Top 7 Security Tips For Garage And Garage Door Opener

Posted on Dec 05, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
Top 7 Security Tips For Garage And Garage Door Opener

Garage doors could be one of the most susceptible points of your home to thieves and burglars. That’s why today’s rolling code technology properly eliminates the chances of a thief utilizing a code scanner to snatch your code-breaking garage door lock. Moreover, you must not leave your garage door opener in plain sight to hinder unexpected garage door break-ins.

1. Lock Doors and Windows

A secure home often commences with always remembering to lock windows and doors, comprising ones in your garage. Follow this simple tip and remember locking a garage door and every access point. For added security, you must install high-quality deadbolts and door locks in the garage.

2. Illuminate Your Garage Area

Bright lights in your area will make potential intruders feel totally exposed in front of any image sensors, neighbors, or recorded and live video you may utilize. Although, make sure that from any burglar the light is out of reach who might intend to deactivate it.

3. Use Video Monitoring or Security Sensors

Image sensors will enhance garage security by capturing pictures every time the sensor detects motion. In addition, you can install a CCTV system for monitoring and utilizing recorded and live to abash intruders from targeting your household. Live video could truly prevent and track burglary, whilst recorded video could prove theft.

4. Keep Garage Door Closed

Keep your garage door closed all the time to escalate your garage door security. Gaps in your door permit burglars to observe the contents, gain physical access, and plan to open the garage door.

5. Invest In New Automatic Garage Door Opener

An automatic garage door opener makes everyday life easier; however, you will require a modern one to keep the garage door secure. Modern garage door opener utilizes “rolling code” technology, meaning your remote will transmit a brand new code each time when you use it. Your garage remains guarded against code grabbers who can’t detect a consistent code any longer.

6. Bring Keys and Other Valuables Inside

Bringing your valuables and keys inside could limit what a purposeful burglar can take from you. In addition to taking your valuables and keys inside, you ought to bring your garage opener remote into your abode.

7. Install Home Access Control Systems

Go beyond the lock-and-key system and install a garage door remote control or access control system that permits full command over your house security. In your home, control any door using a mobile or computer device for keyless entry, and even when you are far away, experience peace of mind knowing your house is protected.

At Silver Fox Garage Door Repair, we specialize in security systems and how to trick garage door sensors. Furthermore, we offer assorted high-tech products to help you secure your garage and home as well. You’ll feel protected with our enhanced garage security.


1. What materials are garage doors made of?

Garage doors are made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Each of these materials possesses its benefits, although steel and wood doors are well-liked choices of homeowners so far. Steel doors are more secure and much stronger than aluminum, fiberglass, or wood models. These days’ steel doors could rival the look of wooden doors without the need for regular maintenance.

2. How vital is insulation in a garage door?

Insulation is significant in a garage door for several reasons. Insulated doors aid control the temperature of the garage permitting less heat to get in the summer and less heat to abscond in the winter. This lessens the amount of energy requirement to heat or cool your house which saves money. Also, insulated doors reduce noise from the exterior of your place.

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