Smart Technologies to implement on Your Garage Door

smart garage technologies

Smart technologies have completely revolutionized the world. In fact, by the end of 2022, almost 60 million homeowners in Americans will have a smartphone. In fact, smart garage technologies are everywhere including security apps as well as lighting fixtures. You now have the ability to control your entire home in the palm of your hands. That is why, we have curated this article, suggesting all the smart technologies you can implement on your garage door.


Why Consider Implementing Smart Technologies?

There is no point in arguing that smart technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Whether you have forgotten to lock your garage door or left the home without the keys, there’s always a way around. Down below is a list of some of the ways smart technologies have completely changed our lives for the greater good:


  • There are various smart devices that offer monitoring functionalities. This, in turn, can always notify you, in case of an intrusion. If you have forgotten to lock your garage door, you can do it just by the press of a button.


  • For everyone looking forward to an extra pair of eyes, there always the option for high-quality security cameras. It can easily provide you peace of mind while recording around the clock.


Smart Garage Door Technologies


1) Smart Garage Door Openers

This goes without saying, smart garage door openers are the biggest trend. It also offers an added layer of security over your garage door. Irrespective of the type of garage door, there’s always a smart garage door opener for you. Here are some of the advantages of using smart garage door openers:


  • You can always expect an added layer of security over intruders
  • You can always operate your garage door via smartphone
  • Offers schedule locking feature
  • You don’t have to carry around opener keys all the time
  • Ability to provide guest access to some users
  • Works well with virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa


You can always pair your smart garage door opener with smart locks as well. This can easily bring forth value and efficiency into your home. Neither less to say, you have the ability to control everything all by yourself. Looking at the bigger picture, you can rest assured of the safety of your family and the security of your home.


2) Smart Plugs

For every homeowner who uses their garage as their workshop, smart plugs are something you are always going to appreciate. While using various tools can always take a significant amount of energy. Smart plugs on the other hand can help you to keep your electricity bills in check. You can always make the best use of your smartphone to toggle your appliances on and off. In case, there is a need to change batteries, you can always use the schedule feature.


3) Smart Thermostats 

Smart thermostats can always come in handy, especially if you don’t have an insulated garage door. It is one of the positive investments you can make to bring down your utility bills. With drafty garage doors, there is always the scope of heat escaping from the same. Thermostat devices ensure that you are able to work in an eco-friendly environment by adjusting the temperatures.


There are also options to adjust the temperature of the room using your smartphone. So, whether you are on a long trip or just away from your home, you can always rest assured.


4) Smart Lights 

Smart lights completely change the way you interact with your garage door. Adding start lights with the opener provides a lot of conveniences. Even in the darkness, the lights can easily guide your vehicle. In case your garage door is more than just a place to keep the vehicle, you would always appreciate these smart lights. In case someone forgets to close them, you can always operate via your smartphone.


Choose the Right Technology

Start technologies are here to offer convenience to your livelihood. The same goes for Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. We put our customer satisfaction above anything else. With a dedicated team of certified professionals, you can rest assured to get quality services. With a plethora of smart garage door technologies to choose from, you will always get what you need.


Learn the Best Ways to Remove Rust from Garage Door

Rust from Garage Door

No matter the quality and color of your garage door, oftentimes you would find a rustic orange color, especially when spring approaches. One of the main culprits for such discoloration is garage door rust. The salt spread during the winter season gradually eats up the garage door. Regardless of the material used for the door, the structural integrity is always at risk for compromise.


That is why, we have properly curated this article, offing you the right assistance on rust how to remove the door. We shall discuss all the topics to clear dust from various materials. You will also learn when is the right time to repaint the door. As far as the tools are concerned, you can always count on a soft brush to remove such rust.


How to Clean Aluminum and Steel Garage Doors?

Cold weathers are never an ideal option when it comes to starting out your cleaning process. So, our recommendation would be to wait for the day. Once the temperature is moderate enough, you can start working on how to remove rust from Aluminum. 


  • Make sure to use a brush and water to brush up the entire door. The bottom of you’re door is where rust is mainly concentrated.
  • Remove rust from Aluminum by rinsing it thoroughly and let it dry.
  • You can always go with white vinegar. Dip any of your old clothes in it, and use it to wipe the rusted areas. You can repeat the entire process until you get a completely shiny surface.
  • In order to prevent any further rusting, make sure to use a primer corrosion inhibiter.


How to Clean Wooden Garage Door?

Cleaning wooden garage doors can get tricky at times. Woods when exposed to salt often results in swelling. It can expand leading to cracks. To prevent any further damages, here is the right way to clean your wooden garage door.


  • Only use soap, clean clothes, and water while washing the door.
  • You can use any old toothbrush or anything with soft bristles while cleaning the decorative elements. This will ensure that the paint remains intact.
  • Once the door dries up, you can always apply a wood stain protector.



