heavy door and it can be extremely stressful to be careless, it may hurt one. If the person uses the right tools and follows proper instructions, in a cost effective way they can rebuild the entire spring system in just a few hours without any help of experts from garage door repair Las Vegas. Here are some tricks:

Open looped springs

These springs are easy to replace. You do not have to worry about opening the eyebolt or dismantling the pulley. Open looped springs rely on open wire at the end, which means replacing the whole thing will save a lump sum amount of money. Since they are similar to extension springs, the same steps need to be performed during the reinstallation. First, it is required to make sure everything is disconnected, especially the security cable. Then, remove the springs and install the new ones, commence reconnecting them again.

Is it necessary to use double looped springs for garage door spring replacement?

Double looped springs are said to be stronger than open loops because there are more than 2 coils in one of them. This is a bit more of a challenge when replacing it on your own. However, if it can be done carefully, things get easier. Prepare the toolkit and disconnect all cables before unplugging the springs. Make sure the springs are facing each other while opening them. Once the disassembly process is finished, start to install the new springs and it is ready for the action.

Extension springs

In this case, when looking at ways for garage door replacement Las Vegas, individuals should have a better understanding of extension springs. Extension springs are the easiest type to replace. One can only handle the tension of the string. First, open it securely with C-clamps. After that, disconnect the spring from its pulley and track bracket. Be sure to disconnect the safety cable from the other end. Ultimately, one can put in the brand new spring after reconnecting the safety cable and pulley.

Can torque master springs be used here?

Torque springs are one of the safest springs to use, which can withstand a good amount of tension. When replacing these springs, one must close the door properly before starting. First, start by unloading all the springs from the garage door before removing them from the central rod bracket. Then start to unwind the springs from the rod using a winding cone. It is important that everything is disconnected to stay safe and get the job done smoothly. After that, replace the springs and reassemble the dots and cables and pulleys. After its completion make sure to secure inside ends of the springs to the central bracket.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are just as easy as other types of springs. The strategy is spring tension, therefore more attention is needed. For this work, an inseparable process must be performed with a closing cone on the metal alignment area attached to the outside of the spring. Make sure the door is closed before starting the work. The next step is to loosen the springs and disconnect the cables from pulleys. After that, swap the springs and reconnect everything. Then, use a winding cone to set the seal on spring tension.

Most home improvement or garage door stripping repair work can be done by yourself. All you have to do is ensure your own safety and make sure to have everything set up with the necessary tools. Prepare a toolkit with everything which is required, research the right resources to use, and then begin the work.

For any services regarding your garage doors, you can get in touch with Silver Fox for best and reasonably priced services.

How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

garage door services

It is a query that is always asked. A majority of homeowners do not even know that frequent maintenance is needed for their garage door to retain it in good condition, to make it stronger, and to function more efficiently and safely. Door and opener agreements are often conditional that stresses on the proper maintenance of your garage door. So, for many reasons, maintenance is necessary. Before opting for your garage door services, you can never wait until there is a concern.


A proactive measure to reduce potential risks and safety hazards is to schedule regular maintenance for garage doors. You should check the proper functioning of your garage door at least every quarter of a year, and ideally once a month to ensure that it is in working condition. Before you call a professional, you need to focus on the following points:


Door Noise

When raising or lowering the garage door, if it makes a screeching sound, it is time to grease the rails and pulleys. You should check if the noise persists after adding an even coat of light, synthetic. If it still continues it may be due to the fact that your door is out of alignment or you need to replace a spring.


Door Balance

A garage door that has gone out of proportion will put a massive strain on your automatic door opener and ultimately cause a split in the lifting mechanism, likely to injure the user or to damage the car stationed inside. So, you must disconnect the automatic opener to test the balance of the garage door and try to open the garage with self-effort. The springs might have become obsolete, and it may be the reason that the door does not move up and down smoothly.


Door Safety

A falling garage door can sense objects that are coming in the way and also in the reverse direction. So, one needs to open the garage door and put a wooden plank on the driveway where the door touches the ground normally. As soon as the bottom edge reaches the wooden object, you have to lower the door and observe if this safety tactic works. You need to repeat the activity. Your garage door must react to both blockages of contact as well as non-contact.


