How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

Posted on Feb 14, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

It is a query that is always asked. A majority of homeowners do not even know that frequent maintenance is needed for their garage door to retain it in good condition, to make it stronger, and to function more efficiently and safely. Door and opener agreements are often conditional that stresses on the proper maintenance of your garage door. So, for many reasons, maintenance is necessary. Before opting for your garage door services, you can never wait until there is a concern.

A proactive measure to reduce potential risks and safety hazards is to schedule regular maintenance for garage doors. You should check the proper functioning of your garage door at least every quarter of a year, and ideally once a month to ensure that it is in working condition. Before you call a professional, you need to focus on the following points:

Door Noise

When raising or lowering the garage door, if it makes a screeching sound, it is time to grease the rails and pulleys. You should check if the noise persists after adding an even coat of light, synthetic. If it still continues it may be due to the fact that your door is out of alignment or you need to replace a spring.

Door Balance

A garage door that has gone out of proportion will put a massive strain on your automatic door opener and ultimately cause a split in the lifting mechanism, likely to injure the user or to damage the car stationed inside. So, you must disconnect the automatic opener to test the balance of the garage door and try to open the garage with self-effort. The springs might have become obsolete, and it may be the reason that the door does not move up and down smoothly.

Door Safety

A falling garage door can sense objects that are coming in the way and also in the reverse direction. So, one needs to open the garage door and put a wooden plank on the driveway where the door touches the ground normally. As soon as the bottom edge reaches the wooden object, you have to lower the door and observe if this safety tactic works. You need to repeat the activity. Your garage door must react to both blockages of contact as well as non-contact.

Visual Test

The visual test is considered to be the simplest of all the activities. You should check each part of the door; both the exteriors and interiors, the seal fixed around each edge, the rollers, tracks, and the springs. You need to tighten every screw if you see loose hinges on the inner portion of the door. Before they split, you should always make it a point to think about replacing old cables.

Schedule Professional Help

You must speak to a professional expert about the problem if you find something odd and find it difficult to take on the risky job of fixing the door yourself. One can get expert service for garage door repair and consequently ensure the proper safety of the garage premises.

Is Professional Repairing Services Suitable for Domestic Garage Doors?

A major and probably costly garage door repair service can be avoided by having the garage doors looked at by a professional hand, depending on the frequency of use. Although garage door springs are often the first components to malfunction, a professional can lubricate, tune-up, and realign many other elements to ensure that you are well protected. However, one of our most crucial home-essentials is garage doors, which are mostly overlooked. Much like a vehicle, to run safely and efficiently, they require periodic maintenance. Depending on how often you use it, you should, therefore, contact a reliable garage door repair specialist for your garage door services.

Why Professional Services Are Required for Commercial Garage Doors?

Responsible company owners often comply with health and safety requirements, and it is also quite relevant so far as garage doors are concerned. Since garage doors are used more frequently in commercial places than in domestic scenarios, they must be attended to regularly. The motors and springs in the doors may become a safety issue if not periodically serviced and may end up in litigation against the company.

Final Takeaway

Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, Las Vegas, a leading service provider of garage door repair, recognizes the importance of proper upkeep of garage doors in customers’ interests. Book a consultation today and get the best offer for garage door services!

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