How to Apply Paint the Right Way?

One of the easiest and safest ways to paint your garage door is to use paint sprays. The only downside of using paintbrushes or rollers is they might leave drip marks. Further including, you need to apply at least two layers of paint. Another great way is to only apply paint where you have removed the rust. This can be done, by easily using a paintbrush along with primer and paint. All you need to do is apply a finishing coat over the entire door.


Just bear in mind, it is always a better option to apply paint throughout the door, so that you don’t have to worry about any flashing. As the newly pained areas are most likely to stand out. Lastly, only paint during cold weather. This will ensure that the paints dry up easily as anticipated. Also makes sure there is no scope of rainfall as well.


When You Should Avoid Removing Rust?

Under any circumstance, our recommendation would be to remove the rust immediately. This way, you could come to know how to keep tools from rusting in garage as well. But, there are several newer models of garage door, that offers warranty coverage against rust. So, there is no need to remove rust all by yourself, when your garage door is covered by warranty. You can always get in touch with your garage door manufacturer, and ask to rectify the problem. So, performing the task all by yourself will not only void your warranty but at the same time incur some extra costs.


Comprehensive Garage Door Services in Las Vegas

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door offers one of the most comprehensive garage door services. These include periodic garage door maintenance, occasional repair as well as complete garage door installation. So, the next time you have a rusted garage door, make sure to get in touch. Give us a call to learn more about our entire range of products and services.


Top 5 Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Doors Las Vegas

Your garage door is by far one of the heaviest and largest moving parts of your home. That being said, there are safety concerns associated with the same. While opting for a garage door repair can always keep your home secured, there are several practices, that you should be used for the safety of your family.


Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe


1) Check for the Safety Sensors 

The majority of the time, you can find the garage door safety sensor attached to the rails. They are placed almost 6 inches above the ground. The sole purpose of the safety sensors is to restrict the door from closing on a person or animal.


One of the easiest ways to check whether the safety sensors are working or not is to start closing the door and place any object in its path. If the door retracts, you are good to go.


2) The Opener Password Remains a Secret

This is mainly applicable to commercial properties as compared to residential ones. Keeping your opener password a secret makes sure that not everyone can access your garage door with ease. In fact, with the smart garage door openers, you can easily control the door with your smartphone.


3) Your Garage Door is Not for Riding 

If you have a bunch of kids playing around the house, somewhere down the line they are going to hang on your door handle or even ride them for the run. Make them understand that garage doors are toys, and it can significantly damage the doors.


4) Watch Out for Finger 

It might seem like a pretty obvious reason that we shouldn’t put our finger in between the door. But, according to NEISS, there are more than 7500 cases with fingers being caught between the garage door every single year. So, make sure to teach the kids, not to keep their fingers away from the joints within the garage door. In fact, newer models of garage doors also come with pinch protection for the same reason.


5) Keep Your Garage Door Remotes Away from Children

Your garage door remote shouldn’t reach out to your kids, no matter what. Using the remote as a plaything can significantly pose security threats for your home. Also, make sure that the wall control for your garage door is at least 5 feet above the ground. This way, young children couldn’t easily reach out to them.  


The Bottom Line

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair offer one of the most comprehensive garage door services. With our periodic garage door maintenance, you can be rest assured to get the right safety for your home. So, get in touch with us to avail free quotes on your next service.


What You Need to Know About Annual Garage Door Maintenance?

Broken Garage

Garage maintenance is a must, like house maintenance. The garage door acts as the second door to your home. So, it is important that you maintain it that it can function smoothly throughout the year. More importantly, you need to perform regular maintenance in order to save it from rust and corrosion. In this article, we would provide all the necessary information related to annual garage door maintenance. If you are looking for the best garage door maintenance in Las Vegas, then make sure to look for the one that offers you an uninterrupted service.


Why is Annual Garage Door Maintenance Significant? 


1) Lessen Future Cost

Just imagine, you haven’t maintained your garage door for a longer period of time even when it is showing the sign of deterioration. After several weeks, you would see that the garage door has completely stopped working, and you need to call a technician. Do you think they would charge you less? No, you have to pay a hefty amount for the maintenance of your garage door. So, we would advise you to seek the help of a professional twice a year for the smooth functioning of the garage doors.


2) Convenience

As we said before, the garage doors act as the second door to your home. So, maintaining it is important. If the garage door functions properly, then during the rainy and winter season, you can easily get to your house without getting drenched in the rain and snow. You don’t have to keep your car outside and pass through the snow. When you go out for the grocery during winters, the garage door acts as an entrance and existing door during the cold winter days. In this regard, annual garage door maintenance is essential.


