Significance of Two Springs on Your Garage Door

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The springs play an integral part in seamless interaction with the garage door. It makes the entire opening and closing experience as smooth as possible. The primary function of the spring in a garage door opener is to counteract the gravitational force due to the heavy garage door. This means that in case, the garage door spring breaks, you need to lift the garage door on your own.

What are Different Types of Spring?

Typical garage door repairs generally deal with two types of springs. The two of them are as follows:

1) Torsion Spring

It is one of the strings that is directly mounted above the door. There is also something known as the rear-mounted torsion, where the spring is mounted at the rear end of the garage. One of the biggest advantages of getting a torsion spring is to balance the garage doors. The garage door torsion springs make sure that it takes just the same amount of time while opening and closing the garage door.

A properly balanced garage door spring will always make sure that it is easier to lift, without creating any hindrance with the overall usage.

2) Extension Springs

Extension springs, on the contrary, are actually mounted above any garage door tracks. In fact, sometimes one can also find them mounted along the sides vertically. The sole purpose behind using extension springs is to exert the pulling force so that the garage door can actually move against gravity.

Advantages of Having Two Springs Instead of One

As stated earlier, the torsion spring can actually come in different sizes, including varying lengths and diameters. One of the most common mistakes garage door installers tends to make, is using a single screw instead of two.

As for the installer, it is not only just cost-effective but also less time-consuming. But, that is certainly not the case for the end consumer. Here at Silver Fox Garage Door, we believe in providing the best in class customer service, without keeping them in the dark. In fact, it has always been our recommendation to use two springs during torsion spring replace. 

Advantages of Using Two Spring System

Installing the two spring system comes with its own sets of advantages. Down below is a list of some of the benefits worth mentioning:

  • Protecting Hardware Tear

One of the most common reasons to replace your garage is due to the wear and tear from regular usage. For instance, the torsion spring always winds and unwinds every time, the garage door is operated. This, in turn, causes a horizontal stretch along the torsion bar.

It is responsible for creating pressure on the side drums as well as the bearing plates. Installing two spring system makes sure that they always work against each other, creating just the right amount of tension. Thus the torsion bar is actually prevented from moving sideways.

  • Added Safety

Did we forget to mention that having two springs adds up to the extra layer of security? As for single torsion spring systems, when they break, the entire weight is actually exerted to the motors. If such unfortunate circumstance occurs while operating the door, chances are, it would completely shatter the opener rim, letting the door to fall on its weight. The same scenario can also be observed when the garage opener disengages from the garage door.

Apart from damaging the garage door, it can actually pose life-threatening situations. For instance, if someone is under the door when the spring breaks, they can be severely injured. But, circumstances change, once there is another spring installed to back up the door. After all, there is one in a million chance of actually getting both the springs broken at the same time.

  • Extended Cycle Life

You would be surprised to know how every time someone opens or closes the garage door, the cycle life of the spring deteriorates. The cycle life generally refers to the total number of times the spring can actually withstand the load of opening and closing a door. This is mainly because the tensile force is exerted on the spring gradually eliminates its properties.

But with two springs, on the other hand, the same force is equally distributed to both the springs. That means, the end consumer, i.e. is the homeowner can rest assured for the time being. In fact, the prolonged life cycle for the torsion springs proves to be cost-effective as well as economically viable.

  • Better Functionality

The majority of the garage doors, including the full view ones, also weighs over 150 pounds. Now, do the math all by yourself. If you have a single spring system, and anything breaks, it will become next to impossible to move the garage door. With the two spring system, chances are you just have to lift, half the weight of the garage door.

So, you just use your door just the way it is, without creating any hindrance to your workflow. Later you can call, garage door experts such as Silver Fox Garage Door, according to your convenience.

Physics Behind Double Springs

Torsion springs tend to have their own unique identity, which is defined by IPPT (inch-pound per turn). The IPPT rating can actually describe a lot about the garage door and the spring itself. For instance, if the height of a garage door is 7 feet, it would typically need a torsion spring of 7.5 IPPT. Using the same mathematical calculation, two springs with equal torque rating would be 3.75 IPPT.

Final Takeaway

It is imperative to understand the significance of two spring systems and how they are deemed superior to that of a single one. Here at Silver Fox Garage Door, we strive to cater the best class, garage door repair service. In fact, your customer services are available 24/7 around the clock, so that you can even look for emergency repair. That being said, get in touch with us and give your garage door a completely new outlook.


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