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Most of the cases, we almost always take the doors of the garage for granted. But then, as soon as we witness that has started to malfunction, we come to realize the importance of bearing functional doors. You all know that a garage door which is broken can be quite dangerous for you as well as your family. For this reason, you should know how to fix a garage door which is off-track. To guide you, Silver Fox Garage Repair will tell you all the necessary steps needed to repair your garage door. After all, is said and done, your door will provide you with years of faithful service.

Reasons Garage Door Gets Off Track

There are several factors which cause a garage door to get damaged. Some of the possible reasons include:

  • Incorrect installation –Improper alignment of the doors during installation may cause detachment at one point.
  • Car impact – Many times, a car accidentally hitting a garage door can create problems for garage door opening.
  • Broken parts – Quality of the materials plays an important role. If the rollers or springs are damaged, it can affect the garage door.
  • Weight –An average garage door weighs 350 lbs. Extreme pressure due to this huge weight can cause damage to the door.

Maintaining A Garage Door

There are always preventive measures available to solve problems. To protect your garage door from future damage or problems, some mandatory steps must be taken in order to ensure its proper working:

  • Inspections and checkups on a regular basis –Visual inspection should be the first priority. Perform a thorough inspection every month and check if every part is working fine. Yearly servicing is also an important responsibility to maintain a garage door.
  • Tracks cleaning – If you are in a locality where there are lots of trees, it may be possible that small branches or twigs can get stuck on the garage door’s track. You have to always keep your tracks unclogged which makes the garage door work smoothly.
  • Lubrication – For a smooth operation, lubrication is important. Greasing up the rollers and other parts every once in a while is important. But remember to clean the excess after the lubricating process. Too much lubricant may cause debris to pile up.

How To Fix A Garage Door

Learning how to fix garage doors yourself is the best way to solve any matter associated with your garage door without any professional help. For this, there are certain steps that need to be followed that will prevent many future garage door troubles.

Step 1 – Switch Off The Operation

You should first start by stopping the opening process of the garage door. Never force a garage door to go further than it can. Disengage the opener of your garage door by pulling the rope of the door’s center.

Step 2 –Problem Identification

In many cases, it is often seen that the issue is due to loose tracks or dented parts. Or the tracks lack proper alignment. It is crucial to identify the root of the garage door’s problem.

Step 3 –Solving the Problem Yourself

As you know, there are many things which you can do by yourself and you don’t require any professional help. But if you are inexperienced or don’t have confidence in your capacity, we highly suggest you seek expert service. Nonetheless, try to connect the tracks with the walls or check whether the nuts and the bolts had come loose.

Step 4 –Get Professional Support

On the other side, seeking assistance from a repairman is the safest thing to do. Trained technicians know the process of dealing with high-tension springs. An expert is advised because handling these springs requires extreme caution. Silver Fox Garage Repair service is 24/7 available to fix garage doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons for a garage door getting off track?

There are various factors that play a significant role to cause your garage door broken or simply unhinged. In many cases, lack of proper maintenance or heavy impact is the probable reason which causes the issues related to the door’s functionality.

Can you fix the garage door on your own?

If you are not an expert while dealing with springs of high-tension, you should refrain from attempting to fix the door yourself. Statistics have shown that 30,000+ injuries have caused due to garage doors in the US. It is recommended to call a service to repair these kinds of problems.

What can be done to prevent garage doors from getting off track?

Regular maintenance is the ultimate key to the property functioning of a garage door system. Also, you need to perform a visual inspection as well as lubrication on moving parts as a routine. You have to be careful regarding the bumping of cars or such.

What should be done when a garage door got off track?

The moment you notice that there is something wrong with your garage door, do a detailed inspection and find out the root problem. Dismantle the opener and try to solve the problem by yourself, if you think that you can perform this task single-handedly. If not, seek help from a trained technician.

Should the track cleaning be done manually?

If the tracks contain debris, there is a high chance that your door will be unhinged. It is, therefore, important to maintain the cleanliness of the tracks as any sort of buildup may disrupt the system of the garage door opener. Yes, you need to clean the tracks manually.

Even if you are not aware of how to change the garage door rollers on your own, you can try other things that will extend the door’s life. It is definitely an integral part of every home, so, you have to ensure its safety. If your garage door has to give you reliable as well as functional service for more years, you need to do proper and regular maintenance. For this purpose, Silver Fox Garage Repair provides the best solutions and services on how to fix garage doors. Call us @ 7025368081 for any help related to garage door.


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