3) Likable Break-ins

It has been seen that most break-ins happen through garage doors. So, you have to maintain it. You would get garage door sensors in the market. They would be of great help. When someone breaks-ins, the sensor would alarm you that there is an intruder, and you can immediately call the cops. You can see how garage door maintenance pays off here. So, we would advise you to call Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, which would help you maintain high security in your garage. Moreover, they would sanitize your garage as well.


4) It Keeps Corrosion at Bay

If your garage door has a lot of springs and wirings, as most garage doors have, then it would get exposed to corrosion and rust. So, it is essential that you maintain it for good. Or your future expenses would be double what you would be paying now. Corrosion and rust are common, so we would advise you to lubricate different parts of the garage door on a regular basis. This would also help in reducing the unnecessary sound made by your garage door.


5) Gaps

If your garage door and the surrounding area are not well maintained, then you can expect a gap between the ground and the garage door. Then from there, rodents can come inside the garage and damage the things. Besides, this would also help the buglers to sneak in from the garage door.


6) Avoids Accidents

If you don’t have less knowledge of garage door maintenance and even still try to do, then you might get injured. So, trying to fix it by your oneself, you should call a professional who has been working for years. There are several reasons for getting injured in the garage. The different parts of the garage door have broken, and you might step on it. The injury can be severe or minor. So, you need to maintain your garage doors if you don’t want it to happen. Damaged springs can cause some great harm to you and your family. You have to understand that some things can only be handled by a professional.


7) Increase the Value Of Your Property

You have seen that people always go for houses that need less maintenance. And if you’re willing to sell your house and the garage door of the house is not appealing, then obviously people won’t buy it. It would require high maintenance and high maintenance means you have to invest money, which wouldn’t be a great idea for people who would buy the house. A well-maintained garage door always attracts potential buyers. So, in this regard, garage door maintenance is essential.


8) Increases the Lifespan

If you would maintain garage doors, then it would last long. If you neglect it, then you have to install the garage door within a few years, and that would cost you some extra money. So, if you regularly inspect and lubricate its parts, then it would last for long. So, maintaining garage doors is important. You should remember that a well-maintained door garage would protect your family, pets, and prevents vehicle damage.


How Often Should You Opt for Garage Door Maintenance?


The answer to this question is, how frequently do you open the garage door. If you have a car, then you might be using the garage door several times. So, maintenance is a must in this respect as you use it frequently. The more you maintain the garage door it would last longer, and you can get the best out of it.


Concluding Words

You can contact Silver Fox Garage Door RepairWe are considered the best garage door maintenance in Las Vegas. You can even check the feedbacks of our previous customers on the website. We provide garage door maintenance as well as garage door installation. You would get great service from the company at an affordable price. If you’re having any problem contacting us, then you can email us. You would get an instant reply. We are at your service 24×7. Furthermore, the company doesn’t charge any extra money during the weekends and nights. After the work, our technicians would be happy to sanitize your garage units for the wellbeing of your family. We are proud to be the largest family-owned garage door repair in Las Vegas


Is Buying a Second Hand Used Garage Door a Bad Decision?

Garage Door Break Ins

A garage door is a very under-rated yet an essential part of our house. So, it is vital to spend an extra amount of time and effort while choosing the right garage door for your home. Are you looking for a replacement or installing a garage door but don’t want to invest much money or falling sort of resources? Well, we won’t encourage you to buy any cheap quality or any second hand used garage door in any of the cases. This deal may seem somewhat profiteering, but in the long run, you will have to regret this decision unless you are planning it for your backyard storeroom where you don’t have any serious business.

Reason for Not Buying a Used Garage Door

In the world of garage doors, you get what you pay, which means you shouldn’t expect more from that. You need to choose a quality product and ensure that you are spending your money carefully to fully enjoy the long-term benefits that a new garage door provides.

To help you steer clear of purchasing a garage door that won’t work to your standards, Silver Fox garage door experts have put together a glimpse into the woes that buying a cheap garage door can bring. A cheap garage door

  • Poor Designs

Are you planning to give the overall appearance of your home an elevation to increase its curb appeal? Replacing an outdated garage door can be an essential part of the plan. But it is impossible to reach your goals with another second-hand item. With its signs of wear and tear on it, the used garage door cannot offer you the quality customizations or your desired color choices. They aren’t a good idea to set you apart from your neighborhood or take your property to new heights in appearance.

  •  Fails to Provide the Durability and Security

The materials are the determiner of the cost of any garage door. That is why the garage door’s low-price is a sign of its poor craftsmanship, which fails to withstand the challenges of the weather or break-ins. So, these second-hand garage doors will be a very wrong choice when it comes to providing durability and security to your family members.

  • Fragile

Another weakness of these cheap and used garage doors is its fragile quality. They will make you suffer from a series of issues that include falling off from their tracks, dent and buckle yield pressure, become weak and damaged with regular usage.

