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If there’s anything which requires important attention for regular maintenance purpose, it is the garage door of a home. In order to keep it proper working conditions, the garage door must be well-looked after. It consists of many moving parts and therefore, the chances of a number of tools working incorrectly are high, resulting in a faulty garage door system. There are a number of services related to garage doors that fixes the system of garage door motor not working at a cheap cost. However, it is frequent that most of the time, the fixing issue is pretty simple if the cause of troubleshooting is detected. 

A significant part of a garage door is motor travel. If in any case, motor travel can prove to be a problem where the garage door opener and its movement is concerned. In the case of an elevator, it is difficult to move a heavy garage door for an electric motor.

Most of the weight of door is offset with the help of counterbalance springs which are door attached. For any usual design, torque is applied to the shaft by torsion springs and that uses a force to the door with counterbalance cables made of steel.

The opener which is electric uses a small force the controls the movement of the garage door. Usually, instead of a lock, a garage door opener also holds the door in its closing position. Due to the advancement of technology, there are signals introduced into the motor to signify certain problems. If a garage door opener uses a single LED light and flashes 5 times, it indicates some problems –

  • Garage door motor travel or its trolley is obstructed
  • Overheating of the motor
  • Defect in motor RPM sensor

Some solutions for these are readily available and can be done from home. Cooling it off can be a good option. In case you just opened your garage door several times, it is advisable to allow it cool down for at least 30 minutes. If one sees that the garage door is working smoothly after half an hour, that states a good condition. It is a conclusion that the motor was overheating due to repetitive usage.

In case one did not use the door in the recent times and it still does not open after 30 minutes, unplugging the opener for not more than 1 minute and resetting the circuit board is a good choice. Restore the power and try to open the door again. Resetting could be, therefore, a solution if it starts. In case the door does not open up while the motor unit shows the code, bending the door track/door lock which is stuck that prevents the door movement can be done.

Another option is to disconnect it from the trolley. Pulling the emergency rope and disconnect the garage door connected with the trolley. Manually open and close the door a few times to check if the movement on the tracks. The door might not move at all or just get stuck in some areas. In that case, check for a door track which is bent. Be careful with the door latch retraction – if it’s accidentally locked or doesn’t fully retract, the door might not move.

One can contact the nearest garage door repair who is a specialist in garage door fixing. The easy movement on the track might suggest that there are a damaged bent rail of a garage door blocking the trolley movement. The checking of the rail for damage and replacing it with new parts is a great solution. Check the inner part of the trolley travel if the problem still persists.

Switch on the opener of garage door which moves the inner trolley alongside the rail towards one direction and switches it on to check the movement towards the opposite direction. If the movement stops in the midway, the damage might be in the trolley system or the rail. Fix it or change and replace it. If the inner trolley successfully moves for 6 to 8 inches in this test and if any damage did not surface up during the process then the motor RPM sensor needs to be replaced as for some reason, it can deter the speed of motor travel.

It calls for replacing the circuit board if the LED light flashes 6 times. It suggests the failure of the internal circuit of the motor. This requires immediate replacement of the board as the motor fails in rare occasions.

NB: While taking responsibility all alone to fox and repair this kind of maintenances of the appliances and all the other power equipment can be dangerous and hazardous. If one is to undertake such responsibilities, that person needs to be aware of the risks that concern himself and his property. In order to reduce the danger, usage of proper tools as well as safety equipment is recommended which are noted in the manual guide and follow the instructions minutely.

Safety should be the number one priority. Garage doors with automatic systems are used by millions of households. Installing which is correct and proper, operating, maintaining and testing the garage door along with its automatic system need to be done in order to ensure safety.

A garage door opener which is improperly adjusted can exert fatalistic force on the moments of closing the door. This can lead to serious health injury or even death if a person gets hit during the time of closing the garage door opener or simply getting trapped under the closing door. Handling these kinds of operations carelessly or allowing children to play in this area or just using the garage door opener for fun can be dangerous which might lead to tragic situations. These are not to be trifled with. With the guide of Silver Fox Garage Repair and its team members who are highly qualified and experienced will help the situation out. It recommends taking the necessary precautions needed to protect the owner’s family and friends from harm.

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