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Garage Door Opener Maintenance Las Vegas

Garage Door Opener Maintenance Las Vegas, NV

The team at Silver Fox gets occasional calls from people asking when they need to consider getting a new garage door opener maintenance. Garage doors are designed to last a long time, 10 to 15 years normally; however, if you maintain your garage door opener they can last 20 years or longer.

If your garage door opener is functioning properly, do you need to consider changing or updating it anyway? In the course of 20 years, major changes have occurred in the manufacturing, safety and technology areas.

Reasons to consider upgrading your System

  • Getting the Right Door Balance

One of the most common reasons for which there are load requirements is because the garage doors are not properly balanced. This, in turn, puts excessive pressure on the garage door opener, which results in a malfunctioning garage door. That being said, with improperly balanced doors, they don’t last longer.

Silver Fox can make sure that your garage door remains balanced, so that the initial tension can be manipulated. If manually moving the door doesn’t go half-way through, chances are your garage door requires professional assistance.

  • Inspecting and Replacing the Roller

Whether your roller is made out of stainless steel or nylon, it always requires regular inspection. Replacement of the garage door roller is fairly important if you are using your garage door more than twice a day.

Professional assistance from garage doors makes sure that even a minute crack or worn on the garage door roller is maintained. This is because it can significantly affect the stock extension springs resulting in a broken garage door all along.

Safety Improvements for Safety Sensors

People and animals were getting hurt when they were caught under a closing garage door. In 1993 the Safety Commission passed a law requiring safety sensors that would stop a garage door from closing if a person or animal was under it. If your door does not have safety sensors on it, upgrading to a safer exterior door is something to seriously consider.

Comfort Improvements for Quieter Operating

If your garage door’s operation is disturbing to people for the extension springs, a different style of garage door opener may help you for that matter. This is especially a problem for those that might have a bedroom over or beside the garage. Most garage door openers are chain driven having torsion springs. However, a screw drive or a belt drive opener can operate significantly quieter.

Battery Backup

Some new garage door openers have a battery backup system that will kick in if a power outage occurs. If your area is prone to power outages, a battery backup will allow you to get in and out of your garage when the power isn’t running. It’s one of those things you don’t think about until you really need it!

  • Replacing the Weatherstripping

A free length weather seal strip is very important to ensure that your garage door remains weather proof. If you find that the strip has become brittle or even if there are any minute cracks on them, make sure to get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair. We will ensure the safety of your garage door and everything that resides within it.

  • Regular Maintenance

Getting regular maintenance for your garage door ensures that you have a safe and sound garage along with the right spring rate. One of the most common aspects of regular maintenance is lubricating the moving parts.

Remember that it only takes 10 minutes for Silver Fox to lubricate your entire garage door along with all the important moving parts. This will ensure a seamless garage door usage throughout the year. So, make sure to give a call to Silver Fox and give your garage door the right boost to run for years to come.

Technology Improvements With Home Link Compatibility

Most new cars have Home Link built into them. Program the Home Link sensor to your garage door, and you can access your garage door opener without even having a remote. No batteries, no wires, no dropping or losing the remote.

‘Smart Home’ Capability

The newest interior doors openers have ‘Smart Home’ capability. Using an app on your cell phone or your computer you can open, close, lock and even view what’s going on in your garage. You can even be alerted every time your garage door opens or closes. You’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to close your garage door before leaving. It’s technology at it’s best!

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