Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum Garage Door

With every single year, the choices of garage doors are readily increasing. For instance, currently, one can find a plethora of garage doors that are made out of different materials along with different styles. Neither less to say, there are also different opening mechanisms.  Starting out with the aluminum garage doors, these are one of the most versatile options to go for. Certainly, while choosing the material for your garage door, it can actually be overwhelming at times. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having an aluminum garage door. 

Advantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

One of the biggest advantages of having an aluminum garage door is because it can easily complement your home. They have the same benefits as that of a steel garage door. But, aluminum frames are mainly lightweight as a result as compared to other materials. It has made them very easier to install. The lightweight full view aluminum makes that it also exerts very little pressure on the torsion springs.  This, in turn, discards the chance of getting worn out, often. The main usage of garage doors can be found near the coastal regions where you can find more moisture in the air, so since there are hardly any chances of rusting, a very minimum amount of maintenance for aluminum garage doors.  If you are someone who prefers to call themselves an environmentalist, aluminum gates are completely recyclable. You can also get aluminum gates in varieties of color options so that you can find the perfect garage door that suits your fashion statement. 

Disadvantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

One of the biggest drawbacks of aluminum garage doors is that they can be easily dented. That means, for someone who has a bunch of kids playing around the house or you have constrained space, aluminum garage doors might not be the best option for you. Similarly, heavy rainfall with hails can also put a dent on your garage door.  Availability can also become an issue if you are looking for quality aluminum garage doors with black anodized finishes. So for high-end garage doors, wood might be a better option for the time being. 

Most Commonly Used Materials for Garage Doors

Apart from aluminum, here is a list of some of the most commonly used material for garage doors: 

1) Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are mainly made out of galvanized steel of two layers. Steel garage doors have actually become the go-to option for the majority of American households. 

Pros: One of the most versatile options to choose from. In fact, one can actually choose from a wide variety of styles. Even you can get wood designs that look and feels like the legitimate one. 

Cons: Steel garage doors tend to be more prone to dents and corrosions. Opting for a low quality steel garage door ensures that you need to spend more during the maintenance. 

2) Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are by far one of the most common materials that is used. They are mainly built with layers that help to prevent wrapping. Some of the most commonly used woods include Mehagani, Fir, Cedar, and Redwood. One can either get wood garage doors factory painted or even opt for an on-site finish. 

Pros: According to your curb appeal, you can actually get wood garage doors in a variety of styles. 

Cons: Requires higher maintenance as compared to other alternatives. 

3) Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood composite garage doors can be best defined with wood frames that are covered by sheets of fiberboard. Going with a higher-end model ensures that you get the higher density fiberboard skins. These can provide you with more realistic details similar to that of real wood. Mostly the cores of the wood composite garage doors are filled with polystyrene insulation. 

Pros: Any wood composite garage door can provide you with the same amount of strength as that of any steel garage door. 

Cons: The only downside to wood composite is that they can be costlier while requiring more maintenance. 

4) Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors can give off a very modern look while paring with the right frame color.  Glass garage doors are mainly paired with steel frames along with polyurethane insulation. The sole idea behind the steel is to actually improve the durability of the garage door. 

Pros: White laminated glass door packed with aluminum frames ensures the ultimate security one can possibly ask for. That being said, the aluminum ensures that your garage door remains rust-resistant for a very long time. 

Cons: If you are going with the glass options and require privacy at the same time, it is better to actually look for frosted glass. 

5) Vinyl Garage Doors

Last but not least, vinyl is considered one of the most kid-friendly garage door materials to choose for. Neither less to say, it comes with different color samples along with a studier built that is very hard to break or even dent. Vinyl garage doors are mainly built upon a steel frame. One can actually find the feel of a fiberglass door from vinyl. That being said, vinyl requires very little maintenance over time. 

Pros: One of the biggest advantages of having a Vinyl garage door is affordability. That being said, it adds a ton of customization options on the table. The maintenance cost of Vinyl garage doors is cheaper too. 

Cons: Since the coloring is done with the help of resins, there are very few options for changeability. 

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Concluding Words

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