Visual Test

The visual test is considered to be the simplest of all the activities. You should check each part of the door; both the exteriors and interiors, the seal fixed around each edge, the rollers, tracks, and the springs. You need to tighten every screw if you see loose hinges on the inner portion of the door. Before they split, you should always make it a point to think about replacing old cables.


Schedule Professional Help

You must speak to a professional expert about the problem if you find something odd and find it difficult to take on the risky job of fixing the door yourself. One can get expert service for garage door repair and consequently ensure the proper safety of the garage premises.


Is Professional Repairing Services Suitable for Domestic Garage Doors?

A major and probably costly garage door repair service can be avoided by having the garage doors looked at by a professional hand, depending on the frequency of use. Although garage door springs are often the first components to malfunction, a professional can lubricate, tune-up, and realign many other elements to ensure that you are well protected. However, one of our most crucial home-essentials is garage doors, which are mostly overlooked. Much like a vehicle, to run safely and efficiently, they require periodic maintenance. Depending on how often you use it, you should, therefore, contact a reliable garage door repair specialist for your garage door services.


Why Professional Services Are Required for Commercial Garage Doors?

Responsible company owners often comply with health and safety requirements, and it is also quite relevant so far as garage doors are concerned. Since garage doors are used more frequently in commercial places than in domestic scenarios, they must be attended to regularly. The motors and springs in the doors may become a safety issue if not periodically serviced and may end up in litigation against the company.


Final Takeaway

Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, Las Vegas, a leading service provider of garage door repair, recognizes the importance of proper upkeep of garage doors in customers’ interests. Book a consultation today and get the best offer for garage door services!


Why Choose Energy Efficient Garage Door?

Efficient garage door

Energy-efficient garage doors are in trend these days due to their functionality. There are a lot of advantages to it, it offers better security and traps heat during the hot summer days. A well-insulated garage door helps in maintaining the ideal temperature inside the garage and furthermore, increases the value of your home. It also helps saving electric and heating bills. In this article, we would discuss the importance of installing an energy-efficient garage door.


Reasons to Consider Energy Efficient Garage Doors


1) Hot Summer Heat Affects Your Garage 

In summer, the heat can harm electrical components together with electronics in stored electrical items. Not only this, but it can also damage your car which further leads to car battery failure. If you want durable and want to cut down repair costs then opt for an energy-efficient garage door.


2) How Winter Cold Affects Your Garage 

The coldness of the winter days can damage the springs and lubrication of your garage door. Ice build-up can hamper the functionality of your garage. For avoiding this, shift to an energy-efficient garage door. For garage door insulation in Las Vegasyou can contact any of the local garage door company.


3) Advantages of Energy Efficient Garage Door

Garage walls need to be insulated however, if you haven’t insulated the garage door then it’s of no use. If you look at it then you would realize that the garage door also acts as the wall or the entry point to a garage. Let’s look at the advantages of installing an energy-efficient garage door.


  • The first benefit is that it can cut down the annual energy bill by 15 percent.
  • It helps in maintaining the ideal temperature inside the garage in all seasons.
  • The unbearable heat of the summer days can shorten the car’s battery life. During winters, the below freezing temperature can hamper the functionality of the batteries by 50%.
  • Energy-efficient garage doors would give extra protection to your garage.
  • Provides the ideal temperature inside. It would save you from the scorching heat during summers and in winters from severe cold.
  • Non-insulated garage doors are a lot nosier when compared to insulated ones.

Before installing a garage door, don’t forget to do some research.


How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

You need to consider two factors before purchasing an energy-efficient garage door.


1.The ‘R’ Value of the Door 

The ‘R’ value of the door helps you to measure the insulating qualities of the door. The higher ‘R’ value of the door means that it has better insulation.


2.The Potential for Air Leakage

The next thing you need to consider is how easily can the air inside the escape around the door.


Choosing the Right Material

There are mainly four types of material used for garage doors: aluminum, steel, wood, and composite wood.


