Is Energy Efficient Garage Doors a Good Idea?

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Every single individual possesses the idea of making their home as energy-efficient as possible. But, when it comes to garage door installation, it is always easier said than done. Opting for garage door installation in Las Vegas ensures that you are getting an energy-efficient door, making your life a lot easier. Neither less to say, energy-efficient garage doors come with a ton of benefits. Starting out from maintaining a comfortable temperature to keeping your electricity bills in check.

The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of how installing energy-efficient garage doors can be beneficial to you.

What are Energy Efficient Garage Doors?

Energy-efficient garage doors are also commonly known as an eco-friendly garage door. Their sole reason is to bring down the impact on the environment to a certain degree. There are several factors that go into determining whether a garage door is energy efficient or not. Here are some of the key factors of such:

  • The use of the material to construct the garage door
  • It’s the ability to withstand strong winds, to protect the house
  • Whether recycled materials are used for the garage door or not
  • How much energy the garage door is able to save after installation
  • Long-lasting capability of the garage door

Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Garage Doors

When it comes to energy-efficient garage doors, they are more than just a medium to save electricity bills. Here is a list of some of the benefits that you can reap while opting for an energy-efficient garage door:

1) Made Out of Recycled Materials

If you are going with a steel garage door, chances are you will get the same with recycled materials. Similarly, the same goes for wooden garage doors too. Just bear in mind, whether the supplier is abiding by all the environmental rules and regulations. Neither less to say, opting for eco-friendly garage door ensures long term sustainability.

2) Consists of Higher Quality Parts

Energy-efficient garage doors are not only just made out of environmentally sound products. That means you can always expect a sturdier build quality with great durability. No matter the material it is made out of, it shall always be able to withstand external elements. At the same time, when your garage door is made out of durable materials, that ensures the longevity of the same.

 3) Added Feature of Weather Proofing and Insulation

It is a common norm for all the energy-efficient garage doors. They always come with added weather proofing and insulation. This, in turn, restricts all the unwanted hot or cold air from entering into the house. In other words, it decreases the overall environmental footprint of your house. Now, you are opting for windows in your garage door, make sure to look for a well-insulated one. Going with perimeter weather-stripping makes sure that your garage door remains green throughout the year.

4) Efficient Manufacturers

It is not just about the end product, but manufacturers also have a huge part to play. Your supplier will make sure that starting out from the sourcing to the delivery of the material, sustainability remains the same. Neither less to say, it also brings down the overall cost of installation with energy-efficient garage doors.

Advantages of Insulated Garage Door

Down below is a list of some of the essential elements one needs to look for insulated garage doors:

  • Energy Savings: Insulated garage doors have the ability to trap heat or cooled air within the house, instead of letting them escape. In other words, this means that you don’t have to think twice about working hard on your AC or room heater. At the same time, this approach also brings down the overall electricity bills.
  • Lower Maintenance and Repair Cost: One can get eco-friendly garage doors built in such a way that you don’t have to spend too much on their repairs. A studier built quality ensures that you are getting the most out of your garage door without investing a dime.
  • Improves the Curb Appeal: One can actually get energy-efficient garage doors in a variety of styles. In fact, investing in a quality eco-friendly garage door means that you can actually get a better resale value from your house.
  • Better Soundproofing: Energy efficient, insulated garage doors can restrict outside noises from entering into the house. This also works vice-versa.

What is the U-Factor of a Garage Door?

The U-factor of a garage door basically defines the heat transfer capability of a garage door. In other words, how efficiently heat can actually travel within the materials. A garage door with a higher U factor ensures that the garage door is capable of transferring heat easily. So, in order to keep your garage door cool during summer, or even warm during the winter season, it is better to opt for a garage door with U-factor being 0.35 or less.

What is the R-Value of a Garage Door?

As compared to the U-Factor, R-Value of a garage door determines the doors ability to prevent conductive heat. The higher the R-Value, the better is the door in resisting conductive heat. Further including, the R-Value of a garage door completely depends on the climate. While getting garage door repair in Las Vegas, it is far better to actually opt for a garage door with an R-Value of 12 or more. Bear in mind, only consider the R-Value of a garage door when you are looking for an energy-efficient one.

Wrapping Up

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