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It is always advisable to invest in something which is superior in quality. And this suggestion applies when you are buying a garage door. It has a huge amount of benefits and comes with long-term advantages. For one thing, you can replace your old garage door with a new model that is modern and effective. It is one of the significant upgrades you can have in your home which will increase the value, improve the functionality as well the security is strengthened. There are some first-class garage door brands such as Unique that use innovative technology in garage doors for energy efficiency, quieter noise, and powerful durability. However, various budget and choice roles play their parts for an individual, Silver Fox Garage Repair’s breakdown along with the Unique Garage Door comparison with other average competition of garage doors in highlighted.


Comparison Between Unique Garage Pan Door and Amarr Stratford ST1000


If you are watching out for a basic and simple model of a garage door, you might want to check out Unique Garage Pan Door. It is available in various coatings of different colors and shades with amazing styling options. They are basic yet they are reliable with certified industrial strength.


Unique Garage Pan Door


  • 2 inches thick with non-insulation including premium raised shadow line required for more strength
  • 124 formula steel
  • Durability with noise cancellation system
  • 1 mm thick paint coating of baked-on polyester (interior + exterior)
  • An option of bottom weather seal being rust-proof retainer is available


Amarr Stratford ST1000


  • Single layered
  • Made of steel
  • Exterior is heavy dutied
  • Poor and low maintenance


Comparison Between Unique Insulated Poly Back Door and Amarr Stratford ST2000


For an average garage door, the retaining capacity is 88% of its original value. Besides the advantage of ROI working in your favor in terms of profits and home selling for the future, it servers the purpose of making a huge difference in cooling as well as heating costs. This the reason for our recommending of you looking towards the optimistic sides of garage insulation.


Unique Insulated Poly Back Door


  • 2 inches thick insulation and ¼ inches thick skin of poly back
  • Solid one-piece full 8-18 ft long sheets
  • 124 formula steel
  • Polystyrene bonded and CFC-free steel
  • Squeak-free and urethane bonding patent


Amarr Stratford ST2000


  • Double layered
  • Steel
  • Exterior is heavy dutied
  • Thermal insulation of polystyrene which is environmentally safe and vinyl blacking
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation


Comparison Between Unique Steel Back Door and Amarr Stratford ST3000


Invest your hard working money in the garage door models which are considered to be the ultimate and provided by Unique. The advance and exclusive models offered by Unique are specifically designed to inspire trusted security coming with the package of three layers of toughness and quiet operating performance. Due to the fact that Unique possesses the steel doors of thickest quality, it is known to ensure the safety at optimal level with the maximum energy efficiency a model can ever offer.


Unique Steel Back Door


  • Unparalleled durability as well as strength
  • Triple layered
  • Woodgrain steel
  • Polystyrene insulation which ensures safety and stability
  • Particular kind of density foam
  • Steel – 2 layers
  • Exclusive bonding of pressure-max
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient


Amarr Stratford ST3000


  • Triple layered – steel, insulation and again steel
  • Exterior is heavy dutied
  • Steel interior
  • Thermal insulation of polystyrene which is environmentally safe
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance


Some extra professional advice for your benefits :


  1. Gauge Steel and Panel Construction – When it all comes down to the number of steel of gauges, the general rule is the lesser the number you have, the thicker is the steel. While the panels of Unique are 124 formula steel, Amarr uses 125 gauge steel which makes Unique to possess the slightly thinner steel.
  2. Design – When it comes to design, both brands share similar appearance and style. Generally, HOA does not pose to be a problem when there is same design.
  3. Paint – The doors of Unique are painted with powder coating which is baked during the process of coating. The painting of Unique is long-lasting and ensures double the durability than Amarr.
  4. Hardware – The patent hinged that Unique uses are with bushings of nylon that gives a quiet operation. On the other side, the hinges of Amarr are entirely made of steel which makes the contact more loud and disturbing. For the matter of end hinges, those of Amarr’s stick out from the side of the door while Unique’s hinges are completely flushed in. Garage rollers which serve an important purpose, those of Unique are self-lubricating. On top of that, they possess enormous power to withstand a huge amount of pressure and weight with its outstanding long-lasting cycle. With nylon rollers and no bearings, Amarr bears a simple design of the wheel.
  5. Insulation – The garage door of Unique is made from a factory and hence, the insulation system is glued to the garage door with a thick-coated plastic. This ensures the elimination of peeling off, fading away or eroding. The insulation is manually removable in Amarr’s. As there is no integration of insulation to the door, they move and cause hindrance.
  6. Noise – Always bear this in mind that the heavier is the door, the more is in the increase of noise level. The patent design of Unique is astonishingly quiet. On the other hand, the insulation system design of Amarr gives way to squeaking sound when the movement of the opening and closing of the garage door happens.


Irrespective of whatever you choose to go for when it concerns the type of model or style associated with garage doors, our certified and well-skilled professionals at Silver Fox Garage Repair are always ready to provide consultation and install your chosen garage door on the very same day. Our team members are fully equipped, licensed as well as insured to provide you leading and top class service of garage car installation across and in the area of Las Vegas Valley. We are known to offer excellent and trustworthy service to all the customers. Call our experts @ 7025368081 for any help.


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