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Garage Door Drum Replacement Las Vegas

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas

Is your garage door shaky? Garage door drum replacement service in Las Vegas Nevada from Silver Fox Garage Repair is what you need. Drums are a very important component of your garage door system so lets start by looking at the entire system and what each part does. The springs are the counterbalance for the weight of the garage door and  provide the strength to actually lift the garage door. The spring needs to be the proper size so that the garage door will be balanced because if the spring is too small, the garage door will be very heavy and If the spring is too large, the door will be to light and will try to fly open and can be very difficult to close.

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Whenever you have a problem with your garage door it is important to have it checked as soon as possible so be able to prevent any other issues from occurred. when issues been left without repair it can cause bigger problem with any other parts in the garage door or even worst can cause a big accident. Please do not think twice to contact Silver Fox Garage Door Service in Las Vegas to get the proper maintenance you deserve . We value your trust in us and will always provide the most cost effective solution regard your garage door repair. Garage door drum cannot be overemphasized. It works together with your door springs for the smooth operation of your garage door system .

Types of Garage Door Drums

  • Standard lift – Generally used for most residential garage doors
  • Vertical lift – Most commonly used in industrial or warehouse settings
  • High-lift – An increased vertical rise for the door; horizontal track closer to ceiling

Each type of cable drum is designed to accommodate/balance the door based on the maximum door height, overall weight of the door and the cable thickness and length.

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A properly balanced garage door should feel like it weighs only 5-10 pounds and can be easily opened with one hand. In a torsion spring system, the spring is mounted on a spring bar on the header above the garage door opening. The spring bar is held in place by a center bracket and bearing and an end bearing plate on each end of the garage door. There could be two or more center brackets and bearings if three are more springs are needed. The garage door drums are mounted on each end of the spring bar to the inside of the end bearing plate. The cables then wind around the drums and are attached to the bottom bracket on the bottom garage door section. While the spring provides the counterbalance/strength to open the garage door, the drums and cables do the actual lifting.

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  • Motor Tune & Inspection
  • lubricant chains and springs
  • Adjusting Garage Door
  • Inspecting Hinges
  • Track Adjustment
  • Inspect All Moving Parts
  • Inspect Track
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Spring Tension
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