Maintenance Checklist for Your Garage Door

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One needs to understand that the garage door is by far the largest moving part in your entire home. Neither less to say, while using multiple times a day, it is bound to acquire wear and tear over time. Opting for garage door repair can surely resolve the problem, but what if we say there’s a better way around the same?

In this article, we are going to describe some of the maintenance tips that are going to make your garage door properly function for a longer duration of time.


Common Causes of Slow Garage Door

For most of the residential garage doors, it moves with a speed of seven inches per second. Anything slower than that, and you need to opt for garage door opener repair. So, here are some of the most common reasons why your garage door feels slower and need proper maintenance:


  • Lack of Proper Lubrication: Lubricating your garage door from time to time is a must-have. This ensures that the friction is reduced to a bare minimum while all the parts function properly. Using silicone or any lithium grease spray will do the job.


  • Worn Out Parts: Regular usage of your garage door can result in worn-out parts. The springs might lose their tension, or the tracks get broken. This, in turn, can further damage other parts of your garage door as well.


  • Old Age: Let’s face it; there’s also the circumstance where your garage door has just gotten old. In fact, the common life cycle of a garage door is between 15 to 20 years—anything older than that, and it’s bound to get slower.


Proper Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door


1) Listen Closely

Neither less to say, you can say a lot about your garage door, just by closely listening to it. Make sure to observe how your garage door operates on a regular basis. You need to make out the difference when it is moving smoothly and when there’s a sudden jerk at places. You can also opt for a visual inspection and look at whether your garage door is symmetrical at places or not.


2) Tightening Up the Hardware

With regular usage, the hardware within the door can easily become loose. In fact, you are operating your door thousands of times within one year. All the vibrations will surely loosen your hardware. So, during any maintenance, make sure to tighten them. This is especially applicable to the roller brackets as well as all the attached bolts.


3) Check the Balance of the Door

You need to make sure the balance of the garage door as well. In case it is not, then your opener might have a hard time opening it. In fact, this will also put excessive pressure on the opener. In order to check the balance, you need to disconnect the opener and release the emergency cord. Ensure whether the door is able to stay halfway up. For proper spring adjustment, we would always recommend seeking professional assistance.


4) Replacing the Roller

You need to inspect the garage door roller at least twice a year. Whether it is made out of nylon or steel, you need to replace them every seven years. And its lifespan decreases if you use your garage door multiple times a day. In case you have got yourself with a worn-out or cracked roller, it requires immediate replacement whatsoever. The roller should be removed and reinstalled without direct attachment to the cable system.


5) Replacing the Weather Stripping 

Weatherstripping restricts the external temperature to crate hindrance with your garage door. It is extremely important that the weather stripping means intact whatsoever. Make sure to check whether the rubber seal has become brittle or acquire any cracks. You can easily buy weather stripping at the nearest hardware store. All you need to do is cut them to the right size and insert within the groove.


6) Lubricating the Moving Parts 

As we have stated earlier, proper lubrication to the garage door is a must-have. Not only it improves the operation, but it can also increase the overall lifespan of your garage door. Lubricating your garage door is just going to take you as much as 10 minutes. For the opener’s chain, you can always use lithium grease, while any spray lubricant will do the job when it comes to other parts.


7) Pay Close Attention to the Cables

Bear in mind; we don’t advise you to change the high-tension cables of your garage door. While it lifts the entire weight of the door, it can pose a threat no anyone tinkering with the same. But at the same time, all you can do is check its condition and then call the professionals.


8) Clear the Tracks 

Make sure that you clear the tracks of your garage door regularly. Dust and debris accumulate over time, creating hindrance with the operation. But, you should leave all the track adjustments to the professionals. You should only clear the tracks.


9) Testing the Auto-Reverse Mechanism 

There are actually two parts to the safety mechanism. In order to check the mechanical feature, all you need to do is put a brick, and the garage door will retract on its own. Now, you also need to check the alignments of the photoelectric sensors as well. If the sensors are in the wrong alignment, you will find a red LED. Neither less to say, you can also wipe the sensors from time to time.


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