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Garage Door Opener Repair Las Vegas

Garage Door Opener Repair Las Vegas

Looking for garage door opener repair service in Las Vegas or LiftMaster garage door springs service in Las Vegas? Silver Fox Garage Door Repair has the solution of all your garage door opener repair problems. Garage door openers should not just open and close your garage door, but should be reliable, quiet, and safe.  Silver Fox carries a variety of garage door openers to fit any budget and garage door size with high quality garage door. Different models from the industry leader LiftMaster ® coupled with our professional installation or repair, will provide convenience, reliability, and safety to your home.

High Quality LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

  • The quality of the parts and the quality of the installation are the largest contributors to the life of your garage door opener.
  • We uses only the highest installation standards and LiftMaster products in the repairing and replacing of existing garage door openers.
  • Our garage door openers and professional service is always backed by a 100% parts and labor warranty, so you can rest assured that your garage door will open and close properly for years to come.

Benefits of Garage Door Opener Repair

Quick and Quiet

  • Our garage door openers open quickly, eliminating unneeded waiting when leaving or entering your home.
  • Speeds can be set on many models
  • The near silent operation of these garage doors is perfect for those garages in close proximity to bedrooms or other homes.


  • We offer remoteless garage door opener operation. You and your family will easily and safely be able to enter your home without keys or a hand held garage remote.
  • Programming these key less garage openers is simple, allowing users to set and change PIN codes as often as desired.

Reliable and Long-lasting

  • Our powerful garage door openers can lift and close all sizes of garage doors.
  • Excellent lighting provided by Silver Fox openers, makes it easy to locate items, navigate your garage safely, and can help eliminate the anxiety of entering your home at night.


  • The garage door is an extremely large piece of moving equipment. Silver Fox professional installation and repair promises safe operation of your garage door opener. Incorrect repair and replacement can cause the garage door opener to exert an extremely large amount of force, which might not reverse in an emergency, possibly causing injury or death.
  • Automatic sensors prevent doors from shutting while objects or people are obstructing the path of the garage door.
  • The knowledgeable experience of Silver Fox’ installers will prevent the possibility of mishaps.

You deserve our Best Garage Door Repair Service in Las Vegas!

Looking for quality garage door repair service or LiftMaster garage door springs services? It all start with a simple phone call, we will quickly send one of our top expert technicians to perform a 15 point inspection and find out the problem. All our technicians have been qualified and well trained to inspect and diagnose any problem that stops your garage door from working perfectly.

If our technicians determined that your garage door opener Las Vegas,NV is not functioning right or has any issues with it we will provide you with few options as far as repair/replace. Silver fox garage door service in Las Vegas always offers free on-site cost estimate so you will not have to be worry about nothing. We service all major brand of opener so no matter which one you have our top expert technician will know how to face the problem while keeping your cost as low as possible.

Silver fox garage door service is Las Vegas always offer free on site cost estimate so you will not have to be worry about nothing. We service all major brand of opener so no matter which one you have our top expert technician will know how to face the problem while keeping your cost as low as possible.

All because you deserve the best of the best and Silver Fox Garage Door can provide that with no extra cost. Trust our garage door opener repair in Las Vegas as much as our garage door opener is a key feature to our garage door it is not responsible to lifting the garage door, that’s is the purpose of garage door springs.

The garage door opener does have a big part in open and close our garage door there are three types of garage door openers in today’s market, the chain drive, the belt drive, the screw drive the difference between those 3 types of openers is the mechanism that pulls the pulley contained in the motor of the garage door opener that moves the trolley back and forward allowing the opening and closing of your garage door.

Another part in our garage door system is the quick release cord which allows us to use the door manually in case the garage door opener has decided to stop working. Repairing your garage door should always handle by a professional technician and should not be handle by D.I.Y guy.

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The 5 Star Rated Garage Door Company in Las Vegas

Starting out from garage door installation to repair works, our dedicated team from Silver Fox Garage Door Repair is always there to help. With our decades of expertise, we always take pride in providing the right guidance to both commercial and residential homes. With the mission to provide 100% customer satisfaction, get garage door repair in Las Vegas like never before.


Trusted and Respected Garage Door Opener service provider in Las Vegas.

We use the High Quality LiftMaster Garage Door Openers.

Ask about our free estimates, lifetime warranties and the deals and discounts we offer.

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