Know How to Choose our Garage Door Repair During the Pandemic Lockdown?

Garage Door Inspection

There is no point in arguing that the new coronavirus has taken a toll on the millions of lives of Americans. As more number of infected people are increasing every single day, the government has initiated lockdown for the welfare of the entire nation. At the same time, Garage door repair in Las Vegas is going to arrive at the most unprecedented times. Under these circumstances, the lockdown has jeopardized the regular workflow. That means, even at the time of emergency, there is a huge scarcity to get repair services and installation servicing. Through this article, we want to create awareness about the garage door repair service you can avail from us.

Security Measures During Global Pandemic

It is very important to understand that people here at Las Vegas area are thinking twice before opting for garage door services. It is fairly understandable from their perspective. At the same time, with our outstanding expertise, we are abiding by all the imposing social distancing rules by WHO. Here are some of our safety precautions during door opener installation: 

  • We have limited our visits to garages only, and that too my maintaining proper social distancing.
  • All of our expert professionals here at Las Vegas NV properly equip themselves with masks and gloves.
  • For every scope of contact, our technicians make sure that the area is properly sanitized.
  • Payments can be made via mobile phone, in order to reduce the chances of contamination.

Our only urge to all the customers is to disinfect all of their keypads, along with emergency release latch and wall buttons prior to the repair process. Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Services During Lockdown

We have resumed the majority of our garage door services for door of las vegas during this lockdown. Down below are the services that you can avail from us

Garage Door Installation

Install a completely new garage door at an affordable price like never before.

Garage Door Repair

Regular repair work, along with changing damaged parts of the garage door. Whether it is the global lockdown or anything else, your garage door can die on you at any time.

Garage Door Maintenance

With pandemic hitting harder than ever before, garage door maintenance will ensure that your garage door works flawlessly.

Emergency 24/7 Services

Even at this crucial hour, whether it is the middle of the night or during any time of the day, you can easily opt for emergency services.

Final Takeaway

With Silver Fox Garage Repair, you can always get high quality services that are initially needed for the job. By properly maintaining all the necessary precautions, we are providing services for locally owned and operated garage doors. Our certified professionals with years of experience will make sure to provide the best in class Garage door repair in Las Vegas. Being one of the booming garage door company you can get in touch our customer service 24/7 around the clock. So, don’t wait till your garage door completely collapse. Get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair.

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