Issue: Garage Door Opens and Closes Itself

garage door open by itself

In most cases, the concept which works behind the opening or closing of a garage door is just through a press on a button while the technology advances as the day passes. This button system is introduced because it significantly helps to reduce the pressure and strain of the person which is otherwise a very inconvenient task to perform this type of job manually. With the instance of the wall button or remote system, the motorized trolley is activated, which, thereby opens the garage door. This kind of system relies on a signal which activates the motor running through electricity as soon as the button is being pressed. The electric motor bears a tracking system along with a pulley machine which helps the garage door to open and close.

However, mechanical equipment means at some stage, it will cause some faultiness. Like all the other machines, the garage door might experience some kind of problems as well. In some cases, there are records where it seems too odd but the garage door may open and close all by itself without any sort of interaction from the place of the owner towards the whole structure. This is known as “phantom operation” where a garage door acts on its own without any operation which is instructional are conducted from the remote or the button.

This is a very serious concern which requires immediate attention for repairing. For instance, it concerns the security system of the home of the owner, especially when they are not residing in the home at that point of time. This leads to the extreme vulnerability of the house which gives way to thieves and their potential access inside without any preventive measurements. There are many other issues that are associated with this phantom operation which can be dangerous.


Factors that determine this automatic opening and closing of the garage door:


  • Aging Batteries

It is one of the very frequent problems where the result of phantom operation is directly connected to the present condition of the batteries inside the working remote. Every battery has its own serving providing period and they will eventually get worn out when it gets old. This causes issues like involuntary or automatic door openings. Generally, if the batteries are taken to an improvement store of local homes it can be fixed in a simple way by just changing and replacing the batteries. But there can arise a situation where this option is not available. In such cases, getting in touch with a company that has experience in handling these kinds of issues is helpful. One such kind is Silver Fox Garage Repair.


  • Buttons Sticking Out

When one searches with the line “garage door is opening by itself”, the frequent reason that will find in the list is the remote button sticking out of its place. The garage door’s age can definitely be an indirect cause which results in this phantom operating issue. This kind of problem develops during the time when remote or the garage door wall’s button is sticking out or just getting difficult to use. It happens due to the fact that the service the remote or the button was providing all these years has finally taken a toll. The easy and only solution is to buy a new remote or simply repair the old remote.


  • Circuit Boards

More often than not, when a garage opens or closes by itself, it is due to the fact that the cause of the opening is because of it bearing a faulty circuit board. The logic or circuit board is considered as the “brain” of the door opener. An opener that works smoothly is due to the reason of a circuit board that runs smoothly. If somehow, trouble occurs in this area, installation of a new board might be the only way in order to fix the existing problem at hand. But handling the process of installation is something in which many people are not accustomed with or just don’t have enough time in their hands to get the job done. Therefore, getting professional help is the best way.


  • Power surge

Power surge can be periodic but it can be a potent problem. And when it comes to high-priced items like television or air-conditioner, it might pose to be destructive and end up damaging the expensive appliances. In these scenarios, the garage door opener forming phantom might be due to this reason. There are certain codes that allow the device to do its work and they are scrambled for the surge. Getting them fixed and back to its previous performance can be tricky as the rolling codes can be pretty hard for most people to understand its working process. It is advisable, hence, to get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair and get the repair done by the experienced team.


  • Wiring Complications

There are instances where the issue can cause from the wiring system running through the machine garage door. Maybe the shortage of the wire or the safety sensors that are attached to the wiring system can be some of the probable issues. Another very common problem that can arise is that of an exposed wire which came out loose. In all of these situations, getting immediate professional help is the best a person can do. It is due to the fact that all these possible types of issues can make the whole process of fixing it complicated and difficult. In addition, there are obvious concerns related to safety which might surface up as the whole process is associated with electricity.

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Most of the time, the problems are fixable by one’s own. Even if it is not the question, at least the root of the problem can be found out if a little bit of inspection is done. If the problem still persists, getting in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair is the ultimate way. With the expert team members, they will solve the problem.


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