How Rolling Fire Doors Can Protect Your Property and Home Members?

Roller Garage Door LV

If you are opting for quality garage doors, a rolling fire door is a wise decision. This, in turn, can improve the overall security of your property along with all the people. The majority of the large enterprises opt for the same, due to this safety feature. You can find rolling fire doors in all the standard sizes. Companies can also opt for a custom solution for different entrance sizes. In this article, we are going to discussing the various aspects of roller fire door and how it can provide assistance under unfortunate circumstances.

Different Choices for Roller Fire Doors

The overall mechanism for roller doors is fairly simple. A series of metal slabs are rolled together in such a manner that it can work like any standard door. For customization, you can get the protective backed-in coating in a variety of colors. The majority of the models also come with a protective corrosion coating. For galvanization, zinc is used. Some of the most commonly used finishes for roller fire doors include:

  • Powder Coating: It is made out of industrial-grade paint for a durable finish. You can find powder coating in a variety of colors.
  • Cold Galvanization: Zinc solutions are sprayed or mixed with powder coating in other to protect trivial parts of the door.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanization: A coating of heated zinc is used to create a silver finish.
  • 304 Type Stainless Steel: It is the main constituent for roller fire doors. This particular steel is corrosion-resistant, making it a better choice for fire prevention.
  • Weather Seals: The weather seal limits the overall flow of air in and out of the garage. A professional installation is important for the complete sealing process.

Getting garage door opener repair Las Vegas is quite accessible. But the added security for steel rolling garage doors goes far beyond just smoke and fire. Due to their heavier weight and studier build quality, manual operation is never a viable solution. For the majority of the installations, automatic garage door openers are used. Some of the opening mechanisms you can get with your roller fire door include:

  • Manual push/pull operation
  • Manual chain-driven up/down operation
  • Hand crank controls
  • Electric garage door openers

Safety Features of Rolling Fire Doors

  • It can prevent the spread of fire, along with flames, hot gases, and burnt debris
  • Easily standstill bearing the designated load
  • Can withstand added pressure that comes from the debris

In other words, rolling fire doors are the perfect solution if you work in a hazardous environment. It can save lives as well as protect properties from getting destroyed.

Final Takeaway

As mentioned throughout the article, there are great advantages of using roller fire garage door. Silver Fox Garage Door is one of the comprehensive garage door repair company Las Vegas. Our state of the art garage door installation ensures that you get quality services no matter what. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Door Repair today and protect your property for years to come.


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