Is it Ok to Paint the Garage Doors?

painting garage

Whether you are rocking custom garage doors or not, it plays one the most crucial role in the overall curb appeal of the home. In case you find it looking shabby, the first and foremost question that arises to the mind is that, is it possible to paint the garage door?

Now, there is nothing wrong with painting your garage door as soon as the paint starts to fade. This is especially applicable for wooden garage doors, which tend to have dated paints. So, in this article, we are going to describe the different scenarios where you should consider painting your garage door.


When You Should Consider Painting Your Garage Door?

The ideal time of painting your garage door is completely subjective. There are several scenarios where you may need to paint the garage door. Some of the most common reasons being:

  • In case you find that the existing paint is looking worn out.
  • If you have recently painted your house, and now the colors are not matching.
  • You might need a change of scenery without wasting too much money on remodeling.

No matter whatever be the reason, it is always a good idea to paint your garage door every once a while. Just make sure to get the basics right while painting.


What is the Best Color to Paint Your Garage Door?

When it comes to finding the right color, there is nothing good or bad. It all comes down to personal preference, which color will suit your home. But, even after that, the best course of action is to actually go with a lighter color. This will help your garage to stand out. On the contrary, darker shades tend to blend with the backgrounds.


What is the Right Procedure to Paint Your Garage Door?

After making your choice and selecting the paint you want to use on your garage door, it’s time to paint the same. In order to get the perfect paint for your garage door, make sure to follow the steps down below:

1) Prepping the Door

Before applying the new paint, make sure to remove the flaky paints. Clean the surface after no more residue is left. You can use a tape to wrap around the garage door. You can also use the same to protect the plants as well. Neither less to say, make sure that the ground is also properly covered. You don’t want to paint around the track as well.

2) Degreasing the Garage Door

You can’t apply paint right away as well. Any degreasing agent such as simple green can be used to clean the garage door properly. This, in turn, will help you to put the new paint better on the old surface.

After applying the painting prep cleaner, let it dry for sometimes. Now, use sandpaper to rub off the surface. Bear in mind; if you are applying paint for the first time on a metal garage door, there’s no need to sand. Using the degreasing agent will be adequate enough.

3) Painting the Garage Door

Now that you are almost done with the preparations, its time to get along with painting. Before getting started, you need to have prior knowledge of the oiling painting. If an oil-based painting was used, you need to use an oil-based primer.

Otherwise, an acrylic primer will do just fine for the majority of the paints. The material of the door is also another aspect worth considering. For materials like metal vinyl, there are specified paints.

Now, coming back to the painting procedure, you need to apply several layers. This, in turn, will ensure that you are getting the perfect finish for your garage door. This is especially applicable if your garage door remains exposed to different elements.


Is it Possible to Use a Roller for Painting?

If you take our advice, we would always recommend using a sprayer for painting. This is convenient, as well as takes very little time to paint the garage door. But, in case you don’t have access to one, you can always use a light nap roller. Just make sure to stay away from bristle paintbrushes. It can leave significant stain marks over the finish.


Tips While Painting Your Garage Door

If you want to achieve utmost perfection while painting your garage door, here are some of the most useful tips worth following:

  • Avoid Painting Under Direct Sunlight: This is only applicable if your garage door gets a lot of sunlight. Make sure to add some sort of cover while painting. The main reason being, sunlight can produce excess heat, which can result in premature drying. It can create a hindrance while applying the final coat.  
  • Check for Lead-Based Paints: If you have never changed your garage door paint, and it’s been years, the chances are that it is lead-based paint. Prior to applying new paint, it is very important to scrape off the paint. Further, including, it can have adverse health effects on children.  
  • Call for the Professionals: If, at any point, it seems to you that the matter is getting is out of hand. Try to take assistance from the professionals. Instead of taking the DIY route, it is always better to leave it to the experts who are accustomed to painting garage doors.

It is imperative to understand that painting your garage door is not that big of a project. So, in case you want a new look for your garage door, you can easily achieve the same using paints. We here at Silver Fox Garage Door Repair strives to provide the best garage door repair.

With the help of our expert professionals, you can get your garage door painted within one afternoon. Neither less to say, we provide comprehensive coverage for all of your garage door needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Door Repair and avail the best color for your garage door.


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