Learn The Best Ways To Remove Rust From Garage Door

Posted on Jan 25, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Learn The Best Ways To Remove Rust From Garage Door

No matter the quality and color of your garage door, oftentimes you would find a rustic orange color, especially when spring approaches. One of the main culprits for such discoloration is garage door rust. The salt spread during the winter season gradually eats up the garage door. Regardless of the material used for the door, the structural integrity is always at risk for compromise.

That is why, we have properly curated this article, offing you the right assistance on rust how to remove the door. We shall discuss all the topics to clear dust from various materials. You will also learn when is the right time to repaint the door. As far as the tools are concerned, you can always count on a soft brush to remove such rust.

How to Clean Aluminum and Steel Garage Doors?

Cold weathers are never an ideal option when it comes to starting out your cleaning process. So, our recommendation would be to wait for the day. Once the temperature is moderate enough, you can start working on how to remove rust from Aluminum.

  • Make sure to use a brush and water to brush up the entire door. The bottom of you’re door is where rust is mainly concentrated.
  • Remove rust from Aluminum by rinsing it thoroughly and let it dry.
  • You can always go with white vinegar. Dip any of your old clothes in it, and use it to wipe the rusted areas. You can repeat the entire process until you get a completely shiny surface.
  • In order to prevent any further rusting, make sure to use a primer corrosion inhibiter.

How to Clean Wooden Garage Door?

Cleaning wooden garage doors can get tricky at times. Woods when exposed to salt often results in swelling. It can expand leading to cracks. To prevent any further damages, here is the right way to clean your wooden garage door.

  • Only use soap, clean clothes, and water while washing the door.
  • You can use any old toothbrush or anything with soft bristles while cleaning the decorative elements. This will ensure that the paint remains intact.
  • Once the door dries up, you can always apply a wood stain protector.

How to Apply Paint the Right Way?

One of the easiest and safest ways to paint your garage door is to use paint sprays. The only downside of using paintbrushes or rollers is they might leave drip marks. Further including, you need to apply at least two layers of paint. Another great way is to only apply paint where you have removed the rust. This can be done, by easily using a paintbrush along with primer and paint. All you need to do is apply a finishing coat over the entire door.

Just bear in mind, it is always a better option to apply paint throughout the door, so that you don’t have to worry about any flashing. As the newly pained areas are most likely to stand out. Lastly, only paint during cold weather. This will ensure that the paints dry up easily as anticipated. Also makes sure there is no scope of rainfall as well.

When You Should Avoid Removing Rust?

Under any circumstance, our recommendation would be to remove the rust immediately. This way, you could come to know how to keep tools from rusting in garage as well. But, there are several newer models of garage door, that offers warranty coverage against rust. So, there is no need to remove rust all by yourself, when your garage door is covered by warranty. You can always get in touch with your garage door manufacturer, and ask to rectify the problem. So, performing the task all by yourself will not only void your warranty but at the same time incur some extra costs.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services in Las Vegas

We here at Silver Fox Garage Door offers one of the most comprehensive garage door services. These include periodic garage door maintenance, occasional repair as well as complete garage door installation. So, the next time you have a rusted garage door, make sure to get in touch. Give us a call to learn more about our entire range of products and services.

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