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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can proudly say that Silver Fox Garage Door Repair is one of the best companies you would come across in the city. If you’re in doubt then you can visit our website and check the feedbacks of the existing customers. You can also get in touch with us through email. 

Yes, we do repair your garage doors on the very first day. While we’re on the call the previous day you can give all the information and the next day we pay the visit we will start our work as per that information. Furthermore, we would suggest all the necessary improvements you can do for yourself.

It’s an obvious yes. There isn’t a garage door, hardware, door opener we can’t fix. You don’t need to worry we would advise you on all matters related to a garage door. Just give us a call and we would be there. We are available 24×7. 

First of all, inspect your garage and see what’s the real issue. We advise you not to use it until and unless it is repaired. Accidents in garages are quite common so don’t do anything unnecessary. If you can fix the problem then follow the instructions well. You can also lubricate some parts of the garage door for better functionality. However, if the problem persists then you need to seek the help of a professional. Give us a call and we would be there to help you. 

The garage door serves as the second door to your home. You keep your cars and other necessary things in your garage. So, if it stops working then it can prove to be troublesome. There can be numerous reasons, why your garage door is not opening. Don’t try to fix it by yourself. If you’re a trained technician then you can. If not then call a garage door technician.

Yes, LiftMaster MyQ iPhone garage door control is available. This would be the best option for you if you want to upgrade your garage door system. You can easily control your garage door with your cellphone.

What Our Customers Said About Us

For years I had always chosen the path of DIY garage door parts until I met Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. Technicians with years of experience make the entire process seamless.

Robot Willm

I wanted to bring forth the utmost visual appeal for my home. Silver Fox with their huge collection of beautifully crafted garage doors made it happen.


It was a very pleasant experience working with Silver Fox Garage Door Repair. The technician was very understanding the knew the inside outs of the garage door. Truly recommendable.

Jcab Taylor

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