How often should you have your garage door serviced in a year?

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Most people only do garage door repair service if something is not functioning properly or when something breaks. However, one should ensure servicing the door on a regular basis. For a moment, you might think this is a bit costly, but in the long run, it is going to save your bucks. Simple routine maintenance can extend the lifetime of your garage door system. These facile checkpoints will abet you keep your garage door in fine condition year-round.

When do you need garage door service?

Service your garage door system a minimum of four times per year. This is often most vital, especially in the season of fall, to prepare for snow and winter temperatures. Check the door in early spring when moisture levels and temperatures change. Perform the below-mentioned test routinely.

Safety Test

A lowering garage door must sense objects in its path and the reverse direction. This functioning attribute ensures the security of toddlers, pets, or objects which will be in the way. Open up your garage door and place a bit of wood on the driveway where the door typically meets the bottom. Lower it and observe if this vital safety feature kicks in as quickly as the bottom edge touches that object.

Quality garage doors must respond to both non-contact and contact obstructions. Hire professional service in no time if your garage fails to pass this crucial test, as all the automatic openers are required by law to possess functional safety sensors.

Balance Test

An out-of-balance garage door can put a huge strain on the automatic garage door opener and eventually cause an interruption in the lifting mechanism, possibly injuring an individual or causing damage to your vehicle. To check the door’s balance, disconnect the automated opener and plan to open the garage by yourself. If the door doesn’t go up and down smoothly with any resistance, the springs might be imbalanced.

Noise Test

If your garage door makes squeaking noises when lowering or lifting, it’s time to lubricate the tracks and pulleys. After applying a lightweight, synthetic oil with a decent-level coating, test to ascertain if the noise persists. If so, you ought to contact a garage door repair, as your door could also be out of alignment, or the spring might require a replacement.

Visual Test

Visual test is the simplest one among all of these. Look over each section of the door: the outside and inside surfaces, the seal around every edge, the rollers, the springs, and the tracks. If you observe loose hinges inside the door, tighten every screw. Make it to some extent to think about replacing worn cables before they break. You ought to regularly refer to the owner’s manual for particular advice for your garage door.

If you notice anything unusual and are hesitant to take on the daunting job of repairing the garage door on your own, ask a trained expert about the problems. From Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, a garage repair company, you definitely get top-notch service for garage doors based on your need and perpetuate your peace of mind about the gateway safeguarding your house.

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