How Can Your Garage Door Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Home?

Posted on Jul 04, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
How Can Your Garage Door Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Home?

The garage of your house is probably the most inefficient room of your house, but you can easily change this. As many people don’t want to see the garage as an extension to the house but an extension to the outer area. However, in reality, the maximum number of attached garages should not be treated much differently than those other rooms inside your house. The inefficient garage door of the house can inhale the cold air of the winter and the hot air of the scorching summer, which can increase the inefficiency of the house. Therefore, to avoid these problems, here are some tips for choosing your new garage doors to help you:

1. Seal the door between the garage and the house

First, install weather stripping around the entire frame of the door and seal out most of the air from the garage. You can carefully look for any kind of leaks and repair those if needed. Then make sure that the threshold is sealing the bottom of the door. You can also use a draft stopper if you do not want to face the tiring process of replacing the entire threshold. Try to caulk the trim around both the outside and inside area of the door. If the decorative trim is not sealed properly, air can easily find a way through the inner construction of the door frame.

2. Insulating the surrounding walls

Many older houses do not have the protection of insulation in the walls. So, you may need to do this task at your garage. Insulating the walls of your garage is usually a very easy task but can offer you various benefits.

3. Insulate the garage door and use good materials

Though your garage walls are properly insulated, you may need to insulate your garage door as well. It can help you in stopping the transferring process of both cold and hot wind from the outside to the inside. You can also purchase an insulated door to get better results.

While looking for new garage doors for sale in Las Vegas, you have to look for the quality of the insulation, like; you have to look for the materials having good U-factor and good conductivity as well. This can help you if you want your garage to be warm in the winter and much cooler at the time of summer.

4. Check for leakage

No insulation can work if your garage door has cracks. Therefore, you need to look for the condition of the door and also the weather stripping. All the parts of the door should be fitted properly to avoid the risk of any kind of damages. For this reason, garage door maintenance is very important to improve the energy efficiency of your house. This can also reduce your new garage doors cost.

5. Using smart garage door opener

If the opener of your garage door is sapping energy, the complete efficiency of your house will reduce. Electronic garage door openers have problems because they always draw power in standby mode. Therefore, the installation of low standby power models can stop these problems and increase the energy efficiency of your house.

6. Good weather stripping for your New Garage Doors

Choose good quality PVC weather-stripping to make your new garage door energy-efficient, thus increasing the energy efficiency of your house.

Therefore, in order to avoid various types of problems and make the entire house an efficient place, you need to follow the steps mentioned earlier to make your garage door energy-efficient garage doors. To get best service, you can call Silver Fox Garage Repair.

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