DIY to Replace Garage Door Safety Sensors

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After 1st January 1993, the Federal law actually required all the automatic residential garage doors to have garage door opener sensor wiring. One of the biggest advantages of having safety sensors is that they actually prevent the garage door openers from closing on any object or person. In fact, such features can always come handy if you have a bunch of kids playing around the house.

The working mechanism of the sensors is as easy as it can ever get. One among the sensors sends an infrared beam, while the same signal is received by other sensors. So, even before the thought of changing the sensors comes to your mind, make sure to thoroughly go through the wire nuts and clean off the sensors with cotton cloths. Sometimes just removing the accumulated dust does the trick.

But, if the problem still persists in Garage Door Opener Las Vegas, then it might have something to do with the electrical. Sometimes you need to realign the sensors, or even reconnect them with the entire garage door safety system. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of how to actually troubleshoot your sensors.


Troubleshooting the Safety Reversing Sensors

First and foremost, the safety reversing sensors must be properly aligned and connected to the garage door opener, for it to work as intended. One of the most common issues with the sensors occurs due to poor connections, or wrong alignment in the garage door opener sensor wiring. Short circuited wires can also be a potential reason.

Note: In case there is something wrong with the garage door sensor, you can easily use the door control push button to operate the door manually. This is one of the safest ways to operate the door with a broken sensor.

Down below is a list of some of the troubleshooting methods that are worth mentioning:


1) When the Safety Sensor LEDs are not Lit

There are some garage door sensors such as Security+ 2.0, which actually uses the energy conservation feature. This is something that can easily be overlooked by the majority of us. So, if the sensor is not working, the chances are that they might still be in the sleep mode. Activating the door will assist you in checking the same.


2) Inspecting the Wiring


  • You can also check for incorrect wiring in the sensors from the brackets and the garage door opener.
  • Verify whether the wires are properly connected to the door opener or not. Generally, the solid white wires go into the white terminals while the gray terminal is used to connect with other wires.

Note: One of the easiest ways to look for proper alignment is through the receiving sensor. A dim, off, or even flickering green LED on the receiving sensor indicates that there is something wrong. As for the LED on the sending sensor, you will always find it glowing, no matter the alignment.


3) Short Wire Test for the Sensor


  • First of all, make sure to remove the sensors from their respective brackets
  • You can easily remove the wire directly from the wire nuts or cut 12” from the point of contact
  • Make sure to twist all the like-colored wires, after striping their both ends. Start with the sensors from the motor unit of the garage door opener
  • From the back of the operator, make sure to remove all the existing wires. Look for the white and grey terminals
  • Now it’s time to attach the wires with their respectable terminals. For starters, the white wire goes with the white terminals, while the grey terminal is for the white and black striped wires
  • Pointing the sensors at each other will ensure whether there is something wrong with the wiring or the sensor itself. If you find the sensor’s LED turned on, chances are there is something wrong with the sensor wiring. But, if you still find that the problem persists, then it’s time for you to change the sensors

Another way you can find whether the garage door wiring for sensors is properly or not is if the lights of the motor sensor start to flicker, every time you are trying to use the remote. Under such circumstances, one of the most viable solutions is to change the sensors all along.


Replacing the Garage Door Sensors

As we have described earlier, replacing the garage door in Las Vegas is as easy as it can ever get. In order to replace the garage door, make sure to follow the steps carefully:


  • Make sure to wear gloves and other protective gears
  • Turn off the entire house circuit breaker for added security
  • Remove the wing nuts and pull down the sensor from the bracket
  • Cut the wires in such a way that you could have enough room to attach new sensors
  • For the new sensor, separate the control wires
  • Connect the wires at their designated location
  • Slide back the safety sensor to its bracket
  • Repeat the same process for other sensors too
  • Turn on the house circuitry
  • Properly align the sensors
  • Now, use the remote to control the garage door
  • If the problem still persists, now it’s time to change the entire logic board


Concluding Words

It is imperative to understand that undergoing garage door repairs all by yourself can be hazardous at times. There is always a greater risk of a threat to the person as well as the entire property. So, in order to reduce such risks, it is always advised to seek professional help. This is where expert garage door repair Las Vegas personnel such as the Silver Fox comes into play.

Working side by side with professionals having years of experience, you can always expect top-of-the repair service. Certainly, to some extent, you can go through the troubleshooting process all by yourself, but after that, it would be better to leave the replacing procedures to someone who is well versed in the process. In fact, Silver Fox also provides emergency garage repair services Las Vegas, so you can easily get in touch with them 24/7 around the clock.


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