How to Lubricate Your Garage Door?

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A garage door which is squeaky and makes noise can be quite a hassle and things will turn for worse as the years pass by. When it is being constantly used, the gears are subjected to wears and tears, the chains get rusted and the integrity of the door starts to degrade. It results in getting locked in many places or it refuses to rise at all. It is essential that your garage door runs easily and smoothly or it might lead to the complete blockage of the garage door where you might get trapped along with your car inside.


Using the best lubricant for garage doors can easily alleviate your issues regarding the garage door being stuck and providing you with a smooth gateway to your outdoors. Silver Fox Garage Repair brings you some of the best lubricants to extend the life of your garage door.


Benefits of using Garage Door Lubricant:


  • Noise cancellation of your garage door

    Over the passage of time, squeaking or whining of a garage door can be expected. It is not only irritating to hear but also can cause serious damage to the gears and other parts associated with the mechanics. The lubrication will ensure that your door has less friction which gives the effortless movement of the gear parts, silencing of the door and lessening the breaking chance of the garage door.

  • Garage protection

    Since garage door is one of the major gateways towards your home, it has an extremely significant role concerning the safety and security of your house. Repetitive opening and closing of a garage door wear down many gears and the door holding tracks. If any part gets broken, the door can get locked into a place and therefore, requires a professional to repair it. Lubrication of certain components helps to protect the garage and stop unwanted outsiders to get inside.

  • Extension of longevity of a garage door

    Springs of garage doors, tracks or hinges, rollers, or locks – lubricating each one of them ensures they work smoothly and properly every time you open or shut your garage door.

  • Free movement

    While audible creaks suggest that your garage door requires lubricating, it also indicates that the door is facing extra and unnecessary difficulties each time you open or close the door. If that does not happen, the door will stick to the ground and that will prevent proper operation. Having a good quality lubricant improves the chances of the garage door not getting locked in places.


Various types of Garage Door Lubricants used for accessible operations purposes:


  • Silicone Spray

    Lubricants which are spray-on allow you to target the areas which exactly need the liquid to work. They generally come in bottles with a long and thin straw attachment that gives your better handling of the spray and prevents it from covering a huge amount of space. The element of silicone ensures the solution to be long-lasting and its remarkable ability to maintain its respective qualities through various temperatures. Silicone spray or white lithium grease is considered to be the best lubricant for garage doors.

  • White lithium grease

    There are many grease-based garage door lubricants which are easily available in the market but they are usually messy when used. But on the bright side, it provides you more freedom while taking care of hinges, locks, gears, or springs even coating. Compound of white lithium grease is a better option for working with metal components that hold together the whole garage. As it is a mixture made from oil and soap, this material adheres greatly to metals as well as they are non-corrosive in nature.


Lubricants serve specific and detailed purposes for different parts of a garage door. No wants to go through frequent and expensive garage door repairs. It is, therefore, extremely important to maintain it with the proper and right care. If it is correctly done, the number of repairing issues shall be significantly reduced. Keep all the moving and gear parts lubricated. This ensures that the parts will not grind together or wear down any time soon then they should. Focusing especially on the three parts of your garage door shall cancel many complications. Make certain you use the best lubricant for garage doors available in the market.


  • Hinges

    There are many garage doors that use plastic hinges. For those, you obviously do not need to use any sort of grease-based lubricants. But if the hinges are made of metal, the pivot points should be greased in order to maintain smooth movement.

  • Rollers

    The bearings that are found in the roller system of your garage door are what require to be regularly lubricated. If your doors have nylon rollers, then don’t get the grease over the nylon but instead focus on the section of the bearing. Wipe away the excess amount of grease as it will save you from getting into a mess of trouble.

  • Springs

    Using the spray on the torsion springs which lift as well as lower your garage door shall keep them from getting broken or damaged. But make sure you don’t use excessive lubrication as it will create unnecessary problems. Just use the lubricant in the right amount but by bit and check whether they work in ease or not.


What needs to be done after lubricating the garage door is done? The answer is pretty simple. Once you are finished with all the lubricating process over every working part of the door, the next step is to test and verify its proper working. You need to lift and lower your garage door several times to check the smoothness and comparatively less friction than before while it operates. This is also done to make sure that the lubricant which was used is evenly distributed throughout each of the parts.


There are many cases where simple lubrication from home just won’t suffice. If such case happens where the problem still prevails, it is highly recommended to hire a professional Garage Door Lubricant Las Vegas to fix the issue as soon as possible. You also need a thorough inspected and expert maintenance for your garage door once a year. Silver Fox Garage Repair is where you can get your problem solved.


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