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A garage is just like a room. There are many garage doors that have windows that allow rays of natural daylight to fill in space. Otherwise, they are plain and dark. Apart from that, there is also an issue of electricity consumption. You really should consider that every time you use your garage for any purpose, you have to switch on the bulb even at the time of day. That is an unnecessary wastage of electricity when the natural light would have sufficed more than enough. For various reasons, as great and wonderful as these sorts of windows are, there are many scenarios where it can be quite troublesome when you have to replace the whole window of your garage door if it gets broken. Though a broken window is not a bad luck bringer as a broken mirror, still, you should not ignore its condition.

You have to consider that a window that is broken can bring serious questions related to safety hazards. It also indicates a positive signal for burglars to intrude into the privacy of your otherwise protected house. In some cases, the broken one needs to be replaced with a new window. To serve this purpose, Silver Fox Garage Repair brings you excellent service of garage door window frame replacement.

However, if you want to try it out yourself to fix the whole issue by repairing the broken window, all you need are few proper tools and a few hours of your valuable time. But always make sure that you bear enough confidence to handle this kind of work. If you doubt your capability, hire a professional to get your job done.

Before anything else, you need to assess the kind of garage door window you have. Earlier in the 90s, the garage door windows were solo panes made of glass that are held within the wooden frame. This system made the individual pane replacement extremely simple. But from the year of 2000, the windows are made up of one, long glass pane placed between two frames which are screwed together.

There are many frames which may not use rubber seal to hold the glass panes in place. There are many other kinds of window frames which use caulking glue. You have to change the variations of the steps required for garage door window frame replacement depending upon the frame type. There can be snaps in windows which are easier to replace.


Steps to Replace Broken Garage Door Window Frame

Step 1: Take the measurement of the window’s height and width and buy a replacement. You have to remove the screws that are located inside and at the window frame’s face. It is highly recommended to get a partner to give you a helping hand on grabbing the frame’s other side so that it cancels the risk of it falling down and breaking. Make sure to use heavy-duty gloves while glass handling.

Step 2: At this point, put on your safety goggles. You have removed the frame. Now, very carefully remove the broken glass and all the other broken pieces. Don’t leave behind any shards as it may lead to unnecessary injury. You can use a putty knife to take the small pieces.

Step 3: Take the measurement of the inside of your frame – height from top to bottom and width from side to side. Also, take a piece of the glass shard and measure its thickness. Now, you have to deduct 1/8 of an inch from all the measurements you have taken. The resulting measurement will be your replacing pane. Go for tempered plus laminated glass for that is strong and protective. Four times stronger than normal glass is the tempered glass and design is done in such a manner that if it breaks, it will fall into smooth shards and no sharp points. Lamination gives the glass a coated layer which provides protection.

Step 4: Now, it is the preparation of the window frame time. Remove the points of rectangular glazier that hold the glass inside the frame. Chip off any extra glazing compound or dried paint that might be present on it. Remove the hardened putty by softening it with linseed oil and let that sit for about an hour. With the help of medium-grit sandpaper, gently sand the frame. Then, sand it again with a fine-grit sandpaper. After that, clean all the dust and the debris.

Step 5: If you are capable of cutting the glass all by yourself, go ahead. If not, it is highly recommended that you get assistance from a professional. Garage Repair Company can help you with this. You can give them the measurement and the size you need, they will provide you with the glass you need for your garage door window. Whether you are cutting the glass to fit the measurement or replacing it with a plastic acrylic glass –when you are done, fit the glass in the frame. You can also use acrylic glass which is made up of plastic and this glass can be handled with people who are not professional. It is even sturdier than regular glass.

Step 6: Here, you may require a helping hand. If not, you can use tape instead where you have to put the new glass as well as the frame back in place. Or, ask the person to hold the outside frame while your job is to fit the glass inside. Make sure to apply evenly distributed glazing compound inside the edges of the frame. Fit it in the soft putty and double-check whether it has seated properly. The screws which were holding the frame on its place tightly screw them but don’t overdo it. If you are doing this work alone, use duct tape to hold the outside frame right in place. If you wish, you can paint the frame accordingly to match the rest of the window. Once everything is done, remove the duct tape.

With this, your garage door window frame replacement is done. You can contact Silver Fox Garage Repair @ 7025368081 if you need any other kind of services related to your garage door.


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