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This will provide one with complete guidance as to how to fix a garage door opener that won’t work in the right manner and shut the door but instead blinks ten times. This generally happens because of the non-alignment of the garage door sensors or due to the presence of something in the path of the sensors.

Made roughly after 1993, these garage door openers are constructed with sensors that are placed on both sides of the vertical rails. They are equipped in such a way so that they can function by sending and receiving an invisible infrared beam. The problems generally arise in its working when there is something in its way or if the sensors are not aligned properly. As a result of this, the opener will not shut the door.

The first and foremost thing which the American Veteran Garage Doors suggest is to make sure that there is no obstacle in the way of the sensors and also make sure that they are positioned in such a way that they point at each other. This is something which fixes the problem most of the time.


My sensors are aligned but still my garage door does not close. Why is it so?

In such a situation, one should definitely check the wiring which connects the sensors to the motors. One should also look for crossed wires or defective ones and should also check if the wires have gotten disconnected from the opener or the sensors anchoring base.


Further ways of fixing Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Craftsman garage door openers-

The garage door safety sensors comprise a “sender” and a “receiver”.

The Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Craftsmen generally will consist of the “sender” sensor which is constructed with a yellow service light which serves as an indicator that whether it is sending a beam. The “receiver” sensor, on the other hand, is equipped with a green service light that only lights up when it “receives “ the signal from the sending sensor unit. If it does happen that an individual’s garage door sending sensor is showing a yellow light and the other one does not show a green light, then in such a situation it is most likely for them to be misaligned due to which this happens.

One may want to check the back side of a particular motor unit which has a circuit board along with a service light. The blink rate which is on the garage door opener service light indicates various error codes.


Older units can show the following kinds of blinks-

1 Blink -This indicates that the sensor wire has been disconnected.

2 Blinks- This indicates the shortening of the sensor wires.

3 Blinks- This indicates the incorrect alignment of the sensor eyes.


The newer version of units equipped with arrow light up buttons-

Up 1 Blink, Down 1 Blink- This shows the disconnection of the sensor wires.

Up 1 Blink, Down 2 Blink- This shows the shortening of the sensor wires.

Up 1 Blink, Down 4 Blink- This shows the misalignment as well as the obstruction faced by the sensor eyes.

Up 4 Blink, Down 6 Blink- This shows the temporary misalignment and the obstruction faced by the sensor eyes.

In situations where if both the sensors light up and the door still does not close, it can then be said that maybe the sensors itself are just faulty in themselves. Like any other electronic device, the sensors of the garage door are required to be replaced once in a while. Before the replacement of the garage door sensors, it is often suggested that one should definitely verify that whether the sensors are bad or not. We can cut the sensors by 4” directly from the sensors and then try to hook them up at the motor itself.

One must keep in mind that in any situation the alignment should be taken proper care of so that it is done properly and then check if the door closes. This can certainly help one to get rid of any problems related to the writing. If someone still continues to face a problem where the door does not close, then it is most likely due to a faulty sensor or a faulty circuit board.

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