A Complete Guide To Garage Door Spring Replacement

Posted on May 19, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
A Complete Guide To Garage Door Spring Replacement

Any garage owners would be familiar with this term – garage door springs. It is a coiled-shaped dense metal, that is a crucial garage part. Upon its breakage, the owner might get stuck in the garage.

Like some other garage parts, you may think of repairing it yourself. However, there are risks entailed to it. Hence, professional guidance is necessary. The garage door spring replacement guidance will be provided in the following sections.

Know the garage door spring type before replacement:

Usually, there are two types of springs – torsion spring and extension spring.

Torsion spring – This is a broad spring type, found on a metal shaft. It is placed directly above the door opening.

A garage door may require one to four torsion springs. It depends completely on the weight, size, and door strength. Four types of torsion springs are available. Namely, they are –

Standard torsion springs

Early-set torsion springs

Steel rolling-door torsion spring

Torque-master torsion spring

Extension spring – This is an elongated spring type. It runs parallel to the horizontal door tracks.

The three types of extension springs are-

Open-looped extension springs

Double-looped extension springs

Clipped-end extension springs

Some replacement options to follow:

Go through the following options and choose wisely

Buying garage door springs online or hardware stores and manufacturers

Being acquainted with the spring types makes it easy to look for one. One may look for a replacement online. For instance, Springs by Henderson on Amazon. Or, going to a spring manufacturer or garage door repair company would be beneficial.

Suppose, you are looking for a garage door spring replacement Las vegas. The professionals will bring exact springs at work to reduce discrepancies.

It is always better to hire professionals than DIYs in this case. However, experienced people may follow the sections below for replacement.

DIYs for replacing extension garage door springs

Follow the steps mentioned below to replace garage door springs.

1.Open the garage door, releasing the tension, and clamp it in place. Upon placement, open the garage door.

2.Mark the current area of the pulley for later pulley placement.

3.Disconnect door spring from pulley and track bracket.

4.Disconnect the safety cable attached to the spring, if any.

5.Install the new spring and attach it to the cable. Further, reinstall the track bracket and spring pulley in place.

6.Remove clamps. Connect the garage door opener.

7.Test the springs after replacement.

DIYs for torsion garage door springs

1. Follow the first step of the previous step.

2. Insert a winding cone at one end of the spring on top. This keeps the spring in place when releasing it.

3.Test the bar tension before loosening the screw.

4.Keep one bar attached at times to prevent any injury.

5.Remove the first bar and put it in the next hole. Do this while releasing the second bar. Repeat this step until the spring releases completely.

6.Remove torsion hardware, spring, cables, and drums.

7. Replace with the new spring.

8.Follow the previous steps in backward order to reinstall the new spring.

If you are not experienced in this field, note the following.

Garage door springs are tightly wound and under massive tension. It may cause major issues if DIYers keep fiddling with them. One must cautiously raise or lower the door. Any unsuspected loosening of springs may cause immense danger.

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Summing up!

Making a garage door spring replacement is crucial if-

Springs are groaning or screeching

If the garage door isn’t opening or falling

If it’s lopsided or jerks upon use.

Know the garage door spring types. Get professional guidance as and when necessary. Looking for garage door spring replacement Las Vegas? Silver Fox Garage Repair can be a good choice, providing a nine-point inspection. For more details, head over to their website.

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