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Our fully trained certified technicians are available for a same-day appointment and 24/7 emergency garage door repair.

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A full diagnostic 19-point inspection is included with every service that Silver Fox Garage Door completes. This service includes, but not limited to, inspecting your garage door’s balance, springs, rollers, cables, control panels, safety-eyes, motor, adjustments, and nuts/bolts. Additionally, this service ensures that your garage door stays in tip-top shape and provides long-lasting dependability.

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Why Should You Consider Hiring a Professional?

Garage Door Repair Paradise Nevada encourages you to opt for professional garage door repair. There is no point in arguing that DIY garage door repairs can be intimidating at times. Even one might be accustomed to some of the basic repair and garage door maintenance; complicated tasks should always be left with professionals. Some of the repairs, such as garage door openers and springs, can only be repaired by skilled experts.

Down below is a list of all the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional garage door repair company:

  • Saves Time and Money

You might be wondering how hiring a professional can actually help you to save money. But, getting in contact with an expert ensures that they can pinpoint the error right away. As for DIY repair, it’s always a hit and trial method. In the same way, the cost also gradually adds up, and you end up burning more cash than anticipated. That being said, getting in touch with a professional garage door repair makes sure that your garage remains up to date.

  • Minimizing the Risk of Injury

This time it comes down to having the right skill set required for repairing garage doors. So, if you are unaware of your way around garage doors, chances are you might get injured within the process. Certainly, to some extent, one can handle minor maintenance, but beyond that, make sure to seek professional assistance. An expert garage door technician has the experience of handling heavy garage doors, as well as minimizing the risk of someone getting hurt.

  • Using the Right Tools

It is important to understand that garage door repair requires sophisticated and specialized tools. Neither less to say, these tools are always expensive to buy, especially for common households. At the same time, without the use of these tools, one can’t perform complicated repair tasks. Being a professional garage door company, they always need to invest in such tools. So, go with a professional garage door company is the wisest choice of all.

  • Guaranteed Warranty

The majority of the professional garage door companies provide warranty for the repaired parts and anything they have serviced. On the contrary, go with a DIY repair, you can’t entertain such facilities. Hiring a professional will ensure that you get the most out of your money. In case anything goes wrong, post-repair, the company takes responsibility.

  • Utmost Convenience

Repairing your garage door through professionals ensures that you don’t have to go through the trouble of inspecting everything all by yourself. You can save a ton of hours and probably even days while looking for the right tool or proper replacement part. Getting a professional technician offers the utmost convenience.

Why is your Garage Door Making Noise While Moving Up and Down?

Bear in mind that the garage door consists of several moving metal parts. Regular maintenance and lubrication are very crucial for seamless movements. If your garage door is making noises while moving up and down, chances are it has not been maintained for a long time. That is why we advise opting for maintenance at least once a year. This, in turn, will ensure that you don’t have to through the trouble of repairing your garage door at the 11th hour.

One of the Garage Door Panel is Bent/Damaged, Can it be Changed?

It is imperative to understand that there is nothing new with a single bent garage door panel. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the entire garage door. There are other factors that determine whether a single panel would require or the entire garage door. Age of the entire garage door, along with its amount of usage, are some of the crucial factors while repairing the panel.

Working with the majority of the manufacturers, we can offer a single panel replacement for your exact model. That being said, depending on the amount of sustained damage on your garage door, the overall repair depends.

Can a Broken Window in the Garage Door Be Replaced?

The answer to the question is absolutely YES! With Garage Door Repair Paradise Nevada, there are a plethora of alternatives against the broken window. One of the biggest downsides to glass windows is that they can easily break far too often. In case you have kids playing around the house, it can become a complete disaster. Neither less to say, children, can also get hurt from broken glass. One of the better alternatives is to look for shatterproof glass. This will not only provide added security to the house but also improves the visual aesthetics of your garage door.

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Custom Garage Door Service Prices In Las Vegas

ServicePrice Range
Custom Wood Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 25
Custom Aluminum Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 50-$129
Custom Glass Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 70-$149
Custom Copper Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 36-$60
Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 70-$150
Custom Steel Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 80-$120
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