Your Stolen Garage Remote Is A Real Safety Threat

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This afternoon, when you entered the garage, you find your remote is missing from its natural spot. However, you can not find it anywhere else either. It immediately triggers a sense of fear in you.

Many homeowners do not pay enough attention to garage safety measures as much as they do for the rest of their house. Your garage door protects your car, as well as some other tools. It is the most susceptible and lucrative part of your home and, hence, an easy target for burglars. In addition, your garage door is another entrance to your house. To gain easy access to the home, the criminals are recently targeting the garage door opener remote.

Many burglars these days roam in the parking lots, and they take the opportunity from an unlocked car. Most of the people pin their remote on the sun visor and leave it there. The burglars can easily break into your car and then find the remote along with your address (in the registration).


What to do if garage door remote is stolen?

The first thing to do, in this case, is to call the police. Contact them and tell them every information, including where and when the remote was stolen, anything else missing from your home, and so on. Then, you may check how to unprogram the garage door opener.

Although there are several things that you can perform on your own, in some circumstances, you may need help from a professional. Silver Fox is your trusted local garage door repair organization that provides 24/7 service. When such an unfortunate incident occurs, it is best to call the experts immediately. Thereby, your problem is solved as soon as possible.


What are the measures to be taken after Garage Door Remote Stolen?


  • De-Program The Garage Door opener:

    Garage door openers work using radio frequencies. The opener functions when the frequency matches after you enter the passcode. The receiver in the opener captures this. Many homeowners use rolling codes. This helps to change the transmitted code every time you use your garage opener. There is a Smart Button on the housing of the motor unit. This can be of several colors, including red, yellow, green, purple, or orange. Press that button to disable your garage door opener. This will clear the systems’ memory. Make sure the de-programming is complete. In this way, both the remotes and keypads will be deprogrammed, and no one can have access to your garage with the stolen remote. This might seem difficult without professional help. For that, contact our experts immediately.

  • Unprogram The Garage Door Remote:

    After you have checked how to unprogram the garage door opener, you need to reprogram the remotes and keypads. You need to purchase a compatible remote for your garage door to replace stolen garage door opener remote. In that case, you may follow the maintenance manual from the dealer or instruction of the manufacturer. The basic principle is perhaps the same for all devices. However, the frequency and passcode are different. In case of any difficulty, professionals in this field can help you to secure your garage door.

  • Shut The System Off:

    The most important part, in this case, is disconnecting all the devices. Make sure all the programmed devices are disconnected. Check and verify, if you have a spare remote. After it is done, you can open and close the garage door manually.

  • Control panel:

    If your door opener has a control panel installed, it might come useful this time. There is a Lock Button on the control panel. Press the button to disable any signal coming from the remote or keypad. You can, now, open and close your garage door with the control panel.

  • Wall button:

    If your door opener has no such control panel, you can simply unplug the wall control. In the case of doorbell type wall control, pull on the red emergency release cord. This will release the overhead trolley. After that, you can manually open or close the garage door. After your work with the garage door is finished, relock the door.

  • The MyQ System on The Smartphone:

    Every automatic garage door opener is linked to a wireless system, and you can work with it using your smartphone. Liftmaster brings you the MyQ system. With this technology, you can manage your garage door opener by a smartphone application. It works with several openers such as Liftmaster, Linear, Stanley, Genie, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, and so on. This app can show if your garage door is open. It can access the system even after the program is erased. For that, you do not need to reprogram your smartphone.


Precautions: Stolen Garage Door Opener Remote

We all know that prevention is always better than cure. To prevent your garage door remote to be theft, you can maintain the following measures.


  • First of all, always lock your car and park it in the garage.
  • If you park it in the street, carry the remote with you. You can use a mini-remote on the key ring.
  • Do not leave your registration in the glove box of the car.
  • Always remember to lock the door between your garage and the main house.
  • To maximize your security, install a deadbolt lock.
  • Use the MyQ app to connect the garage with your smartphone. This way, you will not need any remote.


Frequently asked questions:


Can I unplug the door opener to clear the system?

Some openers store the codes in a battery to save you from a power outage. Hence, just unplugging the door opener will not clear the system’s memory.


Are manual opening and closing of the garage door safe?

Manually opening and closing the door means anyone can gain access from outside. Hence, this is not the best option.


Why choose Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Las Vegas?

In case of such emergency services, Silver Fox is always there for you. We provide reliable and affordable service for 24/7. Besides, we work with experienced professionals and trustworthy manufacturers.



If your remote has been stolen, you need to act immediately. Working by yourself can raise some difficulties and waste your precious time. The Silver Fox experts have experience in how to reset the garage door opener, and they can help you whenever you need it. To get help, call us @ 7025368081 now.


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