How to Choose the Right Garage Door Size?

Garage Door Repair Size

Garage door sizes are a crucial determining factor for the majority of households. Neither less to say, one can find that different garage doors have different shapes and sizes. Sometimes this variety exists due to the varying garage door openers. That being said, the sole idea behind this article is to make users aware of the various standard garage door height to choose from. 

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Looking at the broader aspect, one can actually find 8 to 20 feet as the standard size for all garage doors. In fact, it can fit the majority of vehicles. As far as single garage doors sizes are concerned, the proper dimension goes with 6 feet in width as well as 7 feet in height. Further including, there are also options for custom garage door dimensions, including the height of 8 feet from tall vehicles like trucks, and tractors.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used garage doors: 

  • Single Cars Garage Doors:

Single car garage door size ranges with a dimension of 8 X 7 feet. As the name suggests, these doors are most suitable for single standard-sized vehicles. At the same time, if you are having bigger vehicles such as SUVs and vans, there are also a ton of customization options to choose from.  

  • Double Car Garage Doors:

Whether you are in possession of larger vehicles or have more than one, this is just the right garage door size from you. You can find garage doors of almost 16 feet in width. A far the height is concerned, it can go as high as 7-10 feet. So, it can easily accommodate lifted vehicles within.  

  • Triple Car Garage Doors:

When it comes to triple car garage doors, it is completely different from that of what you can find from the two mentioned above. The majority of them consist of a single and a double garage door. On the contrary, you can actually find a ton of customization options with the same. 

 How to find Garage Door Thickness?

In fact, it is fairly easy to actually find the thickness of a garage door. Neither less to say, it plays an important role in your garage door. Further including, the thickness of your door also ensures that you are getting enough insulation for your garage door. Down below is a list of all the thickness of the major garage doors: 

  • As far as steel doors are concerned, their thickness generally ranges 1/8th of an inch. At the same time, being so lightweight means that is very little insulation. Similarly, this also brings down the cost of the overall garage door to a certain extend.
  • The minimum requirement for proper garage door insulation is 1/4th to ½ of an inch. These foams are generally fitted inside the steel garage doors.
  • For everyone, when insulation becomes the major concern, one can easily opt for 1 to ½ inch insulation. Here the insulating foams are actually sandwiched between garage doors. 

Replacing Your Garage Door

When it comes to replacing your garage door, the first and foremost aspect to look for are the actual sizes of the garage door. Considering the height and width of the garage door is fairly essential. There are several proper measuring techniques that can be easily used to ensure that you are getting the most out of your measurement. But, make sure to understand that it is very important to take assistance from an expert before you resort to replacing your garage door

When is the Best Time to Consider Garage Door Windows?

There is no point in arguing that the garage door adds the right sense of character and design within your garage door. Not only it just improves the overall curb appeal of your home, but it also makes your door look unique. There are several customization options available for your garage door windows. There are a plethora of designs that can actually work with every home style. For everyone living in a high-wind area, you can also opt for impact-resistant glasses. 

Is it Possible to Actually Change the Size of a Garage Door?

YES! It is completely possible to actually change the size of your garage door. In fact, you can provide a complete outlook to your garage door from that matter. As far as reducing the size is concerned, it is far better to actually far better to reduce the garage door opener instead of increasing the overall size of your garage door. Neither less to say, you can also go with increasing the height of your garage door if your primary concern is to accommodate higher vehicles.

Concluding Words

All the standard sizes of garage doors are available at Silver Fox Garage Repair. Starting from single garage doors to even complete customization options, there are a plethora of possibilities with us. Our services are not only constrained to garage door installation, but one can also opt for regular maintenance and repair.  Working with all the major manufacturers and suppliers side by side, one can actually choose garage doors from different companies. At the same time, our state of the customer services makes sure that you can avail of our services 24/7 around the clock. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair to get the right quote for your service. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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