  • Regular Repair and Replacements Cost You More in The Long Run

These inexpensive and cheap quality doors are manufactured with all substandard materials that will give you regular and frequent complications. Repairing your garage door and replacing some of the other parts of it will make your life miserable. And in the end, it will cost you way more than what you had invested in buying it in the first place.

  • Troubles Due to Heating and Cooling

Energy consumption is another vital feature you need to consider while choosing a garage door for your home or the commercial place. It also contributes to your entire ownership cost of the door. These low-quality garage doors have inferior insulation capability. Thus, the hot or cold air in different seasons can very easily pass into your home as it fails to seal the gap between the door and the floor of the garage.

Some Important Tips to Consider for Making the Best Choice

  • First of all, we will again advise you to avoid investing in the used garage doors. If you consult a professional in this field, they will also reassure you that. But, if you are still considering buying a second-hand garage door, we would like to give you a few tips that might help you get a better deal out of your available options.
  • Take the measurements of both the garage door you want to buy and the door’s opening of your garage to make sure they match.
  • Make sure to have the same amount of space above the garage door. This space is vital in case you plan to install an electric door opener. It will need an additional clearance space of about two inches.
  • The extra space is equally essential for the horizontal tracks, the depth.
  • And in case the available space is not the same as required, you should go for new and properly fitted hardware. Making alterations to the existing hardware can prove fatal.


A Few More Points to Remember While Purchasing a Used Garage Door

  • You should not essentially install a used garage door at the front of your house because a properly functioning garage door is way more important than a mere attractive appearance.
  • It is better to go for a comparatively newer model of the garage door. Preferably you can opt for a door aged less than ten years.
  • You can paint the door with colors of your choice and make a few small repairs. However, painting a metal door is challenging unless you are a professional.
  • Remember to replace and alter some of the significant components such as worn rollers, rusted hinges, screws, damaged weather stripping, etc.
  • Based on the garage door spring system’s status and age, you may need to replace it. The average life of a spring system is up to 5 to 7 years.


Call the Professionals

If you plan to give your garage door system an upgrade or want to install a used garage door, we at Silver Fox garage door will offer you world-class service for garage door repair in Las VegasWe provide the installation and repair service of all garage door and motors related problems with proper assistance. Our 24-hour repair service will reach your doorstep at any hour or your need. We have all the certified professionals working for us with years-long experience and skills. We will provide the service and security for your house as you have never seen before.


It takes little effort to reach out to us at the Silver Fox Garage Door. We have round the clock customer support service. You can get free quotations to form us and schedule appointments with our professionals at your convenience.


Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Motors

garage door motor

A motor may be a system that can convert the electric current into motion. An electric motor can generate motion from the interaction between magnetic flux and electricity inside it. This active motion provides the force to drive the garage door opener. Motors are often powered by AC from the facility grid or DC from batteries. The typical motor drives a shaft by contains a moving rotor. It also includes bearings, a current-reverser, windings, and a generator.

Any of those parts can exhibit the consequences of wear and tear. Your garage door motor repairs can malfunction by a defect or failure involving any part of a motor. Motors must deliver enough energy to operate to work a sequence drive, screw drive, belt drive, jackshaft, or direct drive garage door opener. So, the most important question arises, is your garage door motor is fine? We have appropriately curated this text, a number of the foremost vital tips for garage door motor repair for your house.

Garage Door Motors Repair

Garage door openers can get mimic by faulty garage door motor or even remote control problems. Wear and tear could be the cause, or the motor may have strained to the brink of failure due to a door alignment.

1) The garage door won’t open or close

You may try to reset the frequency on your remote if the door doesn’t respond to your commands. However, you would possibly hear the motor operating, but the door would not budge. If a technician finds that nothing else is wrong with the opener, they’ll be ready to replace the motor.

2) Noisy Motor

Typically ultra-quiet opener can cause more noise than usual, which might be coming from within the motor assembly. If creaking, clanking, and squeaking sounds become more audible whenever you open or close the door, or when there are unusual motor sounds the door doesn’t work, call a technician.

3) The door is sluggish

Garage doors are tuned to maneuver at certain speeds to make sure safety and stop damage. Slow movement can mean many things. If the door of your garage is slowing down or just half-opening, then the motor won’t be providing enough energy to lift the load of the door.

4) The garage door opener is less reliable

The underpowered or aging motor may cause the opener to overheat. Your garage door may then start to figure intermittently, meaning you want to wait a short time for it to function again. It can affect your ability to stay on your schedule.

5) If the motor is beyond its expected operating life

An older motor, or maybe older technology, might not support the wants for operating your garage door. A garage door motor needs to run more reliably and efficiently allows newer materials and styles, not to mention quietly and with better security and safety.

