Different Ways to Avoid Garage Door Break-ins

Broken Garage

Even after opting for quality garage doors, the majority of us are still under the fear of any garage door break-ins. Neither less to say, with all the uncertainties, security concerns have really become one of our priorities. In fact, researches have shown that, apart from the front door and windows, garage doors are one of the most preferred points of entry for burglars.

So, the more important question arises, is your garage door safe to provide you a sound sleep at night? We have properly curated this article, some of the most important tips to secure your house.


Avoiding Garage Door Break-Ins

There is no point in arguing that it is the vulnerabilities within the garage that thieves look for. But, putting a bit of common sense and proper security measures can certainly help you with that matter. Here are some of the most common ways in which you can actually avoid any garage door break-ins.

1) Don’t Leave the Remote Outside in the Car

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners tend to make is, keeping their remote outside, within their car. Even when you are parking your car within the neighborhood, it is still better to assume that you are not safe. So, if you keep your car unlocked, chances are anyone can get a hold of the garage remote. So, from the next time, always make sure to keep your habits in check, instead of throwing your remotes right into the car. This way, you can literally prevent any possible break-ins.

2) Get Yourself a Keychain Garage Remote

Along with getting garage door opener parts, it is always a good option to actually invest in a quality keychain garage remote. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the remote all the time. In fact, over time, you can also acquire the habit of using your remote as every other key chain within the house. This, in turn, can certainly decrease your chances of losing it as well.

3) Studier Garage Door

Getting yourself a studier garage door means a big NO to all the uninvited guests. It doesn’t mean that your current garage door is nonfunctional or something, but getting the right material can actually make all the difference. So, make sure to get yourself a garage door that is built with heavy materials and can easily withstand adverse climatic conditions. Certainly, it is expectable from a garage door to withstand a degree of abuse.

4) Never Leave Your Garage Open

One of the most common reasons why burglars are even successful in the first place is due to the same reason. Even when you are in your home, you should never leave your garage door unattended. But, if you can’t get past your habit, there is a way around as well. All the latest garage door openers come with the ability to operate using a smartphone. So, even when you are chilling in your living room, you can still operate your garage door with ease.

5) Using the Lock Button Feature 

The entire operation of the lock button is the same as its name suggests. Just as use the lock feature at night before going to bed, make sure to use the same using the daytime as well. This, in turn, restricts the operation of remote or even manual access from the garage door. This, in turn, will ensure that no thief or burglar will be able to open your garage door as easily as possible.

6) Upgrading the Garage Door Opener 

It is the best time than ever to actually step up your game and make your garage more secure. So, if you are someone using an outdated garage door opener, you should really consider upgrading the same. Take, for example, with the rolling code; it is becoming harder for intruders to actually crack the code. You can also pack your garage door with motion detected sensors, which can take the intruder by surprise. The MyQ technology, on the other hand, makes it very convenient to actually operate your garage door using the smartphone.

7) Getting Covers for Garage Windows 

Most of the garage windows are actually made out of glass. That being said, this has been the favorite target for thieves for ages. Getting a frosted or tinted garage door window can restrict the view from your side. Similarly, you can also install deadbolts in between the access from the garage to the rest of the house. Further including, make sure to pay close attention to the interior door. Your home security must be set in such a way to ring alarm during any intrusion.


Additional Safety Measures for Your Garage Door

It is imperative to understand that opting for periodic maintenance can provide you the right assistance over securing your home. Neither less to say, it also increases the overall integrity of the garage door. Opting for a tune-up every once a while can also increase the overall lifespan of the garage door.

Some of the most common aspects of maintenance include various lubricating parts, checking the balance of the door along with tightening up the hardware. Apart from just keeping your house safe, it can also bring down the overall cost of repair as well. And one would certainly appreciate that garage door repair costs can really get expensive at times.


Get the Right Protection for Your Garage Door

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