Tips: How To Level A Garage Door

Posted on Mar 31, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Tips: How To Level A Garage Door

The garage doors generally have a consistent hollow shaft which runs across the door’s top. Heavy industrial doors have solid shafts with an adjustable coupler for leveling and light commercial doors which are residential do not use couplers. The leveling is done by cable drum rotation sidewise which is higher.

To get the optimal result for gap size, ensure that you start measuring the distance from the floor of the garage to the track and the bottom bracket. Moreover, you have to compress the astragal or the weather-stripping that lies on the bottom. The angle is the cable drum rotation determiner. The distance between which the two marks will be made is the arc length. The distance between the points of starting and ending of the shaft is the chord length.

The most usual cause of doors that are overhead-type being unleveled is due to frayed cables growing in length while fraying. Doors rise on one side can be due to improper seating of the cable on the cable drum that is on the opposite side. If such is the case, you either have to replace the cable or reset it on any one of cable drums.

It is a dangerous process. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to make such adjustments safely and securely, you should hire a professional. Always keep your hands and clothing in a safe distance away from the shaft, cable drums as well as torsion springs. For someone who is unsure, the garage door’s condition might get worse. You have to be prepared for rewinding the springs, especially in case of heavy doors.

1.Turn off the operator power. Most operators are hardwired. They have their own power circuit or breaker box. You have to turn off the power or just pull a fuse. For other types, a breaker box is turned off which is connected to multiple switches controlling power of other equipment. Some door openers use 110 volts plugging systems which you can unplug.

2. You have to be extremely careful when you are using a ladder. Step ladders are sufficient for residential works but you might have to use extension ladder when you are working for commercial or industrial purposes. While working on a ladder, make sure you hook one leg through the ladder’s rung for stabilization.

If the door has a gap in the left side and the right side is lower, you have to first make adjustments on the right side.

3. Assuming the earlier scenario, the door is hanging low on the right side due to the reason that the right part is heavier with the cable drum. On the right side, turn clockwise the set screws to make them tight. To secure a cable drum with a hollow shaft, you to ¾ turn the set screws so that it meets the shaft.

4. In the next following steps, you need to move your ladder towards the opposite side and you have to climb up to the cable drum located in the left.

Mark the shaft as well as the drum with a marker or a file. The shaft mark must be above ¼” from the drum mark. If the gap present under the door is below 1”, you have to mark the distance with 1/8” apart.

5. Get a tight vise grip on the shaft which ensures the end vise grip have the firm hold against the garage door’s top. It is done in order to keep the drum from excessive turnings and keeping the shaft from too much spinning if the cable drums’ set screws become too loose.

6. Loose one set screw. Observe the two marks. The target is to line up the two marks but doesn’t loosen the screws to an extent of the drum moving ¼ inch. You have loosened the set screws enough to see the drum’s first movement. Instantly, re-tighten it into ¼ turn. Repeat the same procedure for the lower mark as well. Again, repeat this process of drum moving in increasing of 1/16thuntil when you see the marks lining up.

7. If the drum still does not turn from one set screw loosening, tighten half way the first set screw and loose the other one following the same process done for the first set screw. When the marks line up, tighten them to ensure they stay in their stable position.

8. After the set screw tightening, turn to the check and see whether the door’s bottom is leveling. If the level is achieved, directly follow the 12th step. If not, follow the next series of steps.

9. Add another mark right above the first mark on the shaft.

Then, release as well as reset the grip of vise as you have done it in the fifth step mentioned above.

10. Once again, slowly loosen one screw and then, follow the same process again as you did from the sixth to the ninth step discussed above.

11. When the mark lines up on the drum mark with the shaft’s new mark, tighten the set screw just enough for keeping the marks together. If the bottom of the door of your garage is still not leveling, repeat the steps from six to nine with marks or marks until you see the door is absolutely in level. Always remember releasing the vise grip every time when you are getting towards step nine.

12. When you notice your garage door is leveled, tighten the screws ¾ turn passing the point when they are meeting the hallow shaft. This is a critical step and you have to be careful about neither under-tightening it nor over-tightening it.

13. When you are all set and done, remove the grip of vise from the shaft.

14. Double check the bottom of your garage door over the floor and verify the level is alright or not.

15. Now, turn on the power of your operator.

If somehow the problem is beyond your control, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. For how to level garage door, Silver Fox Garage Repair is a place to go and rely on. Call us @ 7025368081 for any help related to garage door.

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