Replacing Garage Door Cables and Brackets of Bottom

Garage Door Spring Repair

There are several moving parts in a garage door as well as garage door openers. Almost all the components of garage doors or openers are created by metal which can have edges or points which are sharp. There can be burrs or little feats on cables. Sections and tracks of the door as well as rollers may have pinch points. Silver Fox Garage Repair always suggests that you must use protective gloves always when you are working on the opener of your garage door.


Refrain yourself to fix your garage door on your own unless :


  1. You have all the necessary and proper tools and precautionary equipment. You must use safety goggles and gloves all the time when you are working. We recommend you to use work boots. Any sort of jewelry or loose-fitting garments must not be worn while repairing.
  2. You must have a basic knowledge and experience with the mechanics.
  3. You should be physically strong to be able to complete this job (ladders climbing, wrench using, springs installation and other tasks that require physical labor, agility and ability.)
  4. You should have the capability of completely reading, understanding and following the given instructions.

If you think you cannot manage this sort of task or doubt your abilities in completing the whole job, we highly recommend you get help from a garage door professional and they will complete your work.


How to replace the cables of your garage door:

The set up of torsion springs determines the directions. There is a front-mounted attached to a plate bearing in the center and springs are connected to this center. Cable drums are attached to it and the bearing plates with the cables are coming up from the cable drums’ backside. If any variations are done in this type of set up, the kind of directions will be rendered null and void. If your garage door bears another type of spring set up, the following instructions are not to be used as it might cause damage to the garage door or potential injury or sometimes, even fatal during the process. It’s highly suggested that you call a professional who expertise indoor assembly if your garage door has different spring set up.

Bottom brackets as well as cables must always be substituted in pairs to make sure that the continuity in length is maintained. Replacement of additional components while replacing the bracket or the cables will save you time in the future.


Tools Replacing Garage Door Cables :


  • Rods made of metal or winding bars
  • Locking pliers – 2 pairs
  • A ladder
  • Different kinds of sockets
  • Wrenches of sizes – ½, 3/8, 7/16 and 9/16

You need to follow the following instructions while changing the cables of the garage door and the bottom brackets of torsion spring door –


  1. The door opener should be unplugged from the electrical outlet.
  2. The arm should be removed from the opener of garage door.
  3. Locking the garage door shut and placing the clamps on top of the track located above the middle roller. This ensures the door will not open when you are working.
  4. Unwind the springs. Firstly, position the ladder in such a way that allows you to keep away your face from the cones and bars of winding while you unwind the springs. Place one winding bar inside the cone, all the while firmly grasping the winding bar and then loose the screws set on the winding cones. Ensure that the set screws are not connected with the shaft of the door. Then fully insert the next winding bar into the winding cone. Then lift up and remove the first winding bar. Again, the winding bar should be inserted into the cone’s next hole and thereby, you have to repeat this process until all the tension has been removed from the spring. You need to keep the quarter turns amount counting that you removed when you are unwinding it. It is because the same amount of tension will be reapplied later on. You need to focus minutely on the things you are doing and you have to eradicate all sorts of distractions when you are in the workplace.
  5. Unwind the second spring over the second spring door if your garage uses two springs of torsion. Repeat the same process for this spring. Remove all the tensions from your garage door before you get to your work.
  6. Loose the drum and remove the cable. You have to loose the cable drum’s set screws. Then, slide the drum away from the bearing plate at the end. You can drop the cable on the floor.
  7. Remove the bolt of light that is holding the bottom bracket and to the wall. Remove the bottom bracket’s fasteners in place. Side slide the truck and remove the door’s bottom bracket. Remove the cable attached to the bottom bracket and then fully remove the door’s cable. Use a new cable and cut off any tape pieces that are wrapped around it. You should be careful when you are using a sharp knife. Now, connect the cable and the bottom bracket. Put the roller into the bracket and attach the cables to the rollers on the door behind. Complete the process by installing the bottom bracket on the door. Align the bracket and the holes from which it was removed and then reinstall the fasteners. Tight them. Reinstall and tighten the bolt of light on to the bracket. Be careful to reposition the bottom bracket on the original position.
  8. Install and set the cable in drum – Make sure that the cable is clean and indirectly running from the bracket to the drone of cable. Insert the cable into the cable drum’s slot. You have to ensure that the cable is correctly seeded in the drum of cable and rightly tracking inside. Firmly slide the drum against the bearing plate at the end and then, tighten the set screws. Make sure you don’t over tighten them. Hold the drum in such a manner that will ensure the tightness of the cable on the drum. Put the locking pliers over the shaft and let them lean against the wall.


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