A Comprehensive Guide Towards Adjusting Garage Door Cables

Adjusting Garage Door Cables

For all the garage door owners out there, it is very important to understand how to actually adjust garage door cables. Bear in mind that although automatic garage doors have become a lot safer than before, there is still the need for professionals. One of the most integral parts of garage door repair service is to adjust the garage door cable. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to do the same.


Importance of a Garage Door Cable? 

Now garage door cables play one of the most important roles in providing safety to the garage door. The cables generally run through the torsion springs, which in turn enables them to lift the heavyweight of the garage doors.


Now there is another importance of garage doors as well. Take, for instance, in case there is a spring failure, the cables can always protect from spring recoils. Now, this is one of the safety features that can always come in handy at the time of need.


The garage door cables actually help in preventing any injuries that could have been caused otherwise. So, at the end of the day, it is very important that the garage door cables remain in good condition.


How to Adjust Garage Door Cable? 

If you want to properly adjust garage door cables, down below is the correct procedure:


1) Starting Out the Work 

First of all, make sure to detach the rope from the garage door opener. This, in turn, detaches the opener from that of the drive chain. Make sure to disconnect the electricity supply as well.


2) Take Safety Precautions 

The c-clamp must be attached to the track of the garage door. This, in turn, restricts the garage door from falling in you while working. Neither less to say, it is going to hold your garage door in one place.


3) Disconnecting the Cable

Before you even start with everything else, make sure to disconnect the cord that runs through the garage door. This cord enables the frame to hold surely.


4) Adjusting the Cable

Making the use of pliers, lose the brackets which are holding the cable. Pull or tighten the cable likewise, which helps you to acquire a smoother garage door operation.


5) Finishing Up Everything

After you have successfully replaced or adjusted the cable, now is the best time to examine the drum. The drum helps the garage door to maintain its balance. Neither less to say, it is also the place where the cable is safely wrapped and stored.


Final Takeaway 

It is imperative to understand that replacing garage door cables can get tedious at times. Neither less to say, it also requires professional assistance in order to deflect any potential injury. That being said, we here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair offers one of the most comprehensive garage door repair solutions. So, no more waiting around! Get in touch with our 24/7 customer care and avail the best garage door service in town.


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