Four Quick Tips To Keep A Check On Your Garage Door Sensors

Posted on Apr 22, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
Four Quick Tips To Keep A Check On Your Garage Door Sensors

Is your garage door causing trouble during opening or closing itself automatically? The sensors might not be in the proper position to work. Check if it is dirt-free and free from debris. Also, make sure there are no heavy objects placed in front of them. Garage door repair Las Vegas can help you in resolving this problem.

Some cleaning of the sensors can help. You can also try tightening the wing nuts on the top. These doings might save you dollars. Follow the article to know more about solving this problem. These tips will help you to keep a check on your garage door sensors.

The symptoms, causes, and cures for your garage door

It is crucial to have the proper garage door safety sensor on your garage door. Both mechanical and photoelectric door systems must work flawlessly for the garage doors to work safely. You can take help from garage door repair north Las Vegas. The photoelectric garage door sensors work when the electricity is transformed into the infrared beam of light. The beam of light is set on one side of the garage door. The sending unit sits 4 inches up the floor.

The sending unit sends the beam of light to the other side of the door’s receiving unit. When the sending or receiving unit is not aligned correctly, the sensor shall automatically warn with a flash light on the wall control. It must be installed close enough to the main door of your home. In such a situation, the garage door will reverse. You will have to hold the open and close button from the control panel.

Symptoms that lead to malfunction of your garage doors

The door stops abruptly and reverses to avoid any chorusing injuries. The door will behave erratically due to the misalignment of the garage door sensors. If you notice these problems in your garage doors, check on your garage door sensor for misalignment or obstruction.

  • Sudden and automatic stops and reversals.
  • Door opens but does not close
  • Lights flashing, on or overhead of the sensors


  • Operating the garage door multiple times can make the sensor vibrate. It will go out of alignment if the mountings are loosely built.
  • The beam light can break if dirt accumulates while sending or receiving the sensor.
  • In sporadic cases, sunshine can be a problem. It can confuse the mirror while receiving a sensor and break the sensor beam.

Follow these tips to keep a check and cure your garage door

Arrange your screwdriver and cleaning products.

With your screwdriver, try examining the sensor. Clear your workspace and keep the lenses clean. Work under shade. Disconnect the power to sensors. Clean the ‘eyes’ of the sensors and clear the space around the sensors too. Place the wall control according to the field of your vision and re-align the beams. Then slowly move the sensor unit. A red light will flash if the beam is not aligned correctly. Move it until the light stops flashing. Then tighten everything up.

Sometimes the voltage to the sensors can go down. It will operate periodically but not continuously. You need to replace the whole beam system. At these times, you can contact Garage door repair Las Vegas.

Use a durable garage door

Nowadays, garage doors are made of many types of quality materials. Buy garage doors that have sturdy constructions. They can stand up any break or strong hit on them. This way, the sensors also don’t get affected. Examples of durable materials for garage doors are aluminum, steel, wood, etc.

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Keep maintenance check on garage door sensors regularly

If a garage door is taken care of regularly and checked out by professionals, it will rarely break down. It will not often malfunction and not be unsafe for family and kids. Professionals can check on the wing nuts, door springs, sensors, and other parts. Besides, a well-maintained garage door is less likely to make noise while operating it. It shall work smoothly and fast every time the button is pressed. Your sensors will work better if taken care of regularly.

Use a garage door with a motion sensor

Garage doors having motion sensors built are very safe. If you have kids at home or pets, a mishap can occur anytime with them running around. A garage door with a motion sensor senses the movement of anything under or near it. It stops and then starts to move until it stops again. Motion sensors help avoid injury or accident, especially when cars are parked too close to the door. Garage door repair north Las Vegas can help you if you face problems with motion sensors.

Wrapping Up!

It is essential to take proper precautions and keep an eye on your garage doors to avoid any mishap. Follow these quick and essential tips to keep your garage door away from malfunctioning. You may also check on Silver Fox Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas for further assistance.

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