  • Aluminum: Though aluminum gives off a modern look it is light-weighted making it a poor insulator.
  • Steel: This is the preferred choice of most homeowners. It is durable however, it doesn’t offer much insulation. For better insulation, go for low gauge steel which offers better insulation.
  • Wood: Though wood gives off a sophisticated look to your home, it has poor insulation and durability. It needs high maintenance.
  • Composite Wood: Composite wood is an ideal replacement for wood. It needs low maintenance and is durable when compared to wood. You can pair it up with steel and faux wood.


We advise you to purchase a door with added insulation which comes in two forms, polyurethane and polystyrene foam. The thicker the foam the better.


Various Insulating Options

  • Single Layer Door: If your garage is not connected to your home then you can install a single-layer door.
  • Double Layer Door: These doors have standard polystyrene insulation.
  • Triple Layer Door: These doors have thicker polyurethane or polystyrene insulation. If your garage is connected to your home then go for this one.
  • Insulation strengthens the door and adds soundproofing.


Call for the Professionals

For garage door installationyou can get in touch with us, Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. We would be at your service 24×7. Visit our website to compare different projects and check the feedbacks of our previous customers. With years of experience, our certified professionals can provide you the right assistance.


Smart Technologies to implement on Your Garage Door

smart garage technologies

Smart technologies have completely revolutionized the world. In fact, by the end of 2022, almost 60 million homeowners in Americans will have a smartphone. In fact, smart garage technologies are everywhere including security apps as well as lighting fixtures. You now have the ability to control your entire home in the palm of your hands. That is why, we have curated this article, suggesting all the smart technologies you can implement on your garage door.


Why Consider Implementing Smart Technologies?

There is no point in arguing that smart technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Whether you have forgotten to lock your garage door or left the home without the keys, there’s always a way around. Down below is a list of some of the ways smart technologies have completely changed our lives for the greater good:


  • There are various smart devices that offer monitoring functionalities. This, in turn, can always notify you, in case of an intrusion. If you have forgotten to lock your garage door, you can do it just by the press of a button.


  • For everyone looking forward to an extra pair of eyes, there always the option for high-quality security cameras. It can easily provide you peace of mind while recording around the clock.


Smart Garage Door Technologies


1) Smart Garage Door Openers

This goes without saying, smart garage door openers are the biggest trend. It also offers an added layer of security over your garage door. Irrespective of the type of garage door, there’s always a smart garage door opener for you. Here are some of the advantages of using smart garage door openers:


  • You can always expect an added layer of security over intruders
  • You can always operate your garage door via smartphone
  • Offers schedule locking feature
  • You don’t have to carry around opener keys all the time
  • Ability to provide guest access to some users
  • Works well with virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa


You can always pair your smart garage door opener with smart locks as well. This can easily bring forth value and efficiency into your home. Neither less to say, you have the ability to control everything all by yourself. Looking at the bigger picture, you can rest assured of the safety of your family and the security of your home.


2) Smart Plugs

For every homeowner who uses their garage as their workshop, smart plugs are something you are always going to appreciate. While using various tools can always take a significant amount of energy. Smart plugs on the other hand can help you to keep your electricity bills in check. You can always make the best use of your smartphone to toggle your appliances on and off. In case, there is a need to change batteries, you can always use the schedule feature.


3) Smart Thermostats 

Smart thermostats can always come in handy, especially if you don’t have an insulated garage door. It is one of the positive investments you can make to bring down your utility bills. With drafty garage doors, there is always the scope of heat escaping from the same. Thermostat devices ensure that you are able to work in an eco-friendly environment by adjusting the temperatures.


There are also options to adjust the temperature of the room using your smartphone. So, whether you are on a long trip or just away from your home, you can always rest assured.


4) Smart Lights 

Smart lights completely change the way you interact with your garage door. Adding start lights with the opener provides a lot of conveniences. Even in the darkness, the lights can easily guide your vehicle. In case your garage door is more than just a place to keep the vehicle, you would always appreciate these smart lights. In case someone forgets to close them, you can always operate via your smartphone.


Choose the Right Technology

Start technologies are here to offer convenience to your livelihood. The same goes for Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. We put our customer satisfaction above anything else. With a dedicated team of certified professionals, you can rest assured to get quality services. With a plethora of smart garage door technologies to choose from, you will always get what you need.