“keep It Cool” Is The New Mantra For A Better Garage

Posted on Apr 04, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
“keep It Cool” Is The New Mantra For A Better Garage

Summertime is the best time to rearrange and tune up the cooling system of your house as well as the garage. As the mercury rises, garages tend to get hotter than any other part of the property. A hot garage can be a hurdle stopping you from using it on hot summer days. Also, the hotter ambiance can spoil the things inside the garage and can surge your energy bill.

So, before trying to find the solution for a heated garage let’s dig into the factors that make it hot.

  • The floor to be blamed: Especially the concrete ones! Concrete flooring tends to soak heat from the sun and your car, and retain it for a long time. So, you may feel the garage floor uncomfortably hot in the summer and weirdly cold during the winter days.
  • Poor insulation: Blame the poor insulation system of the garage which gives access to the outside warm air inside the garage and breaths out the inside cold air.
  • No cross ventilation: Faulty cross-ventilation facility can also increase the temperature inside the garage. Proper air circulation is crucial for keeping the garage cool. A good fan can be installed or proper garage door opener maintenance can promote cross-ventilation.
  • Location and color of the garage: Garages located facing south or west will get more sunlight on summer days causing more heat to over-wrap it. Similarly, garages with darker colors also tend to absorb more sunlight.

Cool off those heatwaves inside your garage

Now after knowing the causes, if you are wondering how to cool off your garage here are some of the pro tips-

  1. Garage door insulation: Talk to the professionals and learn the ways to insulate your garage better with materials like fiberglass, polystyrene, and polyurethane, among others. It is one of the best ways to decrease garage temperature.
  2. Install a fan: Thinking of installing a fan with industrial-strength, or an AC, can prove helpful in increase airflow to your garage. Investing in a dedicated HVAC system can also be worthwhile.
  3. Park the car outside the garage: If you have recently driven your car and your car is still hot, you may think of parking it outside the garage, as it would restrict the absorption of the heat into the floor of the garage. Also, the can is more likely to cool down outside in the open area.
  4. Upgrade the ventilation: To keep an enclosed area cool cross-ventilation is a must. The same goes for the garage as well. So, you can opt to keep the garage door open to promote some cross- ventilation. However, be careful when keeping the garage doors open for a long time. Installing windows in the garage can also help.

Put the responsibility on the professionals

Cool off your garage by installing proper doors, windows, floor panels, etc. And to plan and execute these always trust the professionals like the Silverfox Garage Door Repair Service that offers 24-hour garage door repair service in Las Vegas.

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