What’s The Best Lubricant To Use On A Squeaky Garage Door?

lubricant for garage door 

A squeaking garage door can be quite a hassle worsening over time. Constant usage tears the springs, gears, rollers, damaging the door’s integrity. Usually, adequate lubrication brings back door integrity. Therefore, knowing the best lubricant for garage door is essential.

This article offers an overall idea of the best lubricant types available. Get a heads up towards lubricant choosing mistakes as well. Lastly, learn how to apply any lubricant type on door parts. 

Lubricate or Repair the garage door?

Lubrication is undeniably the first step one leans towards to prevent screeching noises. However, make sure to check the garage door heath before over-greasing worn-out parts. Some common ways to find out about optimum door health are-

1.Check for loosened door parts due to constant friction, movement, or vibration.

2. Look for unbalanced garage doors. Find out if the rollers and tracks are perfectly aligned.

3. Clear door tracks of debris, causing unwanted noises.

4. Inspect whether the cable and the door tracks are damaged or loosened. 

If the inspection doesn’t show any garage door health damages, shift to proper lubrication.

Lubricants to avoid and choose!

Thinking of a lubricant reminds the mass of the cleaning agent, WD-40. It is a cheap solvent that breaks down grease, ultimately drying it out. It causes more friction to door parts, causing further damage. Always chose a lubricant compatible with a particular garage door type.

A hand grit sandpaper or a spray helps to lubricate friction-causing parts. The bests lubricants must be penetrating oil. Commonly available quality lubricants are either lithium-based or silicone-based. 

1.Lithium-based garage door lubricant – White lithium lubricants are available in squeezable tubes, containers, or spray cans. Hardware stores widely offer hand application types. Their good adherence to metal optimizes garage door health. Apply an even spray coating on bearings, springs, and hinges. 

2.Silicone-based garage door lubricant – It is one of the best lubricant for garage door, available in the market. This lubricant type comes mostly in spray cans. The narrow nozzle offers better coverage. Hence, every corner lubricates with ease. 

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Learn how to use a lubricant on a garage door

Lithium lubricant- Another excellent product, lithium lubricants offer the best result on broad friction-prone areas. Its extremely greasy nature makes it suitable for garage door tracks than springs. 

Make sure to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to it during application. Unlike silicone lubricants, lithium lubricants don’t penetrate well. Therefore, constant reapplication is necessary.

Silicone lubricant– This type is suitable for lubricating small and tight areas. Lithium sprays work well on rollers, springs, and hinges. The sides have gliding metal rollers for opening or closing garage doors. 

Lubricate the metal parts, especially the inside bearings. Being comparatively less greasy than lithium-based ones makes it appropriate for tight spaces.

To sum up!

Choosing and applying the correct lubricant elongates the garage door life span. Therefore, it offers a smooth and noise-free operation throughout. In this case, one may opt for a garage door repair service. If you are looking for one, try contacting Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Service


Tips for New Homeowners for Garage Door Replacement

Garage door replacement

The new homeowners have significantly less idea regarding what to do with their old garage doors in many cases. It is always good to have some garage door replacement tips to help deal with decorating, renovating, or replacing the garage door, if required. Below are some tips that can help new homeowners get a head start with garage door replacement.

Tips for Garage Door Replacement

Some of the new garage door replacement tips are given below.

1.Choosing the Right Material

Homeowners need to figure out the type of garage door they need. Based on the material, there can be further advancements. The choices available include steel, aluminum, or wood, where each of them has its pros and cons. Some are cheaper and lightweight, while others are durable and require high maintenance. Based on the door material, other factors have to be considered.

2.Door Insulation

It is highly recommended that the garage door is insulated. This can capture heat and provide great comfort in winters. Insulating a garage door will cost extra, but it can be beneficial. Also, insulating a garage door increases its durability, as it acts as a protective layer that slows down wear and tear.

3.Choose the Right Door Style

The style or the look of the garage door is also essential. With a good look, the value of the house can increase manifolds. There are many choices available for garage door styles, and it entirely depends upon the user. However, the style should blend in with the rest of the house properly.

4.Choose Colours and Decorations

Another of the things to look out for in choosing the garage door color and adding extra decorations to it. Here also, the colors are chosen ultimately depend on the owner. However, the colors and decorations should be so done that they do not look out of place and make the garage door attractive. Extra decorations sometimes include safety lights and windows as well. Many garage door services in Las Vegas provide such additional decoration options for the garage doors.

5.Choosing the Correct Hardware

Another garage door replacement tips include choosing the proper hardware. These usually include hinges, handles, hooks, and many more. The good thing is that this hardware can be swapped out or retained according to the owner’s choice. It is always recommended to include handy and attractive hardware, which will fit with the overall garage door look.

6.Using Online Visualizers

Specific online tools can help homeowners a lot. Even before a garage door is set up or fully decorated, the final version of the door can be visualized with online tools. This way, owners can check beforehand how their garage doors are going to look. They can try further decorations and choose the one that suits their needs the best.

