A Definitive Guide for Garage Repair Cost & Saving

Garage Repair Cost

Before investing in a new garage door, there is some homework one needs to do. Choosing a new door for the garage is not as easy as it seems. Irrespective of if one is equipping a brand new home or repairing the old one, it is a job in which only a handful of homeowners have significant experience.

Garage doors come in a wide variety of prices, from a few hundred dollars for a simple model, uninstalled, to thousands of dollars for a professionally installed, top-of-the-line screen. One thing that may come as shocking is that it might well be a good investment to replace the garage door. Remodeling magazine suggests that the return on investment in a garage door is considerably higher than just about any other project for home improvement.

Now that this is sorted, there are some questions that one needs to ask. For example:


Is a new garage door required?

To many, the answer to this question is obvious. Wood garage doors tend to decay, metal garage doors smash up, and hardware track falls asunder. If that’s the situation you are facing, there’s probably not a lot of options on the matter. But just because a garage door doesn’t work properly, it doesn’t automatically imply that it needs replacement. Remember also that a paint job can convert the wood and metal garage doors, which is far less costly than replacements.


What kind should one settle for?

One of the primary factors in the cost of garage doors is in the components used. It is crucial to read about selecting the right material for the door, to acquire some details about how garage door costs could be expressed in the material one chooses. The design choice may also have a major effect on the cost of the garage door

Now to the most important area of concern:


What determines the cost of your garage door?

The cost of garage doors can rely quite a bit more on than just the door price. Replacements to garage doors also require new tracks (the metal sections on which the rollers go up and down). One needs to find out if there are new tracks to the rate that were quoted.

Like for other consumer goods, browsing around and comparing the quality of garage doors pays off. Many cities have a significant number of contractors specializing in installations and maintenance at garage doors. By giving them all a call, one gets to compare and choose two or three to have an estimate in writing.

One may also want to compare the cost of garage doors that Home Depot and Lowe’s sell. Most normally bring garage doors, and Home Depot often generally offers an installation service. Garage door costs range from about $300 (one-car) to $450 (two-car) at both shops. Doubling those figures can get one a ballpark picture of the cost of building the garage door.


DIY installation of the garage door:

Home centers offer garage doors which aren’t especially hard to mount. Before one settles to venture on the project of garage door repair by themselves for reduction of cost, it is important to ask the manufacturers for installation guidelines. If the process looks handy, one can proceed. As for most home improvement ventures, it is better to do it yourself to reduce the expense of the garage door.


Replacement of the garage door opener:

When the garage door opener works great with the current garage door, presumably there’s no need to change it. When a new garage door is bought that is significantly heavier than the old one, the only exception to that will be if that the garage door opener might not be sturdy enough to accommodate the extra weight. So it is advisable to search for a substitute for a lightweight garage door and one can avoid requiring changing the garage door opener.

Now that all the questions that might arise are dealt with, here are some other factors one should keep into consideration:


  • Size: Prior to beginning one’s quest for a new garage door, it is absolutely necessary to measure the door opening. It can be done without professional help even though the door will be built by a professional, as size will be the best guide for deciding how much the door will cost and what design and materials will fit best for one’s needs.


  • Material: The next move is to figure out which material is the most suitable. The material one selects will affect their door’s appearance, durability and maintenance requirements. Steel, metal, wood and composite wood are the four primary types of material. Once the size and material are decided, it is easy to determine whether one wants to buy a ready- door, or whether they need to have one that suits their particular needs.


  • Insulation: Should one insulate their garage door? Definitely! Insulation is an extra layer of protection against wasted energy when the garage is connected to the building. That is especially relevant if one has got a room above their garage. The following isolation choices when shopping for a door are available in the market:


  1. Single-layer doors – no additional insulation
  2. Double-layer doors – polystyrene isolation
  3. Triple-layer doors– gate-lining of polystyrene or polyurethane. Polyurethane is a liquid that spreads and hardens, providing a greater insulation benefit than polystyrene, cut to suit the door frame.

Any insulation has an “R-value.” The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. In addition to improving efficiencies, insulation also helps to minimize noise, enhance protection (as it reinforces the door) and increase durability.


  • Style: Although the material selected can ultimately decide the style, there are other features to consider, including hardware and paneling and windows, all of which can make your garage door more elegant.   The carry door is a common style at the moment. Furthermore, window designs incorporating wrought iron, grills and arches will change the appearance of a conventional garage door and make your home stand out from the pack.


A rough estimate of the costs of garage doors

Aluminum garage door: Aluminum resistant to corrosion is suitable in hot, caustic conditions. For a sleek look one can replace solid panels with frosted glass. The average cost for a double door of 16-by-7: $1,500 to $2,000.

Steel garage door: Steel doors provide the widest variety of colour, insulation and quality choices. With an entry level, single layer, non-insulated door up to a luxury 3-layer, 2-inch polyurethane insulated door, there are plenty of options available. The estimated cost of a double-door 16-by-7  is $750 to $3,500.

Wood garage door: There is no replacement for the signature wood feel. It is usually made of cedar, cypress or redwood that resistant to moisture, and provides the most versatility in custom designs. The wood doors need more maintenance, depending on the environment and exposure. The average cost for a double door made of quality wood, 16-by-7: $1,200 to $4,000.

Composite Wooden garage door: A robust, minimal-maintenance material that resembles real wood, fake wood composite avoids many of the natural material’s drawbacks. This is resistant to moisture and it is not going to rot, break, shrink, detach or crack. Isolated, it can be coloured or stained. The total cost to a double door of 16-by-7 can be between $1,200 and $2,200.

Listed above is more or less all the knowledge one needs to be armed with to choose a new garage door. Following these will make choosing the right one a simple and straightforward choice, one that will have a positive effect on the look, protection and value of the house it is intended for.

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