A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Open Garage Door with Broken Spring?


A smoothly functioning garage door ensures the overall upkeeping of the house. It is something that we all use every single day. This is very crucial to properly maintain the same, and one should never open a garage door with a broken spring. With a broken or damaged garage door spring, it completely affects the overall feel of the house. That being said, along with creating inconvenience, it greatly affects the overall functionality of the house.

There is a variety of ways in which the spring of the garage door can be damaged. In this article, we shall be discussing where or not, one should operate their garage doors on such circumstances, how to figure out the spring has been broken, and what are the probable solutions to it.


Importance of Spring for your Garage Door

A torsion spring is generally installed on a garage door that is mounted on top of the door. The entire idea behind the spring is to act as a counter-balance for the entire door system. The spring winds and unwinds itself, every time the door is opened or closed. You can find the torsion spring in a variety of lengths, gauges, and diameters depending on the finishing of the door. While the opener moves the door, it is the spring at carrying the entire weight.

So, with your garage door spring broken, one of the biggest dilemmas is to whether to open the door at such a condition or not? And that is what we shall be discussing today.


How to identify a Broken Garage Door?

There is a variety of reasons why your garage door might stop working. Down below is a list of some of the signs which can indicate that the spring of your garage door is broken:


1) Heavier than usual

One of the most prominent signs of a broken spring is that you will feel your garage door a lot heavier than usual. The torsion spring is responsible for distributing the weight of the door. It helps to maintain the rotating energy between the surfaces while bearing the weight of it. So, whenever the spring breaks, it feels like you are holding the entire weight of the door.


2) Hearing a loud sound

Whenever the torsion spring is broken, it displaces the entire energy at a time. This is exactly where a large sound is produced. During investigating the situation, many people claim to hear the same banging sound. The sound is similar to that of a falling window or filled up storage boxes. So, if you hear a sound similar to the same, chances are your spring is broken.


3) The door starts to crook

One of the biggest advantages of torsion spring is that it makes sure your garage door stays up straight. With the spring being broken, you garage door starts to crook. It also starts to affect the side of the door, making it look like the door is in sideways.


4) The door shutters while closing

Another spring that is present on the garage door are the extension ones. These springs are made to absorb the energy while creating enough resistance for the pulling force. This is the same pulling force that is responsible for lifting the garage door open. Now, when an extension spring is broken, it creates a more impact as compared to torsion springs. While breaking, the extension spring can even go flying.


5) The door starts to bend

While every other garage door is made with different materials, their end function remains to open and close the door. But depending on the type of garage door, if your spring is broken, you can always end up with a bent garage door.


Why should one never operate a door with a Broken Spring?

With a broken spring, you can still move your garage door to a certain extent, but you are always at the risk of damaging the entire door and the operator. The majority of the time, we tend to ignore the broken spring and operate the door within the same condition until the day of great misfortune comes.

Operating your garage door with the broken spring can result in the following damages:


  • The panels of the garage door might cave in
  • There is a greater chance for the opener to burn out or break a gear
  • The entire trolly may sheer off
  • The chain or belt may completely break


How to Open a Grage Door with Broken Springs?

The first and foremost thing one needs to understand is that never take a garage door with broken springs lightly. Without any necessary precautions, it can be dangerous and even fatal to some extend. That being said, if you resort to open your garage door all by yourself, make sure to go through the following steps carefully:


So, according to the weight and dimension of the garage door, a broken spring means you need to lift the entire mass. The majority of the time, it can be made out of steel or wood, which means it’s going to be heavy. Make sure to position a 6-foot ladder on each side of the garage door. This can minimize the overall garage door damage, which keeps the weight in check. You can always be a friend or your family member for help.


Make sure to insert pry bars underneath the door corners and the floor. Now, with the help of the pry bar, grab the door with both of your hands. It is just like the way you workout at the gym. This is the hardest part to achieve. Once you have successfully pulled off the weight of the door, it is easy through the help of horizontal tracks.


It is imperative to understand that as you lift the door, maintaining the balance is crucial. So, after you are done with lifting the door, you should be ready to close it. Always remember, you need to close the door slowly. You can also hold the door all the way down to make sure that it doesn’t fall off on its weight. If such happens, the door is most likely to sustain damage. As stated earlier, you should always have atleast two people in order to be safe.



Precautions to be taken

Once you figure out that your garage door spring is broken, it is very important to take preventive measures before the situation gets out of hand. The first and foremost thing one needs to do is take out all the cars and open the door manually. Keep in mind to take extreme precautions. It is always advised to disengage the door from the opener while carefully lifting the door.

Based on the material of the door (steel or wood), it always tends to be heavy. That being said, always stand in the middle to carefully distribute the weight while opening the door. The same way when you are ready to close the door, do it slowly and carefully. Taking such preventive measures, you can operate your garage door until an expert shows up to fix the same.

NoteOnly operate a garage door with a broken spring at the time of utmost emergency. Otherwise, keep it closed. In this way, you can easily prevent any accidents from happening. 


Concluding Words

If by any chance, you suspect that the garage door spring has been broken, it is always advised to inspect the same thoroughly. Open a garage door with broken spring can always lead to further destruction of the entire garage door. That being said, don’t forget to contact with a professional garage door technician to get further assistance. Here at silverfoxgaragerepair, we always strive to provide a quality service to our customers on the same day. Call us @ 7025368081 for any query.


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