7.Taking Weather into Account

One of the most crucial garage door replacement tips includes being wary of the weather. Depending on the weather, the garage door materials need to be chosen. Indeed, door types that can withstand the native weather without any problems can be selected freely, and other classes should be avoided.

Final Words

These are some of the most common tips that new homeowners should keep in mind while planning to replace or buy a garage door. With the proper material, hardware, decorations, and safety, any garage door can be made to last long. It is best to take advice from professionals in this regard.


How often should you have your garage door serviced in a year?

garage door repair service in Las Vegas

Most people only do garage door repair service if something is not functioning properly or when something breaks. However, one should ensure servicing the door on a regular basis. For a moment, you might think this is a bit costly, but in the long run, it is going to save your bucks. Simple routine maintenance can extend the lifetime of your garage door system. These facile checkpoints will abet you keep your garage door in fine condition year-round.

When do you need garage door service?

Service your garage door system a minimum of four times per year. This is often most vital, especially in the season of fall, to prepare for snow and winter temperatures. Check the door in early spring when moisture levels and temperatures change. Perform the below-mentioned test routinely.

Safety Test

A lowering garage door must sense objects in its path and the reverse direction. This functioning attribute ensures the security of toddlers, pets, or objects which will be in the way. Open up your garage door and place a bit of wood on the driveway where the door typically meets the bottom. Lower it and observe if this vital safety feature kicks in as quickly as the bottom edge touches that object.

Quality garage doors must respond to both non-contact and contact obstructions. Hire professional service in no time if your garage fails to pass this crucial test, as all the automatic openers are required by law to possess functional safety sensors.

Balance Test

An out-of-balance garage door can put a huge strain on the automatic garage door opener and eventually cause an interruption in the lifting mechanism, possibly injuring an individual or causing damage to your vehicle. To check the door’s balance, disconnect the automated opener and plan to open the garage by yourself. If the door doesn’t go up and down smoothly with any resistance, the springs might be imbalanced.

Noise Test

If your garage door makes squeaking noises when lowering or lifting, it’s time to lubricate the tracks and pulleys. After applying a lightweight, synthetic oil with a decent-level coating, test to ascertain if the noise persists. If so, you ought to contact a garage door repair, as your door could also be out of alignment, or the spring might require a replacement.

Visual Test

Visual test is the simplest one among all of these. Look over each section of the door: the outside and inside surfaces, the seal around every edge, the rollers, the springs, and the tracks. If you observe loose hinges inside the door, tighten every screw. Make it to some extent to think about replacing worn cables before they break. You ought to regularly refer to the owner’s manual for particular advice for your garage door.

If you notice anything unusual and are hesitant to take on the daunting job of repairing the garage door on your own, ask a trained expert about the problems. From Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, a garage repair company, you definitely get top-notch service for garage doors based on your need and perpetuate your peace of mind about the gateway safeguarding your house.

How to fix a rusty garage door?

Rust is something you cannot avoid, but fixing a rusty surface at the earliest will definitely ensure the long life of the concerned surface. Garage doors are exposed to weather elements, and even the sturdiest metal doors will face the problem of rust. The only thing you can do to ensure the good health of your metal garage door is to check at regular intervals and get the issue fixed by the providers of best garage door service in Las Vegas whenever you notice even the slightest formation of rust.

Here we will discuss what you can do to fix the rusty garage door:


You must keep a close watch on the health of your garage door. The formation of a small patch of rust, if neglected, will turn up into a large one. Ignoring the small patches will do no good but only increase the cost of fixing. If you get the small rust patch removed, then the restoration cost will be nominal. You can actually do it by yourself. But ignoring the rust in the beginning, will damage the entire garage door, and then you will have to spend a lot fixing it.

Removing the rust

Getting rid of rust is not very difficult. Rust is basically the formation of iron oxide on the metal surface when moisture and atmospheric oxygen react with the metal. The reddish-brown colored rust can easily be removed by wiping the rusty surface with white vinegar. Just wipe the rusted areas with white vinegar and leave for some time. The vinegar will dissolve the rust, and then you can use steel-wool to scrub the remaining rust.

Filling-in if required

If you notice any holes on the door after removing the rust, then make sure to fill them up with the help of automobile body fillers. There are several other bonding agents available for this purpose and they are good at mending the holes on the metal doors. You can call any of the best garage door service in Las Vegas to do the entire thing for you.

Washing is essential

After finishing the filling-up step, you will be required to prepare for painting the door. The best thing to do is to scrub the entire door with fine sandpaper. However, you will need to do this only when you are planning to paint the entire door. If rust removal is being done for a small portion, you may not require repainting the entire door. In that case, just sand the required area. Sanding must be followed by thorough washing and drying of the door so that the paint can be done on a clean surface.

The finishing touch

Painting the garage door after removing rust is the finishing touch, and you have to do this with utmost care. Using primer and paint that is rust-resistant will ensure the long life of your garage door.

Ending Note

Keeping your garage door in good condition is not just necessary for the beautification of your house; it is important for safety as well. You can call Silver Fox Garage Door Repair as they provide the best garage door service in Las Vegas when you need to fix a rusty garage door.

