Replacing The Belt On A Belt-drive Garage Door Opener Las Vegas

Posted on Jun 06, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Replacing The Belt On A Belt-drive Garage Door Opener Las Vegas

Being able to repair or replace the belt on a belt-drive Garage Door Opener is very helpful, especially when technicians are not available on the go. The guide given below will assist you in replacing or repairing the belt on a belt-drive residential garage door openers all by yourself. This DIY repair guide is of immense use when you are stuck in a similar situation. Before getting started, you must know the basic functionality of the belt on a garage door opener. The belt is located along the rail and helps in connecting to the trolley. It assists the trolley in moving along the rail for raising or lowering down the doors.

You will find the garage door to be absolutely of no use until the broken belt is replaced. It is best if you replace the belt with a replacement part that is approved by the manufacturer if it’s damaged. Follow the steps by Silver Fox as precisely as you can to attain the best results for garage door belt replacement.

Requirement of Parts:

  • Belt

Requirement of Tools for Garage Door Belt Replacement:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench set
  • Step ladder
  • Grease or lubricant
  • Working glove
  • Wrench set

Garage Door Opener Belt Replacement Las Vegas: Precautionary Measure

Before starting, make sure you wear protectionary gloves to cover your hands. The procedure is a bit risky if all the necessary precautions aren’t considered and followed. Especially, while working with commercial doors, make sure you wear personal safety and protection equipment.

Step 1: Disconnection of power

  • It is best to use the ladder to access the power cord of the garage door and the motor unit.
  • Thereafter, you must unplug the opener.

Step 2: Lowering the garage door opener

  • Pull the rope to release the trolley (also known as emergency rope)
  • You must make sure to close the door if it’s already not closed.
  • The fastener ring from the door arm has to be removed.
  • Clevis pin has to be pulled out. Make sure to support the straight arm to disconnect the trolley from the garage door while working on garage door belt replacement.
  • Lower the straight and the curved arms. Rest them lightly against the door of the garage.
  • The light cover has to be opened to access the wall control. The safety sensor wires are also connected to the motor unit system.
  • Disconnect the wall control as well as the wires from the motor.
  • Close the cover.
  • The motor unit remains secured to the ceiling bracket. Start removing the bolts, nuts, and the lock washers while also supporting the motor unit with one hand.
  • Lower the motor unit when you have done removing all the nuts and bolts. Place it on support or over the ladder, as per convenience.
  • Climb down the ladder and bring the motor unit along.
  • Now, you need to disconnect the rail and remove it. For this, you need to reposition your step ladder.
  • There is a fastener pin attached to the clevis pin in the header bracket. Remove the fastener pin carefully.
  • Then, the clevis pin has to be pulled out carefully out of the rail and bracket. Support the rail with one hand while you are doing this.
  • Lower the rail carefully.

Step 3: Removing the belt

  • The outer trolley and the inner trolley have to be slid away from each other.
  • Squeeze the spring. This has to be done using lock pliers on the trolley shaft. This step will create slack in the replacement belt in the garage door opener.
  • Release the spring tension by unhooking the trolley connector from the front part of the front end of the trolley.
  • Remove the idler pulley nut and slide it out of the rail window. Remove the washer as well.
  • Put the threaded shaft out of the trolley by removing the nut, tension spring, and the ring (nut ring).
  • Disconnect the trolley-shaft from the belt by prying off the master link cap.
  • Pull the belt cap off by removing the screws from the cap on the motor unit.
  • Now, the belt is removed.

Step 4: Installing a new belt

(Make sure you buy all the replacement parts before this step)

  • Now that the difficult part is partially done, move on to lay the new belt.
  • Pass 12 inches of the belt through the rail by grasping its ends.
  • Insert the pulley into the rail window and line it up.
  • Reinstall the bolt of the pulley and tighten it with the washer and the nut.
  • Align the new belt and adjust it as before.
  • Make sure that the belt isn’t twisted, route it along the rail around the motor pulley.
  • Connect the trolley shaft to the new belt. Make sure to push the pins of the master link bar through the mounting hole. Make sure that the fitting of the new belt is tight.
  • Slide the spring over the cap of the master link and onto the pin. Both the pins must be properly secured.
  • Insert the remaining components including nut ring and the tension spring by holding the belt tight.
  • Tighten the spring nut and reinstall the drive belts cap.

Step 5: Reinstallation

  • Reconnect rail end and reinstall the motor unit. The rail end has to be connected with the help of a pin.
  • Reconnect the other components like wall control and wires of safety sensors.
  • Reengage the trolley and reconnect the electrical power by plugging.

Step 6: Setting the travel limits

  • The programming of setting the travel limits of the garage door opener has to be set.
  • Press the adjustment button. Hold onto the button.
  • Toggle up and down to set the correct limits.

Things To Note While Garage Door Belt Replacement

  • Take a digital photo of wall control and safety wires, which will be very helpful for further reference.
  • Take care when compressing the spring
  • Apply grease or lubricant wherever you find uneasiness within the garage system.

Silverfox is here to help you out with any of your concerns regarding garage door belt replacement Las Vegas concerns. Feel free to call us at 7025368081 and avail of our premium services if you are not confident in carrying out the procedure by yourself.

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