Know How To Install The Replacement Garage Door Opener

Posted on Nov 29, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Know How To Install The Replacement Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers should be installed fittingly to assure it operates safely and the mechanism fits specifications. Garage door opener installation is a moderately challenging task that could be accomplished utilizing the significant tools you possibly already have in your garage equipment collection.

Replacement Garage Door Opener Installation Process and How to Set up Garage Door Opener

1. Assemble Carriage Tube

  • Before assembly and replacing the garage door opener, make sure that you have all the must-have garage door opener parts.
  • Assemble the carriage tube as proposed by the manufacturer. The carriage tube will permit the carriage to travel from the power unit to the front wall of the garage to lower and raise the door.
  • Be sure to place the carriage tube pieces firmly.
  • Verify the assembled length matches the length that is required by the manufacturer.
  • Make any requisite adjustments with a socket wrench or any other tool as directed.

2. Mount Carriage Tube

  • Mount carriage tube to the front side of the power unit.
  • Attach rail clamps that will later connect to a bracket on the wall above the door.
  • Some doors will need installing wiring and switches at this point.

3. Slip Carriage Over Tube

  • Mount carriage into the carriage tube.
  • Follow up with the manufacturer’s directions, as different models attach differently.

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4. Mount Header Bracket

  • To find out the point of highest travel manually lift the garage door. Utilize a level and then mark the wall above the door for this height.
  • Measure two inches atop the first mark and later make a second mark.
  • Line up the bottom edge of the header bracket with the second line. Then with the appropriate fasteners, attach to the wall.
  • Attach the carriage tube to the header bracket and rise up the power unit. Securely set it on top of a stepladder.

5. Hang Power Unit from Ceiling

  • Most units hang from metal straps and angle irons and at regular intervals, they have holes drilled in them.
  • Attach straps to irons with the hex-head screws.
  • Attach straps to the power unit with hardware provided.
  • Uplift the garage door several times to clear the opener.
  • Run the control box wires up across the garage ceiling and wall to reach the power unit.

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6. Attach Bracket which Connects Carriage Arm

  • Metal carriage arm permits the carriage to lower and raise the door.
  • Attach carriage arm to carriage body according to the instructions.
  • Lastly, attach the elbow-shaped piece to the door bracket and later join the elbow to the main carriage arm.

7. Plugin the Safety Device

  • Utilize a laser level to align sensor mounts.
  • Be sure that the sensors will be placed not more than six inches above the ground level of the garage.
  • Test if the door operates properly with garage door remote replacement and makes any rudimentary adjustments.

Now you know how to install garage door opener with full confidence. However, any time you can take advantage of Silver Fox Garage Door Repair’s professional garage door installation services regarding how to replace garage door opener.

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How much does a garage door opener installation cost?

A Belt-driven garage door can cost you anywhere between $160 and $450. They’re quieter than other openers, but do need regular maintenance.

Chain-driven openers cost $150 to $250.

Direct-drive openers are low-maintenance and noise-free. These openers cost $280 to $500.

Jackshaft-drive openers are ultra-quiet and they cost $250 to $515.

Screw-drive openers cost $200 to $500. However, these are not exactly a quiet option.

How much should a new garage door cost?

Garage door prices entirely vary based on the level of customization, materials, and size. Steel garage doors start at $1400 for a single garage door whereas $2000 for a double garage door. The cost of a new overhead door comprises installation, supply, and of course all of the appurtenant hardware. Standard garage doors could be installed typically the same week as the purchase.

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