Steel, carriage, or wooden garage door styles.Interested in taking a tour of some popular garage door styles read below.


There are many advantages to steel garage door styles. A steel garage door is typically affordable and durable, offering the homeowner a long working life. Although steel itself is vulnerable to rusting, you can combat this issue by choosing a sturdy steel with an overlay. This is one type of garage door that requires little to no maintenance. Looking for a sturdy and dependable door that you do not have to care for very often then choose steel.

Wood is one of the most aesthetically appealing materials. A wooden garage door can effectively round out your home design and boost your curb appeal. Like steel garage doors, wooden doors can also be durable and long lasting. The one area where wooden garage doors might suffer a drawback is maintenance. Since it is a beautiful and authentic material, wood typically requires more maintenance than others

Carriage style doors can be made of steel or wood. Garage doors are available in a multitude of styles. They can be custom made to fit your taste. If you are going for an original look, consider a carriage style garage door.


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