How to Manually Open and Close Your Garage Door?

Open and Close Your Garage Door


The garage door system forms an important part of any American household. Without being said, it is one of the most used entrances to our homes. Therefore, most of us don’t realize the dependence of ours on the garage system until it stops functioning. The opening and closing your garage door happens multiple numbers of times throughout the entire day. Many homeowners take their garage door system simply for granted.

You used the garage door in the morning, and it worked perfectly fine then. However, when you returned in the evening, you found out that the garage door wasn’t opening or closing automatically as it should. Why does it seem odd then? The garage door system is also a machine and cannot function all the time efficiently. If you are stuck in a similar circumstance and wondering how to close garage door manually, firstly you must contact a professional garage door company like Silver Fox for skilled assistance.

You must not try to inspect and repair the door yourself if you are an amateur as the system may need professional maintenance. Moreover, trying to repair a complicated system without enough knowledge could also pose a risk to your safety. However, when you first need to get into your house before approaching help, you can try the following tips and advice to manually open and close the garage door:


Tips to Manually open the Garage Door from Outside of Your Garage:

Trying to access the inside of the garage from the outside can be extremely tricky and unsafe. As long as you do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the working of the garage door system and have not sought professional training, you must not attempt to manually open the garage door from outside the garage. If you are a complete amateur, trying to open the garage door manually from outside on your own can pose a threat to your security. You could get badly injured if you do not take the necessary precautions.

Therefore, in such cases, it is best to not try by yourself and approach a certified garage door company. Silver Fox is one such company that assures customer satisfaction with their high quality and superior services. Their skilled and experienced technicians will help in finding the best solution to suit your needs and requirements.


Tips to Manually open the Garage Door from Inside of Your Garage:

Opening the garage door from inside the garage is a lot easier than attempting to open from outside the garage. The only important step here is pulling the emergency release cord toward the door, keeping in mind the safety tips.

In case you can open the garage door, you need to access the release cord to manually open and close the door. You will find a bypass cord that will be red. The cord will be hanging from the trolley. This can be located in the centER of the garage door opener.

Now, you need to disengage your garage door opener and detach the door from the electrical garage door opener. For this, you have to first ensure that you have closed the garage door completely before releasing the cord.

After ensuring that the garage door is properly closed and safe to be detached, gently release the red cord. You have successfully opened the garage door from within and can thereafter, open and close the garage door manually.


How to Reset the Garage Door Opener?


  • After you have access to the garage after fixing the garage door opener, you must also reset the garage door opener. Undoubtedly, the process of how to close garage door manually and reset it can largely vary depending upon the model and the brand of the garage door opener. On the whole, you should be able to reconnect the trolley with the garage door.


  • The first step is to ensure that you completely close or completely open the garage door.


  • Pull down the red rope towards the garage door. This will help in connecting the trolley with the garage door opener carriage. You will come to know that you have successfully attached if you hear a loud click.


  • Thereafter, normally press the garage door button to operate and check the functioning of the garage door properly.


Safety Tips:

Before you begin the procedure, make sure to keep in mind the following tips to make sure to stay safe:


  • Unplug the automatic garage door opener before you try to manually open and close the system. This will prevent any electric shocks and will keep you safe.


  • Always know when you will need to call the technician. You might have an issue working around with the garage door springs. In such cases, it is best to not try by yourself and wait until the help from a professional team arrives as it is dangerous to work with garage springs without sufficient knowledge.


  • Watch out for odd issues after you have reset the garage door system. If the door shakes or moves unevenly, there is some fundamental error in the garage door system. In that case, always contact a professional team.

You can try the above tips and tricks to get into your home first before approaching a professional company. It is not wise to repair the garage door system all by yourself thereafter. Along with a risk to your security, it is also possible that the garage door is handled improperly and leads to more loss and damage in case you are an amateur.

Don’t hesitate to approach a professional service team for their garage door repair services Las Vegas.

In case you are stuck in any of the steps or encounter any problem even after trying out all the methods, we, at Silver Fox, are willing to serve you with our premium and high-quality services at market prices. Our reliable and experienced technician will be able to identify the technical issue with your garage door system and provide you with the most cost-effective way for repair and maintenance. Contact us at the earliest to receive our services.


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