Things To Do When In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

Garage door parts can break down at any moment, making emergency garage door repair concerns incredibly inexpedient. The following things must be kept in mind when you have actually got emergency garage door services in Las Vegas.

Step 1 – Don’t be panic-stricken

This is often the foremost crucial step for garage door services in Las Vegas. This likely won’t be the time to undertake any last-minute emergency garage door repair fixes. Garage doors are the most important moving object in your house, weighing near to 400 lbs and their parts are often blisteringly dangerous for somebody who is moving. It’s quite easy for a DIY job to go completely wrong, plus any repairs that are handled improperly the very first time will only be harder to correct afterward.

Step 2 – Attempt to Assess the Matter

Figure out exactly what the matter is that if feasible. Common garage door repair problems which will turn deadly fast include broken tension springs, broken springs, a photocell misalignment, a stripped gear set, an off-track door or dead batteries for a door opener.

Spring failures are a usual emergency; with 10,000 cycles in their lifetime, the springs care expected to work for 7 to 10 years without major trouble. If the spring breaks down, the door can’t be opened, and you’ll not be capable of getting into your car.

If you recognize you’ve got a broken spring, the simplest option is to park the car outside the garage and avoid utilizing the door until experts can repair it. Note how your garage door opens and shuts and concentrate on how it moves and the sounds heard while the door is operating as such information will help an emergency service team afterward.

Step 3 – Call For Professionals

If you can’t take enough stress on emergency garage door repair situations, you’re more likely to be calling professionals. If a homeowner finds any problems with their door, don’t hesitate to call experts immediately to schedule a general maintenance or security inspection.

Most of the professionals are ready to provide assistance for any sort of emergency garage door repair situation: be it big or small. For any matters that demand an emergency garage door repair – whether it’s overhead or automatic or maybe handling their respective systems, experts have the capabilities the fix any issue that comes up while utilizing. They are capable of performing fixes for any model. Just give them a shout.

Step 4 – Keep Routine Maintenance Up

It’s pivotal to perform routine maintenance on your garage door services in Las Vegas to increase the standard and longevity of its life. Do lubrication on all the moving parts of your garage door every six months: that comprises the hinges, the cables, the rollers, springs, the pulleys, the bearings, and so on and so forth. Repair or replace old parts as prompt as they begin to point out signs of trouble. Doing regular and upright maintenance can actually aid in preventing immense time-consuming repairs later on.

With these steps, you’ll be ready to prevent a garage door catastrophe from taking place and keep your quality doors lasting for as long as possible. Contact Silver Fox Garage Door Repair to circumvent any emergencies by scheduling routine garage door services in Las Vegas.

How can your garage door improve energy efficiency of your home?

garage door improve energy efficiency

The garage of your house is probably the most inefficient room of your house, but you can easily change this. As many people don’t want to see the garage as an extension to the house but an extension to the outer area. However, in reality, the maximum number of attached garages should not be treated much differently than those other rooms inside your house. The inefficient garage door of the house can inhale the cold air of the winter and the hot air of the scorching summer, which can increase the inefficiency of the house. Therefore, to avoid these problems, here are some tips for choosing your new garage doors to help you:


1. Seal the door between the garage and the house

First, install weather stripping around the entire frame of the door and seal out most of the air from the garage. You can carefully look for any kind of leaks and repair those if needed. Then make sure that the threshold is sealing the bottom of the door. You can also use a draft stopper if you do not want to face the tiring process of replacing the entire threshold. Try to caulk the trim around both the outside and inside area of the door. If the decorative trim is not sealed properly, air can easily find a way through the inner construction of the door frame.


2. Insulating the surrounding walls

Many older houses do not have the protection of insulation in the walls. So, you may need to do this task at your garage. Insulating the walls of your garage is usually a very easy task but can offer you various benefits.


3. Insulate the garage door and use good materials


Though your garage walls are properly insulated, you may need to insulate your garage door as well. It can help you in stopping the transferring process of both cold and hot wind from the outside to the inside. You can also purchase an insulated door to get better results.

While looking for new garage doors for sale in Las Vegas, you have to look for the quality of the insulation, like; you have to look for the materials having good U-factor and good conductivity as well. This can help you if you want your garage to be warm in the winter and much cooler at the time of summer.


4. Check for leakage

No insulation can work if your garage door has cracks. Therefore, you need to look for the condition of the door and also the weather stripping. All the parts of the door should be fitted properly to avoid the risk of any kind of damages. For this reason, garage door maintenance is very important to improve the energy efficiency of your house. This can also reduce your new garage doors cost.


5. Using smart garage door opener

If the opener of your garage door is sapping energy, the complete efficiency of your house will reduce. Electronic garage door openers have problems because they always draw power in standby mode.  Therefore, the installation of low standby power models can stop these problems and increase the energy efficiency of your house.


6. Good weather stripping for your New Garage Doors

Choose good quality PVC weather-stripping to make your new garage door energy-efficient, thus increasing the energy efficiency of your house.


Therefore, in order to avoid various types of problems and make the entire house an efficient place, you need to follow the steps mentioned earlier to make your garage door energy-efficient garage doors. To get best service, you can call Silver Fox Garage Repair.