Solutions For A Garage Door Opener Which Makes Noise


It is always a nuisance for every people out there if a garage door opener in someone’s property makes loud and screeching noises whenever the door is opened or closed, especially in the middle of the night. Some garage doors have motors that are louder from others. There are factors that determine the noise levels – drive-style, speed of operation and gear assembly.

Gauge of punch angle, door balance, correct maintenance as well as proper installation also determine addition or reduction of the noise.

If a garage door opener is installed under someone’s bedroom, despite the motor being relatively silent to a person in the garage, the vibrations that travel through the studs of wood often sound as well as feel loud in the above room.

For the detection of the reason causing the noise, it requires an ear which is trained (loose brace, lubricant lacking, gear which is grounded, etc.), but to apply the lubricant and to tighten the bolts, it makes a huge difference.

The best way to go for noise cancellation is to ensure the garage door runs smoothly and is balanced properly. If the door runs hard, then the motor is likely to produce more noise, just like a car does when it goes uphill or carries heavy loads.


Solutions to make a Garage Door Motor quiet

The first and foremost thing is to use a lubricant which makes a garage door to run smooth and quiet. It is surprising that a simple lubricant can to be a brilliant maintenance tool. There are different kinds of drives of garage door that requires specific lubricants for specific purposes.


  • Lubricating screw drive – If an opener runs on a “screw drive” kind, lubrication is needed every year to maintain it. These types are the loudest of all. It is due to the operation that is done through spinning a metal screw that is long tied to the motor which goes to the rail’s end. Needless to mention, a lubricant agent lacking may cause lots of noises. White lithium grease is the correct lubricant for this kind of job. WD-40 or other lubes of garage door is a poor choice. Due to its remarkable viscosity, white lithium grease is preferred. If lube is liquid, it will drip or spray throughout the place when a motor will run. The best is to use the finger for the lubrication of the screw. Unfortunately, it is a dirty process. With the help of a knife, the lubricant tube needs to be cut at a particular angle. Starting from the edge, the tube must be squeezed gently while the pressure towards the rail is applied and sliding it near the person. With the finger, move towards the white strip. Due to this, the lubricant is forced into grooves which prevents it from trolley scooping.

Openers of belt or chain drive like Lubricating Chamberlain, LiftMaster or Craftsman are some brands which are used by companies of garage door repair in Las Vegas. They are cheap, rugged as well as require small maintenance. Screw drive openers are outdated now. For lubrication, white lithium grease is needed for rail and belt.


  • Rail section – Use the grease on both the top and bottom sides of the rail. They bear a metal trolley which slides up and down on a metal rail. Lubrication prevents metal grinding. During the time of installation of the garage down opener, all the railing parts are to be lubricated. The installer has to make sure that the parts are lubricated every few years.


  • Chain part lubrication – These openers have a chain which is very much similar to bicycle chains. The spray should be sprayed over all the parts of chain links. Usage of a rag or paper towel is recommended behind the chain where oil dripping can be avoided. Using a brush is also a good choice. Dipping the brush into the bucket of oil and use that to brush the chain.


  • Rubber belt lubrication – If any part which requires the lowest maintenance, it is the rubber belt. All that needs is a bit of white lithium grease. Using LiftMaster grease which is original is highly recommended. If that option is not available, using white lithium grease is acceptable. The grease needs to be applied at the head of gear. With the help of a screwdriver, the gear cap should be removed and apply the lubricant to the rubber’s outside part as well as inside the cap. Reattach the screws when the application is complete.


Lessening of the Vibration

There is more than to just motor mounting in garage door installation. Punch angle gauges play a significant part in reducing vibrations that come from the motor. Use a correct size bit driver and tighten all the bolts. If there is any role of the opener to play, a punch angle of diagonal support addition is recommended. If the motor does not quiet down, attaching rubber discs can be a solution for a shock absorber.

Lubrication of the door and replacement of rollers are imperative.

If the garage door opener produces a grinding noise, that suggests a broken gear. The easiest way to solve this is to replace the assembly of gear. Removal of belt or chain pressure will provide a quieter sound and gives more time to hear before it collapses completely.


Things to do if the noise persists

All things are done what needed to done – lubrication of all the moving parts, screws tightening – but the issue of garage door opener making noise still prevails and it is too loud to bear. At these times, there is no need to worry. A technician expertizing in a garage door can fix the problem without any need for installation of a new garage door. Silver Fox Garage Repair provides services of spring adjustment, repositioning of rails, plates adjustments bearing, etc. All these things are hard to do alone without the proper tools or experience. But a garage door technician who is a professional and certified can repair all these without ant change or replacement.


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