How Weather Stripping Protects Your Garage Door?

Weather Stripping Protects Your Garage Door

A garage door is precious to all of us because it does a lot for us. It protects our car, and in most cases, it protects our home too. It stops thieves from entering your home. But all these things are only possible if your garage door is healthy itself. Without a proper and strong garage door, it is not possible to protect your home. Weather can be really harsh for garage doors especially if the temperature goes up and down continuously. But you can definitely protect your garage door from this entire if you take proper care of it. But if your garage door is already affected by it then you can contact 24 hour emergency garage door repair. Weatherstripping can help you a lot to protect your garage door and the process of it is not tough. Here we are going to discuss all the details about the weather stripping of a garage door, how it protects your home and its installation.

The seal for the bottom of the garage door–This is very important if you want to waterproof your garage door. But even after installing the bottom seal you should be very careful and check it regularly as it can crack easily, especially if your area has extreme weather. It can be very helpful for your garage door if you live in an area where it rains a lot. If your garage door seal is not working properly, you can easily replace it by calling a garage door repair service.

Trim of the weather stripping on both sides top and bottom – Before working on the weather stripping make sure that your garage door is in its best shape. You will easily find weatherproof trim for the garage door at your local hardware store. We will advise you to buy a weatherproof trim made with the PVC pipe and waterproof and weatherproof rubber. Paint it with latex or with oil-based paint for more effective result and to make sure that it won’t rot.


Here we mentioned it all about the weather stripping. You just need to measure the length of your door, buy it and trim it according to your desire. You need you trim it perfectly so that it can be installed seamlessly with the vinyl joints. Trimming it perfectly will allow you to do the alignment easily. Installation of it is nothing technical but still if you don’t have time and want a professional to do it then you can contact garage door repair service in Green Valley if you live in green valley. If you live in other areas, then you can also contact the garage door repair service of your area.


If you want to install weather stripping on your garage door or if you have any other problems related to garage door, you can contact our company Silver Fox Garage Door. We will happily help you out.

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