6) Check Your Door First

The door closed, pull the emergency release cord and lift the door to ascertain if it opens and closes smoothly. If it doesn’t, the matter is with your tracks, rollers, or springs instead of your opener.

7) Play It Safe

Work with the door down. If your Chamberlain garage door opener trouble maybe a broken door spring and you pull the emergency release cord while the door is within the raised position, the door could come crashing down. Unplug the opener. If your anyway unsuspecting housemate hits the remote button while you’re working, that way, you will not lose a finger. Even worse, in which case you wouldn’t be able to blame your housemate at all if you electrocute yourself.

8) Garage Door Doesn’t Open

No matter what sort of garage door opener you’ve got, you ought to always lube the rail where it comes in touch with the trolley carriage. Use a lubricant that doesn’t attract dirt. Silicone spray is the right choice. If you’ve got a screw-drive opener, you will need to grease several spots alongside the rail gear a minimum of once or twice a year. Using lithium grease won’t harden when the temperature drops in colder climates. Specifically, formulated products near the openers are sell by many home centers. And don’t use an excessive amount of or it could drip on your car.

9) Garage Door won’t Open All the Way

Tighten the chain about 1/4 in. to 1/2 in of the slack from the rail to the chain is suggested by most chain drive openers tell. Any excess wear and tear on the shaft and gears will be put by over-tightening the chain. It has too little tension could cause the chain to skip off the sprocket and subside in your car.

Get the Appropriate Protection for Your Garage Door Motor

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door ensures our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed by added safety precautions. If you want to make your garage door more secure or need garage door repair in Las Vegas or motor services, We here at Silver Fox Garage Door can provide proper security to your home and repair your garage door with convenience. The added safety ensures our customers further secure their garage door with state-of-the-art technologies. Our 24-hour emergency garage door repair services confirm that we always reach bent you at the time to wish. All of our certified professionals have many years of experience providing the proper support to your garage door.

You can always connect to Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. For a comprehensive garage door repair and, Get free estimates with our 24/7 available customer support number and free quotes as well.

What are the Best Ways to Avoid Garage Door Break-Ins?

Garage Door Break Ins

Admit it that the garage door isn’t satisfying to see that the door comes down like the iron gate of a fortress? Yet few of us go the space to make sure their garage doors are secure and well maintained. Aside from the front and back doors and first-floor windows, the garage door break-in is a popular entry point for most burglars.


So, the most important question arises, is your garage door safe to supply you a sound sleep at night? We have properly curated this text, a number of the foremost important tips to secure your house.


Avoid Garage Door Break-Ins

Burglary may be a frightening prospect, but it’s becoming a reality for more and more people. a Canadian landlord becomes a victim of a residential burglary every 90 seconds. And did you recognize that the majority of these break-ins occur during daylight hours? th80% of Canadian burglaries and 60% of US break-ins occur during daylight, and simultaneously the work of garage door repair in Las Vegas is increasing. Through the attached garage, anyone can access the whole house, albeit an automatic door operator keeps it locked uptight. Here are some of the most usual ways and security measures in which you can avoid any garage door break-in.


1) Keep the Remote Out of Sight

It’s also important that you keep your garage door remote out of sight. Yes, there’s that handy clip thereon, so you’ll attach it to your sun visor, but that’s all the temptation a thief might get to break your car’s window and steal the opener. Keep your garage door opener within the car but somewhere that a thief won’t immediately search for it. That means the glove box is out; believe putting it under the seat, instead.


2) Key Chain Garage Door Remote

It’s only too easy for a thief to interrupt your car to urge into your home. Invest in a key chain remote garage door opener if you don’t have one already and keep it on your person in the least times. Getting in the habit of treating your garage door remotely like all other keys to your home will decrease your odds of getting your garage broken into or losing the remote.


3) Don’t Leave Garage Door Remote Clipped to the Car Visor

Clipping a garage door remotes to car visors is just the way to inviting potential thieves to break into your car. And it gives the thieves access to your garage and possibly your home as well. So, store the garage remote somewhere out of sight by taking it off of your visor.


4) Sturdy Garage Door

There is little question that a high-quality, sturdy garage door may be a deterrent for robbers. Lightweight garage doors aren’t necessarily bad, but it all depends on the standard of material being used. Make sure to purchase a strong and sturdy garage door and can hold up under blunt force. This isn’t just helpful during a burglary scenario, but also in severe weather. You want your garage door to be ready to get up to a touch abuse.


5) Preparation before leaving home for a long period 

Are you going on vacation? If so, you would like a require the proper precautions. First, confirm that you disconnect your garage door opener motor from the facility source; you will pull the plug. This ensures that no one can get inside.


6) Start using Lock Button Feature

This is a simple concept. Just like you lock your doors in the dark, you’ll want to lock your garage door, so it can’t be opened manually within the middle of the night. All too often, to jimmy a garage door, open thieves use a crowbar. This puts an end to that. The lock button feature is meant to stop both manual and remote access to your garage.


