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This morning, when you were trying to take your car out from the garage, you may have noticed the damage on your garage door panel Las Vegas. A damaged or broken garage door panel may be a result of stormy wind or weather. It can also happen by a vehicle. Nonetheless, it is a very common problem. A crack might appear on your garage door panel because of its age too. When such damage occurs, generally people think of replacing the damaged garage door panel, or the door itself. But all damage does not necessarily need a replacement. In that case, save your money and try repairing the damaged panel.

Several reasons might damage your garage door panel, and that will tell you whether it is repairable or not. A little dent on your garage door can eventually lead to countless damages.  A damaged or broken garage door is hazardous both for children as well as for adults. Hence, do not wait for it to become worse and contact the experts in the field. No matter what the problem is, Silver Fox Garage Door Repair services are here for you.

We are best known for our cost-effective and high-quality services. Our excellent garage door panel repair kit can make a homeowner’s life stress-free.


Reasons For The Damage To Your Garage Door Panel Las Vegas:


  • Wind: One of the several reasons that might give a dent on the garage door panel is stormy wind. In this case, you might not need to replace the entire garage door or the panels.
  • Weather: Extreme weather conditions can definitely damage your garage door panels.  Among all, heavy rainfall is the most common factor that can damage the garage door panels.  However, the mild damages caused by weather, such as rust, may not need a replacement. In that case, you may choose to repair the garage door panels instead.
  • Vehicle: The dent or scratch on your garage door panel may be a result of a collision with a vehicle. That may include your car, a child’s tricycle, or any other vehicle. If it is not severe damage, it can be repaired.
  • Age: Age of your garage door is an important factor. A good quality garage door can last up to 20 to 25 years. An old garage door may require replacement. However, if you have just installed a new garage door, or if it is not old enough, you may not want to replace the garage door panels. In that case, you will need to repair the door panels.


Different Garage Doors Need Different Solutions:

When you consult the experts of the Silver Fox Garage Door Repair service, they will, at first, inspect your garage door. The technicians will, then, be able to tell you if the damage is repairable or not. If the damaged garage door panel can be repaired, we will send you our expert technicians to fix your problem. Our technicians use a high-quality, modern garage door panel repair kit to repair the damages.


  • For vinyl panels: Vinyl garage door panels are especially strong. They are hard to dent or crack.  Vinyl garage door panels also provide protection from adverse weather conditions and rust. They are long-lasting and do not need high maintenance. However, damage to a vinyl door panel can occur due to clash with any sharp object. In that case, it will tear. Our professionals can repair it step by step with the help of an advanced garage door panel repair kit.
  • For wood panels: Handcrafted wood panels are highly decorative and suitable for vintage architecture. With wood panels, the homeowner can get a customized design for their home. However, wood panels are delicate and require high maintenance. But, they are one of the materials for garage door panels that are easy to repair. Wood panels allow partial replacement, that is, the professionals can replace the specific damaged part with a new one. Then, it can be primed and painted.
  • For metal panels: Generally, metal door panels are made of aluminum and steel. They are durable and strong. Besides, aluminum door panels are lightweight. However, dents can occur easily on your metal door panel. This can happen by stormy wind, hail storm, or even a mild collision. It is hard to repair the dents on aluminum garage door panels. Silver Fox Garage Door Repair has professionals in this field. They use a wide range of advanced techniques to solve your problem in Las Vegas.
  • For mild injuries: Silver Fox Garage Door Repair can offer a quick fix service in case of small scratches, minor cosmetic dents, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Cost-effective service between repairing a garage door panel and replacing it?

All garage door problems do not require replacement. You can consult a professional, at first, to check how severe the problem is. Silver Fox Garage Door can send a professional to evaluate the problem. We always prefer to repair it if that is possible.

Our experts perform this with the help of an advanced garage door panel repair kit. Repairing costs vary in case of different problems. This is definitely inexpensive, and it helps you to save money by reducing the unnecessary expenses of replacement.


Why choose Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Services?

First of all, Silver Fox Garage Door Repair is a reliable organization with 100% customer satisfaction. We offer affordable and high-quality services for 24/7. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals. Besides, our technicians go out to evaluate in free of cost.


In which place Silver Fox Garage Door Repair provides services?

We provide services in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Henderson, Paradise, Enterprise, and Summerlin.



While homeowners take care of their homes, they often overlook the garage. A damaged or broken garage door can be a potential threat. Even a minor dent or crack on your garage door panel can, sooner or later, become a safety hazard. To keep your garage door maintained in Las Vegas, you may take help from professionals. They can perform the job carefully and efficiently. Keep your family safe. To consult the experts, call Silver Fox @ 7025368081.


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