How To Open A Locked Door From Outside Of The Garage?

Posted on Mar 25, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Tips
How To Open A Locked Door From Outside Of The Garage?

As much as your automatic garage door brings forth a ton of convenience and flexibility, it also comes with its own perks. For example, since the majority of them are electrically operated, they can die on you at any point in time. That is why the sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of how to open a locked garage door. In fact, we shall be discussing all the different ways in which one can actually operate their garage door.

Using the Garage Door Emergency Release Cord

You can easily open the door using the emergency release cord. That being said, it is only preferable if lady luck is still in your favor. Down below is a list of the proper method through which one can use the emergency release cord:

  • Locating the Cord

One needs to locate the emergency release cord in the first place prior to anything else. Pull the cord will release the lever so that one can actually open and close their garage door manually. That being said, pulling the cord downward is actually the right way to release the same. On the contrary, in other garage doors, it’s about pulling it away.

  • Lifting the Garage Door

After you release the garage door emergency cord, it is time for you actually to lift the garage door. Since it is going to take a considerable amount of force to lift the same, you can easily seek assistance from your friends and family. Even after all the applied pressure, if you still find the garage door hard to move, chances are the garage door lever is not properly detached. At the same time, don’t even think about applying more pressure to your garage door, which can actually result in further damage to your garage door.

  • Securing the Garage Door

Make sure that you keep the garage door opener in check at least until you are able to find the exact spot to secure the same. This becomes one of the major concerns if you are trying to operate your garage door manually. So, once you are able to properly secure the garage door, make sure to move out your vehicles as fast as possible.

Manually Opening a Garage Door with Broken Release Cord

It is imperative to understand that you need a functional garage door to be able to open it manually. And by functional, we mean the emergency release cord too. There are several garage doors where you will find the emergency release cord actually broken. Some of the most common instances, where the emergency cord might be broken includes:

  • Corroding spring mechanism
  • The frayed or rotted emergency release cord
  • Lastly, even a broken handle

So, here is a list of the complete procedure that goes into changing the emergency release cord. Once you get that right, you can again revert to the above-mentioned steps while opening your garage door manually:

  • Removing the Old Cord:

Before you even start out with installing the new cord, make sure that you properly remove the old one. In order to remove the same from the lever, you can actually cut them directly or just untie them.

  • Connecting One of the Ends to the Handle:

The handle is by far one of the supporting elements when it comes to providing a better grip to the release cord. So, as soon as you are done with removing the old cord, connect one end of the chord with that of the handle. Even going with a simple cord will ensure that the cord stays in one place.

  • Threading the Other with Mechanism:

The overall mechanism to tie the cord is pretty simple on its own. While one end of the cord remains with that of the handle, you need to tie the other end with the lever. In fact, this is by far the toughest step within the lot.

  • Tie Off the Ends:

Properly securing the cords is the best way to ensure that they stay in place. Neither less to say, one needs at least 6 feet of ground clearance so that you can easily take out the vehicles from one place to another.

  • Trimming the Excess Part:

The first thing is to completely change the old release cord and installed the new one. Then it’s time to trim down the excess part. In order to properly secure them in place, make sure that you heat both the ends of the cord. There is no point in arguing how crucial it is to actually know how to open a locked garage door. Neither less to say, it is something that can really come handy at times. Take natural calamity as an example. It can actually come at the most unprecedented times, due to which power shortage becomes a common outcome. Understanding the ins and outs of the garage door can help you to operate your garage door during such times. Here at Silver Fox Garage Repair, we strive to provide our users with the best in class garage door repair services. Now, whether it is about manually opening your garage door or any periodic maintenance, Silver Fox has got you covered. Our state of the art customer Repair services ensures that you always get the most affordable quote for your service. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Silver Fox today!

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