7) Consider Your Garage Door Windows

Does your garage door top have a row of windows? Realize that these allow a thief to scan the contents of your garage and choose if your house is worth further attention. A simple clothes hanger is often enough to permit a burglar to pop the manual release catch on the door opener system. Consider a curtain to covering your garage door windows. You can also apply a skinny film coating that creates the windows opaque without blocking the sunshine you would like.


Additional Safety Measures

Always double-check your garage that the door is closed and locked before going to bed in the dark. Make this part of your nightly rounds. The LiftMaster door monitor can tell you if the door is closed and secured.


Install spotlights with motion sensors outside your home. It will prevent thieves from creeping up on your doors at night, or security cameras can also even add more protection to your home, particularly if they are connected to your Wi-Fi system. Connect your garage to the home’s security system. If you don’t have a security system, now’s the time to put in one.


Get the Right Protection for Your Garage Door

Finding the right protection for your garage door can be a trying time for everybody. We here at Silver Fox Garage Door ensures our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed by added safety precautions. If you want to make your garage door more secure or need garage door repair or installation services, we here at Silver Fox Garage Door can provide proper security to your home with convenience. The added safety ensures our customers further secure their garage with state-of-the-art technologies. Our 24-hour emergency garage door repair services confirm that we always reach bent you at the time to wish. All of our certified professionals have a lot of year’s experience providing the proper support to your garage door.


You can always reach out to Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. For a comprehensive garage door repair and, Get estimates with our 24/7 available customer support number and free quotes as well.



Right Time to Change the Batteries of Garage Door Remote

garage door opener

There is no point in arguing that a garage door is by far one of the most integral parts of the house. In fact, for some of the households, it has also become the primary mode of entry. That is why it is very important that you keep track when it starts to malfunction. Sometimes there are DIY guides that can provide you with the right assistance, while at other times, you need to seek help from the professionals.


So, in case your garage door starts to fail to open or close, make sure not to panic at any circumstance. Sometimes you will find that the problem is not trivial at all. So, initially, make sure to inspect the garage door all of your own. In fact, in this article, we are going to discuss how to change the battery in a garage door opener on your own.


Changing the Batteries of Your Garage Door Remote

A large portion of the garage door issue is actually caused due to dead garage door remote batteries. Trying to use the same remote makes you wonder if there is something wrong with your garage door. In fact, the average lifespan of a battery for garage door remote can last for two years at max. So, we have dedicated this section to some of the aspects that go into finding the right battery for your garage door remote.


In fact, if you are using the remote, and it takes multiple clicks to actually do work, chances are your battery is dying on you. Here is a detailed procedure on how to actually remove the batteries and change them.


1) Opening Up the Garage Door Remote

This is, by far, one of the easiest steps throughout the entire process. In fact, you won’t be needing any tool for that matter. Makes sure to look at the back of the remote. Sometimes, a Phillips-head screw may be used in order to remove the back. So, turning the remote will allow you to see the beauty. Slide the cover, and you will be able to see the exposed battery housing. In case you are unable to find the cover, make sure to look into the user manual of your garage door. This way, you can find the right procedure.


2) Identifying the Batteries

While looking into different electronic devices, there are actually a plethora of options to choose from. So, you need to make sure that you are getting the right fit for your remote. Further included, the majority of the garage door remotes actually work on batteries that look like a coin. So, have a closer look at the particular number that is actually imprinted over the battery.


There are also other remotes that actually use alkaline-based batteries. For any larger remote, you might actually require AAA batteries. So, after finding the right garage door battery, all you need to do is head over to the store and get the one that works with your remote. We would actually recommend getting spare ones for times like these.


3) Replacing the Batter and Reprogramming the Remote

Once you have made your purchase, it is imperative to understand to use the same procedures as before to get the battery into the housing. Slide the back of the remote and pop the batteries inside the same. That being said, now all that’s left for you to do is reprogram the remote. Now, for all the newer models of garage door, you can just press the pairing button, and that shall do the trick. For further assistance, make sure to look online regarding your garage door model.


Fun Tricks to Get Around Garage Door Remotes 

In case your garage door remote is giving you a hard time, it is very important to keep some of the tricks under your sleeve. Here is a list of some of the conveniences to look for:


  • Make the Best Use of Online Manuals: Always take assistance from online manuals in case you are having a hard time with your garage door. Most of the solutions are always within the manuals.


  • Use Your Smartphone: With all the latest smart garage door openers, you can operate the door using your mobile phone. This, in turn, discards the need to use any dedicated garage door remotes whatsoever. Along with that, you can actually get better convenience while using your garage door as well.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Should we opt for universal garage door remotes? 

