Garage Door Repair Service in Spring Valley, NV

Basic Maintenance for Garage Door in Spring Valley

Our top-of-the-line garage door maintenance can provide you with all-around protection throughout the years. Getting periodic garage door repair can help you save a ton of time. Above all, you can also entertain the convenience that comes with it. Here is a list of some of the basic maintenance that you can opt for spring valley garage door:

  • Examining the Rollers and Tracks:

Keeping your roller and tracks all cleaned up is an integral part of Garage Door Repair Spring Valley. Lubricating the rollers and axles over time with a good brush is fairly important. With regular usage of garage doors, the rollers wear out, so at the time of maintenance, they are always fixed.

  • Hardware Tightening:

There is nothing surprising to know that your garage door consists of several moving parts. Repetitive usage of the same ensures results in loose moving parts. With our basic maintenance, we make sure that all the bolts and screws stay in place.

  • Checking the Cables and Pulleys:

Garage doors that have spring operation consist of cables and pulley. Over heavy usage, they can easily wear off over time. The damaged pulley and frayed cables should require immediate repair, where expertise comes into play. If their maintenance is not attended in time, it can damage other parts of the garage door too.

  • Testing the Garage Door Balance:

A working garage door should always be properly balanced. Constant pounding, with such a large pressure, often leads to a damaged spring. This, in turn, greatly affects the motor functioning of the garage door, resulting in an unbalanced garage door.

  • Testing the Auto Reverse Feature:

Garage doors are designed in such a way that, if they encounter any obstacle on their way, the door lifts on its own. Now, if you ever find that, the auto-reverse feature is not working. Get in touch with a professional before it poses any safety hazard.

Garage Door Services in Spring Valley

The majority of our garage door services encompass the idea of providing you with state-of-the-artwork. Here are some of the ways in which a professional garage door service company can help you to fix your garage door:

  • Noisy Garage Door

One of the most prominent red flags that you can come across with your garage door is when it starts to create noise during operation. This can be due to several reasons. Luckily, one of the best ways to fix such an issue, with the help of regular maintenance.

Getting routine replacements for the most worn-out parts is also a great way to ensure that your garage door doesn’t make too much noise. Changing the bearings can also help you to reduce the noise to a certain degree.

  • Frozen Garage Doors

This is something that people living in colder regions can relate to. Similarly, you can also experience the same during winter. Under these circumstances, you will find it hard to conveniently open and close your garage door. In fact, there are also instances where the garage door gets frozen down to the floor.

A professional garage door technician can make sure that you don’t have to go through the same trouble. By properly lubricating all the moving parts, they can easily stop the door from freezing.

  • Broken Glass

If you are having a bunch of children playing in the year, chances are you will end up with broken glass for your garage door. But, no matter the reason, having broken glass on your garage door should always be fixed. In fact, it can pose some serious safety concerns. Luckily, your garage door broken glass can be easily fixed in no time.

  • Safety Concern

Upgrading your old manual garage door into an automatic one should always be your primary concern. That being said, it is very important, due to the lack of auto-reverse mechanism in older models. There have been several instances of children or pets getting hurt due to a closing garage door.

Taking assistance from a professional garage door repair company ensures that you don’t have to go through the same. Along with that, automatic garage doors don’t require maintenance too often as compared to its manual counterparts.

  • Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers play one of the most crucial roles. For the majority of the household, the main coming and going out of the house takes place through the garage door. With garage doors, opening and closing that too often, it is very for their seamless movement. So, before your garage door opener dies on you, make sure to call for expert professionals .

We have strong relationships with all of our garage door manufacturers, and we only carry the best of the best. Consequently, our experience with all of these different brands, we can easily handle garage door repair & garage door installation in Spring Valley. LiftMaster, Sears, Wayne-Dalton, Genie, or Unique garage doors, and any other brand of garage door you may have.

So, if you ever feel the inconvenience of using a broken garage door, all we need is the name of the brand. You can either retain the one you are currently using or get the best market has to offer. And this is exactly one of the perks of actually working with various brands. We put forward a plethora of options for our customers.

Silver Fox Garage Repair Technicians always come equipped to handle any garage door repair job in Nevada, no matter how big or small. In addition, we’re highly knowledgeable. To sum up, Call us today!

Custom Garage Door Service Prices In Las Vegas

ServicePrice Range
Custom Wood Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 25
Custom Aluminum Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 50-$129
Custom Glass Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 70-$149
Custom Copper Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 36-$60
Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 70-$150
Custom Steel Garage Doors Las Vegas$ 80-$120
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