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fiberglass garage doors

You might want to replace your old garage door. An old damaged garage door is no less than a safety hazard. If your old garage door is beyond repair, you may replace it to install a new one. When installing a new garage door, you can think of a new material that can serve better than your old one. Everyone wants a garage door that can match the home’s architecture. There are some garage door materials that can serve for both purposes. A fiberglass garage door can be an example of such material.

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How To Choose Garage Door Materials?

Before you select the material for your new garage door, you may keep in mind some factors that influence the door’s quality.


  • Strength: A strong material is required for a garage door for both the safety of the door and the household. Materials that do not dent and crack easily are always good for a garage door.
  • Durability: Long-lasting materials are always desirable. A well-built garage door lasts up to 20 to 25 years. 
  • Weather resistance: Some materials, such as wood, are easily damaged in adverse weather conditions. It is also important to maintain the temperature required inside the garage. However, wood and such materials can be insulated nowadays.
  • Price: A good quality material at an affordable price is always desired by purchasers.


Fiberglass Garage Door:

When you are planning to install a new garage door, you can look at a wide range of options for materials. The materials available in the market are steel, aluminum, wood, and so on. Fiberglass material for a garage door is not among the popular choices. But, some customers prefer fiberglass as these doors are comprised of more than one layer of different materials.

Modern fiberglass garage doors consist of basic steel doors coated with thin fiberglass. Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic-like material made of glass fibers. This is an inexpensive material with good strength. There are several benefits of using it as garage door material.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fiberglass Garage Door?

Lightweight material: Fiberglass is a lightweight material. Hence, it is suitable for a garage door. Heavy garage doors put so much strain on the lifting parts that they may damage easily. Fiberglass, being one of the lightest materials, does not put much pressure on the lifting parts such as the spring, lifting cables, etc. In addition, it can be easily installed and manually lifted.

High Durability: Its high durability is one of the reasons for which fiberglass is considered to be a good option. Besides, fiberglass garage doors are termite-proof. They do not tend to dent, rust, or warp easily.

For Coastal Area: Fiberglass garage doors are considered the best garage doors in the coastal areas. Unlike others, these doors do not get corroded by salt air exposure. It is also durable in high-temperature areas such as Las Vegas. These doors do not expand or contract with temperature changes.

Available Designs: Many homeowners want to decorate their garage with traditional wood doors. But wood garage doors are delicate and needed to be highly maintained. It can be considered an alternative to this. They can be painted and stained to achieve the wood-like texture. These garage doors are available in different designs and patterns.

Low maintenance: Low maintenance cost of material always attracts homeowners. Unlike wood, fiberglass garage doors do not need high maintenance. Moreover, occasional cleaning and insulating can keep them from fading. Its repair is easy and inexpensive. You can just replace a particular panel.

Transparency: Fiberglass is a semi-transparent material. These garage doors are energy efficient as they allow ample natural light into the garage. However, if you do not want so much light, you can paint the fiberglass with a darker color.

Secure: When it comes to the security of the household, the strength of the garage door does really matter. Any high-quality fiberglass garage doors are strong and, therefore, secure.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Using A Fiberglass Garage Door?

However, these garage doors are not without any faults.

Extremely Cold Area: Fiberglass performs badly in areas with adverse winter. If your garage door is constantly exposed to extremely cold weather, it will be damaged, eventually. Stormy wind can also cause damage to these doors.

Aging: Fiberglass becomes yellow or faded with age. It occurs even more easily in harsh atmospheres. You can paint the fiberglass door to solve this issue. But this will only help temporarily.

Insulation of Garage: Another problem with a garage door is insulation. It occurs due to its light-weight and semi-transparent nature. However, good quality fiberglass doors are protected with polyurethane insulating foam.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Are the fiberglass garage doors expensive?

The cost of a fiberglass garage door depends on some factors, including size, shape, paint and style, finish option, insulation, locks, and other details. They can be initially expensive but saves money in the long run.


How to maintain the fiberglass garage door?

Fiberglass door maintenance is inexpensive. Regular cleaning with a hose will protect the door. Besides, you may coat it every 1 to 3 years.


What is a better material for a garage door?

In comparison with wood and steel, fiberglass is more durable. Steel garage doors are best known for their strength. A good quality fiberglass door is almost as good as steel.


Why choose Silver Fox Garage Door Repair

Silver Fox provides affordable, high-quality material of trusted manufacturers. Choose us for our reliability and experienced technicians. We also provide service 24/7, which leads us to 100% customer satisfaction.



There are both advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass garage doors. While choosing a new door, consider the environment, price, and other factors to choose the suitable one. Choose your garage door material carefully to suit your requirements. If you choose to install a fiberglass garage door, contact the trusted professionals, contact Silver Fox. Call us at 7025368081 for any help related to garage door.


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