It is imperative to understand that garage door manufacturers provide remote, dedicated to separate models. But at the same time, if you are using one of the newer models, you can always go with the universal garage door remotes. Neither less to say, if you have a spare remote in the house, it can always come in handy at times of need. This is where the idea of having a universal remote comes into play.

2) In case the remote is completely lost, can I buy a new one? 

Truth to be told, it is always possible to buy a new garage door remote separately. All you need to do is, make sure to look for the model of your garage door and buy accordingly. So, in case your garage door remote is lost or stops working all of a sudden, you can always choose to get a new one for yourself. In case your model has gotten outdated, there’s always the option for a universal garage door remote.


Concluding Words 

Bear in mind that all the above-mentioned steps within the article can provide you with the right assistance to changing your garage door remotely. For a comprehensive garage door repair solution, make sure to get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. We also work with some of the most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of garage door parts so that you can always get quality assured products. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and avail the best quality garage door services in Las Vegas.

What are the Various Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Stay Closed?

Garage Door Wont Stay Closed

There is no point in arguing that using your garage door over an extended period of time is bound to provide hindrances. Neither less to say, there could be a plethora of reasons due to which your garage door won’t stay closed. Sometimes the opener might malfunction or at other times, due to the gradual aging of the entire door. In fact, the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the various reasons why your garage door won’t stay closed.


Top Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Stay Closed 


1) The Transmission Batteries are Dead

One of the most obvious reasons due to which your garage door is neither opening nor closing is due to dead transmission batteries. This, in turn, restricts the transmitter from sending any signals. One of the best ways to check is whether you are able to open your door manually or pressing the buttons physically? This is a clear indication that the transmitter requires new batteries. Changing the same will get the job done.


2) The Photo Eye is Out of Alignment

If you find that your garage door can easily open, but it has a hard time closing, make sure to physically check the photo eye of the sensor. Over time, accumulated dust can block the light beams to make contact with the same. Eventually, this can also lead to misalignment, where the two eyes don’t match on either side. While cleaning the phot eye, make sure not to damage the eye. This, in turn, can jeopardize the overall process.


3) Misaligned Garage Door Track

Misaligned garage door track can actually pose a serious threat to the garage door. The track needs to be properly aligned in order for the garage door to operate seamlessly. Seeing a gap between the roller and the rail or even bent portions of the rails means your garage door won’t close properly. The heavyweights of the door add up to the problem, posing threats to other parts of the door as well.


4) The Transmitter Isn’t Working 

In the previous section, we have already discussed one of the most common problems regarding garage door transmitters. But, there are other factors at play as well. Sometimes this can be something as trivial as the transmitter is out of range of the garage door. Looking at your specific garage door manual can actually provide you with a better chance to diagnose the problem. Under such circumstances, it is always better to open the door manually during the being.


5) Blockage in the Path of Garage Door 

All the latest models of the garage door are packed with the auto-reversing mechanism. This, in turn, enables the door to retract from closing if something is creating a block at its path. While this offers the perfect security for your kids and pets, it can also get tedious at times. The build-up dirt and debris over time can block the path and stop the garage door from closing properly.


6) Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door is not closing properly or closing abruptly, even with a working transmitter, chances are the torsion spring of the garage door is broken. Generally, when a garage door spring breaks, it makes a large banging sound. With a broken garage door spring, the opener won’t be able to lift the entire weight of the garage door. Under such circumstances, it is always advised to consult with a garage door professional.


7) Wrong Garage Door Limit Settings 

There are instances where you will find that the garage door closes but immediately retracts to its previous form. This is something that is mainly common with new garage doors where the limits are not properly set. The limit settings within the garage door actually direct the door how much does it have to open or close. You can find the knob somewhere around the motor. Adjust the limits, so get the right settings according to your preference.


8) Enabling the Disconnect Switch 

One of the easiest ways to find if the disconnect switch is enabled or not if the garage door motor is running, yet the door is unable to open. The sole idea behind the disconnect switch is to provide safety during a power outage. So, in case the power comes back, it doesn’t automatically open the garage door. For the majority of the time, you can find the switch attached to the rope. There are also instances where accidentally you can turn on the switch. So, our advice would be to try operating the door after disabling the switch. If your garage door works perfectly, you are always good to go.


9) Broken Tension Spring or Cable 

The tension spring and cable are mainly responsible for lowering the garage door safely and slowly. In case the tension spring or cable breaks, your garage door can fall abruptly. In fact, you will find your garage door falling with a loud bang. This, in turn, is not only dangerous but can also further damage other parts of the garage door as well. Even when one of them breaks, the other follows as well. Under such circumstances, the best course of action is to take professional assistance replacing the tension spring and cable.


Get in Touch with the Professionals 

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair offers one of the most comprehensive garage door repair services in Las Vegas. Whether it is a residential or commercial garage door that’s giving you a hard time, we have got you covered.


All of our certified technicians have a clear understanding of what’s wrong with your garage door, enabling you to get along the repair processes as fast as possible. Working side by side with some of the top manufacturers and suppliers, you can rest assured to get authentic garage door parts during replacement as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the greatest opportunity of all time, and get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Door Repair.


Provide Complete Protection to Your Wooden Garage Door

wooden garage

There is no point in arguing that temperature changes can significantly affect your garage door. For instance, from a completely dry condition, the temperature can significantly drop, or the climate can become stormy. Such variations often lead to faster wear and tear for wooden garage doors. There are several reasons for the same.

Although wooden garage doors are more visually appealing, they tend to be more prone to accumulating dust, mildew, and other contaminants. So, the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the various ways in which you can protect your garage door.

Protect Your Wooden Garage Door:

1) Waterproof the Garage Door

When it comes to wood, water damage is the worst that can happen. If your door is water damaged, it gradually eats up the wood, diminishing its lifespan. Waterproof your garage door is the best way to ensure that the door remains intact as long as possible. In order to waterproof effectively, make sure to go through the steps down below:

  • Make sure that the surface of the garage door is properly cleaned. You can always use a wood-cleaning product in order to remove any kind of dirt whatsoever. If you have a new garage door, you can always sand the surface as well. Then you can apply the wood cleaner and give it a proper wash. Make sure while sanding, not to apply too much pressure over the same.
  • Opt for any weather-resistant finish over the door. There is actually a plethora of options to go for. You can choose between paints, varnishes, or any other film finish. Just bear in mind that all these finishes can sometimes be prone to cracking. So, you can also go with oil-based paints as well. Even with regular usage, they are not vulnerable to any damage.

2) Protecting Either Side of the Door

For every wooden garage door, protecting it from outside is not adequate enough. Woods require further protection from inside as well. As the humidity tends to fluctuate, it can heavily affect the door. Woods swells when exposed to high humidity. At the same time, when it is dry, it can also contract. This can result in cracks within the panels.

Further including, the varying temperature from outside and inside affects the door heavily. This is where the idea of properly finishing your door comes into place. Adding colorful paints along with penetrating oils can protect the door from such changes. In fact, it reduces the stress over the wood to a certain degree.

3) Opt for Periodic Maintenance

You need to understand that the factor seal is eventually going to wear off. So, from time to time, you need to apply for resealing. In case water seeps inside the panel, it can heavily damage the door. The garage door repair is something you don’t want for the same. Neither less to say, further expansion and contraction is a big NO.

Opting for periodic maintenance can certainly help you with the same. Even taking professional assistance twice a year can improve the longevity of the garage door. After putting new layers of stains, you can always add the sealant. This can easily protect your garage door for years to come.

4) Proper Tune-Up to Moving Parts

All the moving parts within your garage door acquires the greatest stains. Being one of the largest moving parts of the home, it is very important to keep track of the same from time to time. The hardware should be thoroughly checked and properly tuned-up. Hearing grinding noises along with jerking motions are one of the most common issues you can find within the garage door.

Loose nuts and bolts can also jeopardize the overall operation of the garage door. Under such circumstances, make sure to take assistance from expert professionals. The other aspects of tune-up include checking the balance of the garage door, as well as replacing any worn-out spring and cables. Checking the weather stripping is also important as well. Lastly, make sure to check if the track is properly cleaned or not.

5) Lubricating the Door Parts

At least a month, you need to make sure if you are getting seamless operation out of your garage door or not. Lubricating your garage door ensures that everything is working flawlessly. There are times when you will find that your door has become stiffer or hard to operate. Any screeching noise while opening or closing indicates that the parts require proper oiling. On the contrary, it makes sure not to put too much lubricant as well. This, in turn, can easily attract dirt, which can provide hindrance during operation.

6) Re-sanding and Refinishing 

As stated earlier, sanding should be done the very first you are applying point over your wooden garage door. After a duration of every 3 to 5 years, you can always opt for re-sanding. This will make sure that your door looks just the same as you once bought it. You can easily improve its beauty, especially once the harsh seasons are gone.

Repainting is also another great option if you want to shield your garage door from further damages. However, painting your garage door every single year is not required. You can keep them cleaned, while only repaint once needed or within a span of every 2 to 3 years.

The Bottom Line

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair strives the provide the best customer service whatsoever. All the steps mentioned above can provide you with the right assistance to protect your wooden garage door. With all of our certified professionals, we make sure to improve the longevity of your garage door.

Working with all the reputed manufacturers and suppliers, you can rest assured to get garage door parts of top quality. Our 24/7 customer care is always available to provide you with the right assistance, no matter what. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Silver Fox Garage Door Repair and avail garage door repair free estimate.